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What’s this? What’s this? Halloween is almost upon us!? Well don’t fret, there’s still plenty of time to scare up a spooktacularly wild night of frightening fun and phantasmagorical frolics! So here are a few ghastly ideas to help unhinge the mind and get the blood-red juices flowing and… hold on. Oh god. Don’t move. Whatever you do, don’t turn around…

    • Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

      Give your room a nostalgic glow with the Pac-Man Ghost Lamp. Anyone for a cherry? Wokka wokka wokka wokka wokkka... I ain’t afraid of no ghosts and that includes this brilliant tribute to the golden age of video arcades, independent burger bars (Vers. 1.0) and the Raleigh Grifter. The colour-changing PacMan Ghost Lamp will be especially evocativ...



    • iGlow Skin for iPhone 5

      Make your iPhone glow in the dark with these ingenious and easy-to-apply photo-luminescent skins.  Here’s the lowdown – iGlow iPhone Skins make your iPhone 5 glow in the dark. Glow. In the goddamn dark. Just like all the best toys in the 80’s and tracer bullets. Is it practical? Sure, if the power goes out and you’re on the other side of the r...

    • Nonconformist Gnome

      Bring a little punk spirit into your garden. Plonk the Nonconformist Gnome amongst the petunias and stick a rebellious finger up to his bumpkin cousins. Blame TV, pesticides, climate change, whatever… The Nonconformist Gnome has shunned his parents’ jolly world of land-tilling, pond-fishing, and barrow-wheeling. He’s making his presence known th...

    • Sugar Skull Spoon

      The Skull Sugar Spoon is a delightfully sinister addition to any teabreak. One cranium or two? Too much sugar will rot your teeth. So our mums said. Which is why we love the Skull Sugar Spoon. Not because it’s a beautifully designed and darkly gothic and stirring reminder of our bodies’ fragility, and needs to be treated with care. It’s because ...

    • Motion Activated Alien Storage Egg

      Famously, in space no-one can hear you scream. It’s different on terra-firma of course, where the Motion Activated Alien Storage Egg will scare the bejesus out of you and anyone else daft enough to go near it. The first Alien film is a bona fide horror classic: gnawing sense of dread, check; nightmarish imagery, check; obligatory jump scares, ch...



    • Jack Halloween Pumpkin Lantern

      What's this? What's this? An impressively large and stylish LED powered Halloween light that can be used indoors or outdoors… What's this? The Jack Pumpkin Lantern, hmmm The traditional Jack O’ Lantern derives from an Irish folktale about a man named Stingy Jack and standard practice is to hand-carve one from a pumpkin or turnip. But that analog...

    • Spaghetti Monster

      Behold, the Spaghetti Monster! Spreading the Pastafarian gospel with a delicious dollop of linguine and some Intelligently Designed drainage holes The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was founded in 2005 as a bit of a light-hearted dig at religious fundamentalism. This wingless, earth-bound manifestation is all set to do the same to po-fac...

    • Mitten Flask

      The Mitten Flask is a cheeky pair of fleece-lined mittens with a hidden drink flask in the palm. ‘Don’t suck your thumb!’ our mums used to bellow. But what Mum doesn’t know... Built into this charming pair of fleece-lined mittens is a hidden drink flask, ready to fill with your choice of booze. The only giveaway is the valve on the thumb. Take a...

    • Vaportini

      Forget drinking your favourite spirits, inhale them instead with Vaportini, the revolutionary alcohol vapouriser. Love to drink but can’t stand wet lips? Tired of thinking up new smalltalk for the bathroom attendant? Worried your booze intake is wreaking havoc on your abs? Then you’re clearly not drunk enough. But don’t worry, we have a solutio...



    • Make Your Own Fairy Light Sign

      Be industrious and add some light & magic to any room with the USB powered Make Your Own String Light Kit The possibilities are endless with these super long decorative fairy lights, so let your illumination run riot! Curve, coil and twist the included forming wire into any shape, attach the light string with the fixing wire, find the neares...

    • Batman Mirror

      Like a silvery Bat-Signal, the Batman Mirror casts the iconic logo (circa 2003) on your wall. *Gravelly voice* You’ve got spinach in your teeth... There’s nothing worse than getting halfway up a building and realising your cape’s on back to front. Which is why every good Batcave needs a Batman Mirror. Made from lightweight acrylic and with a win...

    • Melting Zombie Head Candle

      Fear the waxing dead with the revoltingly oozy Melting Head Zombie Candle The perfect prop for any Halloween party or supernatural soiree, this macabre candle will give you up to 16 hours of superating pleasure. Just light the wick and watch as the rotting braincase slowly dissolves, unleashing a scarlet river of liquefied brain matter from its ...



    • 'Into The Weird' Playing Cards

      Embrace the strange… Open a chamber of secrets and step Into the Weird with this custom deck of truly outlandish playing cards Designed in collaboration with designer Jenny Gebhardt, this unique pack features an adventure that unfolds as you shuffle. Referencing everything from zombie priestesses to flying saucers and splitting the atom, you can...

