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Looking for a bargain? You sure have come to the right place… Yessiree Bob! Welcome, traveller, to The Fowndry 'Specials'; featuring a spectacular range of Gadget, Geek and Lifestyle products with discounts of up to 60%. Hell, we’ll even throw in a ‘Howdy Doody’ for free. Be quick though, this stuff won't hang about!

    • Unican

      Bring some magical sustenance to your potted plants and herbaceous borders with Unican, the portable mythical rhinocer-hose Legend has it that the unicorn’s horn has the power to make poisoned water pure and safe to drink; how appropriate then that the boffins at product fungineers Double Duck have designed an enchanting watering can with a thir...

    • Framed Tweets

      Out of the mouths of babes and - er - egomaniacs... Decorate your domicile with the gilt-edged brain farts of the great and the (not so) good People love tweets. Hundreds of millions are posted each day. Most are garbage, some are gold. People also love framing stuff. For fans of both there’s Framed Tweets; a curated selection of celebrity sound...

    • Pint Bong

      Bing Bong! Party calling! Hang out with friends and shoot the beerz, with the 'drink or you’ll mess it' pint glass Shotgunning beer – punching a hole in a tin and then pulling the tab - is a party staple but lacks a certain finesse. Thank heavens then, that the Pint Bong is here to add a modicum of decorum; replacing the upstart tin can with a t...

    • Gold Chain Pool Float

      Pool’s gold… Bring the bling when you’re messing around in the water with the Gold Chain Float, 10 feet of premium quality 24 carat* PVC Favoured by ostentatious gangstas, MTV era rappers and jibba-jabba avoiding ‘A Team’ member Mr. T, the dookie chain has long been a symbol of success, luxury, power and rebellion. Great for the street but not s...


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