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Buy Fuck It, Let's Drink T-Shirt and other gifts online - The Fowndry

Fuck It, Let's Drink T-Shirt


Let your body do the talking with the outrageously straight-talking Let’s Drink Tee. NB - Not Tea.  

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. We like to wear ours on our chests. Sometimes with an anchor. Which is why the '...Let’s Drink' Tee was right up our gangplank.

Don this T-shirt of ultrasoft triblend Californian-made manhood and stroll about the place, confidently barking orders to total strangers. Watch them scurry about, doing your bidding. And when they’re all about halfway through, yell ‘Fuck it!’ (and pause to you adopt the stance) ‘Let’s drink!’

They’ll love you for it. You’ll be cheered and carried shoulder-high to the nearest place of debauchery and will probably have to get the first round in but after that you’ll be hailed as a legend. The liberator of long, boring afternoons. Annihilator of nine-to-fives. Conqueror of common sense. Herald of the half-arsed path.

Go forth, mucky-mouthed minstrel and yell ‘Fuck it!’ to the world!

(Effects may vary.)

The Lowdown

  •  Ultrasoft triblend black crew neck
  •  Made in California

Product Specs

  • Sizing: Medium 38'-40'  Large 42'-44'

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