    • Pumpkin Candle

      Put the light into fright night with this spooktacular Pumpkin Candle No-one’s quite sure how Jack-O’-Lanterns became synonymous with Halloween but what celebration of All Hallows' Eve would be complete without a grinning gourd or two? Traditionally made by hollowing out a large squash, this 350g high-quality hand-crafted wax version is good to ...

    • TriceraTACO and TACOsaurus Rex

      This item is on 'Pre-Order'.  Stock currently due late October. NB: This date may be subject to change. Because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you checkout. When Diningsaurs ruled the earth! Add some Jurassic bite to delicious spicy Mexican food with TriceraTACO and TACOsaurus Rex   Make boring meal time...

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    • Skull Candle

      Cultured pirates, stylish goths and dressy bikers will all go doolally for the sophisticatedly macabre Skull Candle Weighing over a kilo, with a 70 hour burn time and a unique geometric design, this substantial candle makes a fantastical table decoration or haunting household ornament but is also perfect for a Halloween party, swanky seance or K...

    • Das Horn Drinking Vessel

      Raise a toast to the Allfather and hail your victorious dead with Das Horn – a drinking horn for the iPod generation. Gather, feast, and sing songs about the old country with Das Horn. Bringing this ancient drinking vessel slap bang up to date, New York based designers David Segall and Alex Chatham have opted to craft it from sleek white ABS pla...

    • Unicorn Snot

      Unicorn Snot Glitter Body Gel gives your party outfit a sparkly noseblessing from nature’s most enigmatic beast. They say it’s good luck if a passing bird poops on you. Well if that’s true, Unicorn Snot is the gleaming jackpot of all lucky charms. Freshly gafflumped from the nose holes of this majestic rhinocerhorse, the remarkable face and body...

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    • Gracula Garlic Twist

      Stick two fangs up to horror convention and monster mash your garlic with Gracula, the vampire vanquishing herb mincer with a twist Vampire lore dictates that a bulb of garlic would give any self-respecting bloodsucker an attack of the vapours. Not so Gracula - he can’t get enough of it Just drop a clove inside his cloak, pop his undead head bac...

    • Batman Multitool

      The Batman Multitool takes the fight to your flat-pack furniture, with two kinds of screwdrivers, a keyring attachment, and a bottle-opener for a victory beer - making it the perfect superhero gift for him It’s not who you are underneath. It’s what you screw that defines you. We’re pretty sure that’s how Batman’s saying goes. And to prove it, he...

    • Bigfoot Salad Tongs

      Quick…! There…! What’s that hiding in the frisée? It’s Bigfoot Salad Tongs and we have the incontrovertible photographic proof! There’s nothing abominable about this snowman. In fact, he’s here to help. Trouble with the bok choy? Pea sprouts proving uncooperative? Stand aside… with his powerful arms and vice-like grip, he’ll make short work of u...

    • Bottle String Light

      Create a glowing light arrangement out of any of your empty bottles with the Rechargeable Bottle String Light The 95cm (37.5”) string of lights will fill up your bottle with the ideal glow. Simply charge the cork shaped bottle light, wind in the wire, twist on, and let the 15 sparkling LEDs enhance any mood or party. The Lowdown: Rechargeable s...

    • Harry Potter Poison Potion Bottle Light

      Batch fresh from Slug and Jiggers Apothecary, the Harry Potter Potion Bottle Light is a must have for any fan of the The Chosen OneBrighten up your desk or bedside table with this officially licensed magical light. Shaped to look like a bottle of poison with a label on the front complete with warnings, this great little lamp is a perfect gift fo...

    • Party Bulb

      Don’t trip the light fantastic, spin it, with the revolutionary, disco-tastic, LED powered Party Bulb It’s time to pack away the glitter ball and give your shindig a 21st century upgrade; simply plug this auto-rotating light bulb into a standard ceiling pendant or table lamp bayonet socket, flip the switch and hey presto!, the specially designed...

    • Skull Scissors

      Shear terror - Skull Scissors are the shockingly sharp cranial clippers with a classy brass finish From hair-raising haircuts to creepy paper crafts, these heavy-duty, general use, stainless-steel scissors are both handy and haunting in equal measure. The perfect gift for Halloween hounds, Day of the Dead devotees, edgy embroiderers or anyone wi...



    • USB Flickering Candle Bottle Light

      Create the perfect candle-lit atmosphere anytime, anyplace, anywhere with the USB powered Candle Bottle LightThere’s nothing quite like a naked flickering flame to set the tone for a romantic evening or to add a touch of gothic melodrama to a Halloween party but melting wax is messy and there’s always the danger you’ll set fire to your soft furn...

    • Outline Sound-Reactive Flashing LED Mask

      NB: This product is a 'drop ship' item.  Once we receive your order, we will notify the supplier and immediately confirm availability by email.  The mesmerising Sound-Reactive LED Mask transcribes any sort of music or rhythm into amazing electro-luminescent animations Typically worn for protection, disguise, performance, or entertainment, masks...



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