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What’s this? What’s this? Halloween is almost upon us!? Well don’t fret, there’s still plenty of time to scare up a spooktacularly wild night of frightening fun and phantasmagorical frolics! So here are a few ghastly ideas to help unhinge the mind and get the blood-red juices flowing and… hold on. Oh god. Don’t move. Whatever you do, don’t turn around…

    • Plush Zombie Slippers

      If you feel like the walking dead first thing in a morning, don this comfy pair of plush Zombie Slippers. Ever woken up feeling a bit ‘GRRR… ARRG…’? You’re not alone. But the next time you start the day with one eye closed, pop on a pair of Zombie Slippers. A great way to show the world just where you’re at, as far as conversation and sense goes...

    • PacMan Ghost Lamp

      Give your room a nostalgic glow with the Pac-Man Ghost Lamp. Anyone for a cherry? Wokka wokka wokka wokka wokkka... I ain’t afraid of no ghosts and that includes this brilliant tribute to the golden age of video arcades, Independent Burger Bars (Vers. 1.0) and the Raleigh Grifter. The colour-changing PacMan Ghost Lamp will be especially evocativ...

    • iGlow Skin for iPhone 5

      Make your iPhone glow in the dark with these ingenious and easy-to-apply photo-luminescent skins.  Here’s the lowdown – iGlow iPhone Skins make your iPhone 5 glow in the dark. Glow. In the goddamn dark. Just like all the best toys in the 80’s and tracer bullets. Is it practical? Sure, if the power goes out and you’re on the other side of the r...

    • Nonconformist Gnome

      Bring a little punk spirit into your garden. Plonk the Nonconformist Gnome amongst the petunias and stick a rebellious finger up to his bumpkin cousins. Blame TV, pesticides, climate change, whatever… The Nonconformist Gnome has shunned his parents’ jolly world of land-tilling, pond-fishing, and barrow-wheeling. He’s making his presence known th...

    • Sugar Skull Spoon

      The Skull Sugar Spoon is a delightfully sinister addition to any teabreak. One cranium or two? Too much sugar will rot your teeth. So our mums said. Which is why we love the Skull Sugar Spoon. Not because it’s a beautifully designed and darkly gothic and stirring reminder of our bodies’ fragility, and needs to be treated with care. It’s because ...

    • Animal Snout Cups

      Animal Snout Cups are made from high quality porcelain and designed to put a smile (and a snout) on anyone’s face. Your turn to make tea? Serve up some fun with Animal Snout Cups. At first glance these high quality porcelain mugs look like your typical exquisite designer tea set. Glazed on the inside and around the rim, each animal cup would lo...

    • Mitten Flask

      The Mitten Flask is a cheeky pair of fleece-lined mittens with a hidden drink flask in the palm. ‘Don’t suck your thumb!’ our mums used to bellow. But what Mum doesn’t know... Built into this charming pair of fleece-lined mittens is a hidden drink flask, ready to fill with your choice of booze. The only giveaway is the valve on the thumb. Take a...

    • VSSL Flask

      The VSSL Flask is an LED flashlight with a flask in it. And thanks to a built-in compass it’s both a pick-me-up and guide-me-home. Sturdy boots? Check. Waterproof jacket? Check. Dual-mode LED torch with a hidden drinks flask? Check. The - quite literally - brilliant VSSL Flask has everything you need to help you wobble home from the wilderness. ...



    • Batman Mirror

      Like a silvery Bat-Signal, the Batman Mirror casts the iconic logo (circa 2003) on your wall. *Gravelly voice* You’ve got spinach in your teeth... There’s nothing worse than getting halfway up a building and realising your cape’s on back to front. Which is why every good Batcave needs a Batman Mirror. Made from lightweight acrylic and with a win...

    • HypnoLight - Animated LED Light String

      HypnoLight is the world’s most versatile string of all-weather colour-changing animated LED fairy lights – suitable for any occasion, with a range of visualisations that are never the same twice. Everyone loves fairy lights. Jesus demands it. But for some, they’re just a bit of Christmas madness – as tacky and regrettable as copping off with the...


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