Unique Desktop Gifts For The Executive Or Home Office

Dull day at work? Brighten up your workspace and be the best Secret Santa ever with our brilliant range of unique desktop gifts. From executive toys and novelty items to handy relaxation devices, we have all sorts of great ideas. Check out the Mininch Tool Pen for a pocket-sized designer multitool, or the Boogie Board for scribbling notes (and epic doodles) in style. That three O’clock slump won’t know what’s hit it.

    • Car USB Flashdrives

      Car USB Flash Drives will be sure to get you out of a tight spot at work, with a handy USB stick hidden in the roof. Taxi! When it comes to emergency situations, needing a USB flash drive is right up there with not-very-sharp scissors and ‘can’t find a teaspoon’. Still, it’d be nice to have a USB flash drive you could rely on. Like the police a...

      From £19.99
    • Tiny Arcade Space Invaders

      ‘Thump thump thump thump…’ Relive the heart-pounding, sweaty-palmed thrills of the 70's arcade classic - but in miniature! With the jaw-dropping Tiny Arcade Space Invaders Forget gobsmacking graphics, convoluted gameplay and super flash sound FX. Space Invaders was the phantasmagorical phenomenon that single-handedly brought video games into the...

    • The Original Stormtrooper Mini Speaker

      Small enough to fit in the galactic credit pocket of your plastoid composite armoured leggings but loud enough to suppress a rebellion, the Original Stormtrooper Mini Speaker is the portable speaker you are looking for… Based on the original helmet moulds from the 1977 sci-fi classic, this compact, ultra-portable wireless speaker can crank out 2...

    • Table Tennis Notebooks

      Table Tennis Notebooks are a delightfully daft way to play impromptu office table tennis between (or even during) dull meetings. As some misguided mayors will tell you, Table Tennis was born in the after-dinner libraries of aristocratic, 19th Century England and went by the name ‘Wiff-Waff’. Which is appropriate, given the story is half waffle. ...

    • Neon Bird In A Cage Light

      This self-contained Neon Bird In A Cage lamp, comprises a white neon tube in the shape of a fowl, perched inside a simple black metal cage that can be hung from the ceiling or placed on a table The bird is 6” tall and adds a fresh white glow to any space. Traditionally neon signs have been the preserve of bars & nightclubs, but new technolog...

    • Waving Cat Lamp

      This lucky light up maneki-neko is the incandescent cat’s meow, bringing good fortune as well as illumination to your home or office The word is Japanese for ‘beckoning cat’ and the felicitous feline is a traditional symbol of prosperity and good luck; folklore has it that when a moggy gives itself a quick spruce, a (presumably wealthy) visitor ...

    • Star Wars Darth Vader Portable Bluetooth Speaker

      The Star Wars Darth Vader Portable Bluetooth Speaker is an officially-licensed, near life-size premium-quality movie replica – that just happens to have a wireless subwoofer built in. Any Ewok can knock out a tune on a Stormtrooper helmet. But now, thanks to a little industrial light and music, you can do a whole lot more. The Star Wars Darth V...

    • Globe Journal

      Globe Journal is the brilliant new 3D travel diary, where you can colour in your countries and connect up your continents Phileas Fogg might have done it in 80 days but what’s the rush? Criss-cross the globe at your leisure and record your well-earned break’s progress on this circumnavigable canvas. The exercise pad style layout makes it easy to...

      From £32.99
    • BruX Pour Over Coffee System

      Put the ‘Oooh!’ in your brew with the simple but ingenious BruX Pour Over Coffee System. We’ve seen some cool coffee makers; compact 'brew anywhere' devices for espresso and bean to cup coffee making but nothing nearly as neat and stylish as BruX; a portable all-in-one personal java brewing mug for the filter aficionado. This handy gadget is bas...

    • HuskeeCup Reusable Coffee Cup

      Waste made beautiful… The stylish and handsome HuskeeCup features discarded coffee husk as a raw material, transforming throwaway crap into award-winning cup Visually iconic and functionally sophisticated, this elegant java bearing beaker is made from a unique eco-composite polymer which uses organic coffee waste as a key component, helping to r...

      From £15.99
    • Bell Jar Lamp

      The Bell Jar Lamp is a museum-style glass jar with a light-up base for displaying any precious item. Get all PT Barnum on your cherished possessions with a Bell Jar Lamp. Fresh from our friends at SUCK UK, this vintage-looking, hand-blown glass display jar stands a little over 25cm high – so it’s perfect for housing your figurines, collectibles,...

    • Light Up Peg Board

      The Light Up Peg Board comes with 200 letters, numbers and symbols to create your own sign in vivid, glowing, retro-tastic monochrome Hand assembled, often mi55pelled, the peg-letter message board was once the staple signage choice everywhere from greasy spoons to hotel function rooms. And now they’re back. Well, sort of. The Light Up Peg Board ...

    • Framed Tweets

      Out of the mouths of babes and - er - egomaniacs... Decorate your domicile with the gilt-edged brain farts of the great and the (not so) good People love tweets. Hundreds of millions are posted each day. Most are garbage, some are gold. People also love framing stuff. For fans of both there’s Framed Tweets; a curated selection of celebrity sound...

    • Drew The Pencil Lamp

      Looking for the write lamp? Want some LED in your pencil? Drew is the beautifully crafted dimmable lamp that will light up any room. Stunning conversation piece. ‘Eureka!’ inspiring desktop totem. Future design classic. Drew Pencil Lamp is all of these… and more. Paying homage to the humble pencil, it hovers over your surfaces as if held by a gi...

    • Mini Banners

      The message my friend is blowing in the wind, or rather fluttering in the breeze courtesy of these bunting-busting Mini Banners. You could say it with flowers but why not cut the hollyhocks and spell it out loud and clear instead. These card and baker's twine banners can be assembled and hung in under 5 minutes, perfect for a surprise party or s...

    • Pumpkin Candle

      Put the light into fright night with this spooktacular Pumpkin Candle No-one’s quite sure how Jack-O’-Lanterns became synonymous with Halloween but what celebration of All Hallows' Eve would be complete without a grinning gourd or two? Traditionally made by hollowing out a large squash, this 350g high-quality hand-crafted wax version is good to ...

    • Coffee Lab Mug

      Want to know the precise contents of a Cappuccino, Latte or Flat White? The Coffee Lab Mug is the designer glass that makes everyone a barista What’s the best gift for a coffee-drinking perfectionist? One that puts three of the most popular coffee recipes right at their fingertips. This genius mug resembling a science lab beaker, ensures coffee ...


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