Keeping Cool

When it’s too hot to trot, why not treat yourself to some of our deliciously soothing, cooling gadgets and gizmos. From Permafrost bothering frozen drinks glasses to NASA approved* ice cream scoops, we’ve got the temperature taming tools that’ll put the nice in ice ice baby!


    • Host Beer Freeze

      Beer Freeze is the remarkable mug that’ll chill your beer (or any other drink) instantly – and keep it cold without diluting it. You know what really grinds our gears? Warm beers. And rhyming. But think about it – it’s a hot day. You’re sitting out on your deck, or patio, or scruff of land. You take a sip of your ice cold beer and the darned th...

    • HOST Freeze Wine Glasses

      Chill your red or white wine to the perfect temperature in moments with HOST Freeze Wine Glasses. Grab a bottle of wine on your way home and enjoy it the moment you’re through the door with HOST Freeze Wine Glasses. No matter what temperature your vino, this handy plastic goblet will bring it to the perfect temperature in moments. Store your HOS...

    • The HOST Chill Cooling Pour Spout

      Sci-fi street light or Apple-designed magic wand? The HOST Chill Cooling Pour Spout is neither, but it’s sure to impress. Chill, pour and preserve your wine right at the table with the HOST Chill Cooling Pour Spout, a quite brilliant kitchen gadget. No need for ice buckets or (heaven forbid) ice cubes in your glass, this ingenious wand fits into...

    • ScoopTHAT! II Amazing Ice Cream Scoop

      ScoopTHAT! II is the amazing ice cream scoop that does all the hard work for you – carving through ice cream straight from the freezer and delivering it to your bowl in perfect balls every time. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Why? Because we’ve all just knackered our wrist trying to chisel the stuff out of the tub. What an in...

    • Shake 'n' Make Ice Cream Maker

      Make delicious fresh ice cream literally anywhere and in just 3 minutes, with the ingenious Shake 'n' Make Ice Cream Maker - no batteries required Ice cream has come on leaps and bounds since Gino Ginelli's Tutti Frutti first laid down the gauntlet. Now Ben and Jerry's are on the scene it seems we're going nuts for Karamel Sutra and chocolate ch...

    • The Neat Clear Ice Kit

      The super Neat Ice Kit has everything you need to create perfect ice for your at-home cocktails, including BIG-ASS crystal clear cubes! You may have noticed that the rocks you make at home are always cloudy… it isn’t because you have dirty pipes (pauses). It’s because - science fans - standard ice trays freeze the water from the outside in. As t...

    • The Original Whiskey Bullets

      The Original Whiskey Bullets are made from solid stainless steel – designed to chill your tipple without diluting the flavour. Go on, get a round in. Many folk will tell you whiskey (or whisky) tastes better over ice. The downside is, chilling it with ice dilutes the flavour. If only there were a way to fix both issues. A silver bullet, so to sp...

    • HOST Chill Infusion Carafe

      HOST Chill Infusion Carafe is a wine cooler and water infuser in one stylish package. Whether it’s decanting wine or pouring delicious flavoured water, HOST Chill Infusion Carafe makes an eye-catching addition to any dinner table. Let’s start with water. Fill the main vessel and pop in your choice of fresh herbs or fruit. Screw on the lid and vo...



    • Aquabot Water Bottle

      The Aquabot Water Bottle is a camping water bottle with a sharp-shooting trick up its sleeve. Who’s thirsty? Ready for your next ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ moment? Here it comes. The Aquabot Water Bottle is a water bottle and water pistol in one. Oh yeah. This unassuming, BPA-free spray bottle has a super soaker-style pump on top. Give it a f...

    • Corkcicle Air

      Chill, pour and preserve your wine right at the table with the Corkcicle Air, a quite brilliant kitchen gadget. No need for ice buckets or (heaven forbid) ice cubes in your glass, this ingenious wand fits into any wine bottle and is designed to keep your wine chilled from inside the bottle, as well as acting as a stopper. But – and here’s the re...

    • The Pint Canteen

      The Pint Canteen camping bottle is a stylish travel flask that cleverly converts into a giant cup for swilling hot or cold drinks by the campfire. Save space in your camping kit with The Pint Canteen – the water flask and giant cup in one. Use it like a regular travel water bottle on the move. Then, when you’re sitting round the campfire after ...

    • Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker

      Stock due w/commencing 5th December 2016. Please note: because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you order.  Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker is the instant drink chiller for making the perfect home-brewed iced coffee. Or iced tea. Or iced wine… For most of us, making iced coffee at home is such a faff we don...


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