Winter Warmers

Avoid Jack Frost this winter and cosy up with one of our great Winter Warmers. From Hand Warmers to technical blankets, we'll make sure you're prepared. Winter is coming...

    • Chocolate Teapot

      Pop quiz: What connects Salvador Dali, Willy Wonka and The Mad Hatter...? They'd all have gone choccy-woccy-doo-lally for the utterly bonkers Chocolate Teapot. Familiar with the phrase 'about as useful as a....'? Well thanks to some master madcap candy wranglers you now have a chance to find out. Handmade from 600g of Belgium’s finest, this magn...

    • F**king Tea

      F**king Tea is the no-nonsense collection for any brew-loving potty mouth, that’ll calm your nerves, sooth your stress and send you the f**k to sleep. Two things we Brits love: 1) Having a nice cup of tea. 2) Using language so ripe it’ll stain your teeth. So imagine our grinning faces when we discovered both of these things in, not one, but thre...

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    • JOCO Cups

      Protect the planet from mountains of discarded paper coffee cups and look tremendous doing it. JOCO Cups are your stylish, barista-friendly replacements. Paper cups? Please. This is the 21st century. We’ve already realised that if we keep using paper cups for our daily coffee, we’ll soon be waist deep in the soggy things. Thankfully, we’ve alrea...



    • Mitten Flask

      The Mitten Flask is a cheeky pair of fleece-lined mittens with a hidden drink flask in the palm. ‘Don’t suck your thumb!’ our mums used to bellow. But what Mum doesn’t know... Built into this charming pair of fleece-lined mittens is a hidden drink flask, ready to fill with your choice of booze. The only giveaway is the valve on the thumb. Take a...

    • Plush Zombie Slippers

      If you feel like the walking dead first thing in a morning, don this comfy pair of plush Zombie Slippers. Ever woken up feeling a bit ‘GRRR… ARRG…’? You’re not alone. But the next time you start the day with one eye closed, pop on a pair of Zombie Slippers. A great way to show the world just where you’re at, as far as conversation and sense goes...

    • Pocket Zippo Hand Warmer

      The Pocket Zippo Hand Warmer gives you safe, reliable heat for up to six hours in a gadget you can keep in your pocket. Zippo know fire. They’ve been making it for years. But did you know they’ve mastered safe, gentle heat as well? The Pocket Zippo Hand Warmer produces a steady, soothing warmth for up to six hours, without a naked flame or head...

    • Presse Coffee Brewer Travel Mug

      Forget instant coffee – with the Presse Coffee Brewer you can enjoy a travel mug of the fresh stuff in just three minutes, that will stay hot for hours. Instant coffee isn’t a patch on fresh coffee. We all know this. But we compromise, because fresh coffee is a faff and needs all sorts of kit. But how about almost-instant coffee? A former Kickst...

    • Star Wars Christmas Jumpers

      Star Wars Christmas Jumpers make even the dark side look a little lighter. Join us on the Festive Side of the Force. Throw a hydrospanner in the works this Christmas and give the usual festive attire the heave-ho-ho-ho with Star Wars Christmas Jumpers. Hand-knitted by Bothans, every 100% acrylic fibre of these geeky Christmas sweaters tells a ...


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