Struggling with unruly facial fuzz? Want your fingernails smoother than a duckling’s beak? Looking for cool toys for grown men? Then welcome to The Fowndry 'Groom Room'. From precision-engineered beard and moustache trimmers to natty dopp kits, we’ve got a high-quality range of male grooming tools and accessories that are more than just handy dandy gadgets and gizmos, they are indispensable instruments of phwoar!

    • Klhip Nail Clippers

      A cut above the rest. Introducing the world’s first (and only) ergonomically correct nail clippers – exclusive to the Fowndry. Some items in our bathroom are hidden away. It’s not that we don’t like them, or we don’t need them. They just don’t need to be out. Like cotton buds. Or plasters. They’re utilitarian and deserve to be with the other uti...

    • The Whisker Dam

      The ingenious Whisker Dam is the perfect solution for protecting your ‘tache from getting wet whilst sipping your favourite beer. It’s like an umbrella for your face! Let’s be honest… it’s hardly a problem that has troubled the most brilliant minds down through the ages but just how do you provide ample separation between fluid and facial hair w...

    • Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap

      The Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap is three times the size of your average bar and made to the same spec as the soap used by American GIs in Korea. If you’re straight out of a hot DMZ wearing two days of grime and last week’s socks, nothing gets you smelling grunt-fresh like a Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap. A whole three times bigger than...

    • Klhip Nail File

      The Klhip Nail File is by far the coolest nail file we’ve ever seen – which is not something we ever imagined saying. Plucky sidekick to the equally-outstanding Klhip Nail Clippers, the Klhip Nail File is the last nail file you’ll ever need. Forget those worn-out cardboard jobbies, this everlasting nail file is crafted from all-natural Pyrenees ...

    • The Gentleman's Deck - Monte Carlo Edition

      The perfect gift for any aspiring Esquire, each card in this high quality deck has a hint on how to be the perfect gentleman. There was a time a gentleman could spend an entire morning in pursuit of the perfect Half Windsor. And whole hours could be dedicated to an armchair, honing one’s pipe technique. But these days, we’re all in such a hurry...

    • Kai Kershaw - World's Finest Toenail Clippers

      Kai Toenail Clippers are only interested in one thing – the elegant, effortless dispatch of your talons. As beautiful as they are single-minded, Kai Toenail Clippers (or Kershaw Kai Toenail Clippers III, to give them their full pedigree title) make the most everyday task a tiny moment of joy. The near cousin of the Klhip Nail Clippers, the Kai K...

    • Tooletries Bathroom Travel Case

      The Tooletries Bathroom Travel Case is a rugged toiletry bag for men, styled like a classic toolbox. To do a job properly, you need the right tools. And if that job is fixing up your own dilapidated exterior, you need the Tooletries Bathroom Travel Case. Modelled on a classic workman’s toolbox this hard shell toiletry case has all the space a mo...

    • Periodic Table of Swearing Socks

      Bad day at the office? Covertly express your frustration with the cussin’ brilliant Periodic Table of Swearing Socks The PToS is an acknowledged 21st century design classic and now - for the first time - it’s available to wear, as a pair of hilariously vulgar socks. From quality shit-nak merchants, Modern Toss, these Pret-A-Potty mouthed foot wa...

    • Buffalo Trace Bourbon Soap

      No-one wants to smell like a brewery but Buffalo Trace Bourbon Soap has a rich, oak barrel scent that smells as good as bourbon tastes Duke Cannon, suppliers of damn fine grooming products for ‘men who want to WIN’, have come up trumps again. They’ve taken a standard dainty bar of soap, packed it off to boot camp, fed it three hot squares a day ...

    • Kai Mimuno Nail File

      Round is the new flat. Give your nails the five star treatment with the decidedly unconventional but wonderfully stylish Kai Mimuno Oval Nail File Elegant flowing contours don’t immediately spring to mind when you think of a nail file but if no-one ever challenged conventional wisdom, we’d still believe it possible to sail off the edge of the ea...

    • 'Hey Handsome' Shaving Kit Bag

      ‘Hey Handsome’ Shaving Kit Bag is the ideal toiletry bag for the modern man. Tough and stylish on the outside, fun on the inside. Most guys’ going-out routine comes down to the three S’s - shirt, shower and shave. We might have added an ‘r’ in there for decency. But with only three steps til we’re out the door, it’s important to make the most of...

    • Duke Cannon Supply Co. Solid Cologne

      Perfume bottles are for wimps. Real men smear their favourite cologne on... straight from a handy take-anywhere tin. Well Duke Cannon Supply Co. Solid Cologne men do Duke Cannon working stiffs don't have time to mess around with fussy sprays - they are too busy winning! They demand an iron-clad, totally foolproof way to smell good on the go. The...



    • Kai Seki Magoroku Beard And Moustache Scissors

      Want to know how to trim a beard? Give your facial fuzz the 5 star treatment with Kai Seki Beard and Moustache Trimming Scissors As any dandy who’s cultivated a beard or moustache knows, the tricky part isn’t actually growing it; au contraire! The devil’s in trying to keep the unruly chin fur in check Thank Nippon then for these elegant whisker ...

    • Kai Mimuno Tweezers

      From a land better known for Samurai swords than beauty equipment, Kai Mimuno Tweezers are set to raise a few eyebrows Japan has brought its considerable metal manipulating know-how to bear on the humble tweezer. And the results are incredible. Each beautifully designed pair (they wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery) has been precision-...

    • Duke Cannon Handsome Man Grooming Can

      Open up a can of fella-pimping whoopass with Duke Cannon's Handsome Man Grooming Kit This premium gift for him contains a 7-piece variety of The Duke’s best-selling items and is packed in a see-through paint can which can be re-used to store fishing tackle, nuts and bolts, or heck…maybe even some paint! Each bloke buffing gunboat contains: Super...

    • Kai Captain Folding Razor

      If you’re looking for a razor with true cutting-edge credentials, look no further than the Japanese made Kai Captain Folding Razor As the safety razor arms race gets ever more ridiculous (they actually employ rocket scientists!) maybe it’s time to take a step back and consider that less might in fact be more. … And that’s precisely what you get ...

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