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What would life be without a few beautiful items to enjoy along the way? From Japanese steel nail clippers to wonderfully different designer T-shirts, we’ve gathered all sorts of cool and unusual stuff - alternative gifts and gadgets you could say - to brighten your home, improve your commute, or just help you escape the daily grind.

    • TriceraTACO and TACOsaurus Rex

      This item is on 'Pre-Order'.  Stock currently due late October. NB: This date may be subject to change. Because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you checkout. When Diningsaurs ruled the earth! Add some Jurassic bite to delicious spicy Mexican food with TriceraTACO and TACOsaurus Rex   Make boring meal time...

      From £15.99


    • Nutwork Nutcrackers

      If John McClane owned a nutcracker... Start popping shells like an off-duty cop at Christmas with the heavy duty, G-Clamp styled no-nonsense Nutwork Designed to look like the classic workshop hand tool, no nut job is too tough for this hardened steel kernel-crusher. Yippee Ki Yay nutty funster! The Lowdown: Nutwork Nutcracker Tool made from pow...

    • Jack Halloween Pumpkin Lantern

      What's this? What's this? An impressively large and stylish LED powered Halloween light that can be used indoors or outdoors… What's this? The Jack Pumpkin Lantern, hmmm The traditional Jack O’ Lantern derives from an Irish folktale about a man named Stingy Jack and standard practice is to hand-carve one from a pumpkin or turnip. But that analog...

    • Linear Edge Formula One Wall Art

      Decorate your home with a little motor racing heritage – Linear Edge Wall Art turn the world’s most famous tracks into high quality wall art. A must for any motorsport fan, Linear Edge Wall Art are precision-made replicas of the world’s most famous racing circuits. Beautifully finished in high quality birch and laminate, every corner is a stor...

    • Cat Camp Tent

      This item is on 'Pre-Order'.  We are currently waiting for confirmation of a stock due date from the supplier. Because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you checkout. A purr-fect pint-sized replica of the real thing, the Cat Camp Tent is a cosy place for your favourite furry friend to nap or hide Inspired b...

    • King Tong

      Go crazy ape on salads, BBQ food or anything else that requires lifting turning or serving with King Tong, Skull-Kitchen Island’s monstrously grabby cooking utensil No-one wants burnt fingers… Or someone else’s dirty digits rummaging around in the Insalata Caprese for that matter. What should really be on the menu is a pair of cookhouse pincers ...

    • Crying Unicorn Candle

      Colour me sad. Light the Crying Unicorn Candle's multi-coloured horn and watch as it dissolves into a weeping torrent of waxy rainbow regret. Or are they tears of happiness, as it magically fulfils its manifest destiny? Difficult to tell as these mythical creatures are notoriously difficult to interview. What's beyond doubt is that this knowingl...


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