Novelty iPhone Cases, Accessories & Selfie Sticks

Looking for ways to jazz up your iPhone? You’ve come to the right place. Our iPhone Accessories section is bursting with snazzy gadgets and novelty gifts to make the most of your mobile. Find chargers, cases, docks, back-up batteries and even the odd robot. You can even improve your selfies with the Selfie Click Stick. Smile!

    • Flic Wireless Smart Button

      Flic Wireless Smart Button can remotely control all sorts of functions on your smart devices, making it the perfect gift for tech lovers. Go on, press it. See what happens... Everything is connected. Literally. Thanks to the Internet of Things every gizmo in the house is now chatting to each other. From lightbulbs to door locks, all controlled f...

    • Swivl Robot 2.0

      We are very sorry but discount codes can not be applied to this product. Face Time, Skype or shoot video on your mobile or tablet while you wander about. With its automatically swivelling and tilting base, the new Swivl Robot 2.0 acts as your own automatic cameraman. The world is getting smaller. No, don’t panic, we’re fine. It’s just a turn o...

      From £19.99
    • USB Charge Doubler

      The USB Charge Doubler is a simple, portable lightning cable that’ll top-up your mobile in half the time of a standard iPhone charger. Look at this little guy. Sure, the USB Charge Doubler won’t grace the cover of any glossy magazine, but this brilliant little travel gadget is going to speed up your life by 200%. Well, your iPhone’s life at leas...



    • Mixbin Instant Power Charger

      The Mixbin Instant Power Charger is a single-use, universal emergency phone charger for getting you out of trouble fast. With the Mixbin Instant Power Charger you’ll never be lost or out of touch again; it's the St. Bernard of smartphone accessories. Unlike most USB backup batteries, this compact universal emergency phone charger is a one shot ...

    • Star Wars Lightsaber MimoPowerTubes

      Star Wars MimoPowerTubes are handy USB device chargers, styled on Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker's iconic weapons. The Force is strong with this one... Mynocks chewed through your power cables? Twelve parsecs away from your nearest USB port? Worry not. Thanks to Star Wars MimoPowerTubes you needn’t be stranded with a dead mobile. Each MimoPowerT...



    • iGlow Skin for iPhone 5

      Make your iPhone glow in the dark with these ingenious and easy-to-apply photo-luminescent skins.  Here’s the lowdown – iGlow iPhone Skins make your iPhone 5 glow in the dark. Glow. In the goddamn dark. Just like all the best toys in the 80’s and tracer bullets. Is it practical? Sure, if the power goes out and you’re on the other side of the r...

    • Chargecard for iPhone

      Forget carrying around loose charging cables. The Chargecard for iPhone will sync and charge your Apple gadget and fits easily into a purse or wallet. Gadgets are great, but charging gadgets is a pain. Normally it means carrying a loose cable around, just in case you need to top up on the go. Until they invent self-charging gadgets though, we’...

      From £4.49
    • OMG Light Up iPhone Cases

      These bright and colourful iPhone 4/4S cases have their own built-in LEDs for text/call/email alerts. Love the iPhone, but can’t stand that one-design-for-everyone guff? Same here. We’re individuals! We like variety, colour, shape, patterns and textures. And so do all of our patterned and textured friends. Which is why we’re getting behind OMG C...

    • iOttie Waterproof Skin for iPhone 5

      Protect your iPhone from water, dust, mud, snow and more with this simple temporary see-through skin. It's like a smartphone condom. Everyone loves a dip in the pool. Especially iPhones. They’re forever leaping out of our hands into the nearest water source. The problem is, that’s usually the last we see of them. High tech lemmings, the lot of t...

    • Cable Factory

      Cable Factory is the desktop cable tidy and smartphone charging dock that brings post-industrial revolution efficiency to your workstation.  Turn your desktop into a powerhouse of productivity with Cable Factory. Like all great bastions of industry, this cable organiser brings order to your sprawling mess of power leads – and gives you a handy ...

    • Rocketbook Color Notebook

      It’s a kind of magic! An endlessly reusable, smart drawing pad for kids, that allows you to capture and keep their adorable doodlings by blasting them to the Cloud? It's not rocket science, it’s the amazing Rocketbook Color The Colour notebook brings the time-honoured drawing experience to the mobile generation. Create colourful drawings with cr...

    • Replaceface Bill Murray Case for iPhone 5

      Who knew Bill Murray could rock a pair of epaulettes? Clearly the fans behind the Replaceface Bill Murray iPhone 5 Case. Mr Murray, we salute you. Is he addressing his captains on the eve before battle or deadpanning the footmen as he walks around with no trousers. All we know is that in some alt-universe Bill Murray is the boss. And we like i...

    • Life* Case for iPhone 5

      Flexible and hard, the Words Brand Life* Case for iPhone 5 is so well equipped for life’s bumps and bruises it even has a handy footnote on the subject. These days it seems everything comes with a footnote: *serving suggestion, *terms and conditions apply, *external use only, *do not detonate indoors. Do we read them? Do we heck, we’re far too...


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