• The Original Stormtrooper Decanter

      Impress your fellow clones and raise a toast to The Emperor with a few generous measures from the Original Stormtrooper Decanter, which can hold 750ml of your favourite Dutch courage It’s not easy being an Imperial grunt… you’re susceptible to irascible, plum-voiced pensioners telling you how to do your job and forced to wear body armour that co...

    • The Original Stormtrooper Glass

      This item is on 'Pre-Order'.  Stock due April 2019. Because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you checkout. Fancy owning a unique piece of movie history? The Original Stormtrooper Glass is based on the authentic helmet moulds created by industrial designer Andrew Ainsworth in 1976. A long time ago in a gala...

      From £11.99
    • The Homemade Gin Kit

      The Homemade Gin Kit gives you everything you need to craft your own unique blend of gin in just 36 hours. Just add vodka. Ever wondered why gin was such a big hit back in the 18th Century? It’s because it’s really easy to make! And it tastes a heck of a lot better than that Russian stuff. Thankfully, the art of making small batches of gin hasn’...

      From £16.99
    • Memobottle

      The Memobottle is an ingenious, premium quality and BPA free reusable flat drinks container for your briefcase or laptop bag. Why are water bottles round? Because they’re cheaper to make that way. Round and produced by the billions, ready for us to use once and chuck in the bin – partly because they’re a bugger to carry home and use again. The M...

      From £19.99
    • Star Wars Lightsaber™ BBQ Tongs

      This item is on 'Pre-Order'.  Stock due November. NB: this may be subject to change. Because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you checkout. Flip your burgers with the ruthless precision of a Sith Lord. Star Wars Lightsaber™ BBQ Tongs are the pincers of choice for any galactic chef. It’s as if a million voi...

    • Star Wars® Lightsaber Toothbrushes

      With flashing lights and impressive sound effects, the Star Wars Lightsaber Toothbrush is the perfect gift for kids of all sizes and will have them queuing for the sink. Whether you’re a sprout-coloured Jedi master or heavy-breathing Sith Lord, nothing takes the fight to the forces of tooth decay like the Star Wars Lightsaber Toothbrush. A more ...



    • Klhip Nail Clippers

      A cut above the rest. Introducing the world’s first (and only) ergonomically correct nail clippers – exclusive to the Fowndry. Some items in our bathroom are hidden away. It’s not that we don’t like them, or we don’t need them. They just don’t need to be out. Like cotton buds. Or plasters. They’re utilitarian and deserve to be with the other uti...

    • SpreadTHAT! Advanced Butter Knife

      SpreadTHAT! Advanced Butter Knife is an ingenious, award-winning design that uses the warmth of your hand to make short work of cold butter. Say goodbye to knackered toast. With its brilliantly simple design, the SpreadTHAT! Advanced Butter Knife has just jumped straight to the top of our list of first world problem solvers. Because this design...

    • Star Wars Millennium Falcon Multitool

      When your hyperdrive motivator is on the fritz, the last thing you need is to be messing around with a heavy toolbox. Save yourself a headache and carry a Star Wars Millennium Falcon Multitool instead. Made from stainless steel and officially licensed by the house of The Mouse, this cool pocket tool boasts 11 different functions (including a bot...



    • The Whisker Dam

      The ingenious Whisker Dam is the perfect solution for protecting your ‘tache from getting wet whilst sipping your favourite beer. It’s like an umbrella for your face! Let’s be honest… it’s hardly a problem that has troubled the most brilliant minds down through the ages but just how do you provide ample separation between fluid and facial hair w...

    • Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker

      Minipresso is a compact, hand-powered portable espresso maker for coffee lovers on the move. If you’re choosy about your coffee, even halfway up a mountain, sling a Minipresso in your knapsack. Styled like a piece of camera equipment, but lighter than any lens, Minipresso is a portable coffee machine for hand-pumping the perfect espresso. That’s...

      From £24.99
    • Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0

      The Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 is a tough, lightweight picnic / beach blanket. Able to accommodate up to four people, it will fold up small enough to fit in your pocket. Ever parked yourself in a nice picnic spot and got an instant wet bum? Shoulda packed a Matador Pocket Blanket. Folding up smaller than a bag of crisps, this compact picnic, fes...

      From £19.99
    • Matterhorn Glass

      Take scotch on the rocks to new heights with the spectacular crystal Matterhorn Glass. At 4,478 metres (14,690 ft), the Matterhorn drives a familiar wedge between Switzerland and Italy. Parting the dazzling Alpine air with its rugged facets and picture-postcard looks, the summit has been enticing brave adventurers for centuries. But for those of...

      From £24.99


    • Superhero Caped Socks

      Stamp out injustice and put a genetically enhanced spring in your step with these wonderfully whimsical superhero socks. Up, up… and a knee! Don a pair of Superhero Caped Socks and you’ll be fighting crime one leg at a time. Oh sure, we’d all like the full superhero costume, but imagine all that spandex under your day-to-day gear. In real life, ...

    • Cafflano Klassic Portable Coffee Maker

      The award-winning* Cafflano Klassic is the world's first all in one portable coffee maker. Perfect for life on the go; grind your own beans and drip-filter a hot cup of Joe wherever you are. Coffee connoisseurs will tell you the perfect cup of coffee needs freshly ground beans. Not freshly ground, sealed in a bag, stocked on a shelf, chucked in ...

    • Firefly Portable Laser Lamp

      A portable lamp with frickin' laser beams?. Groovy baby!. The palm-sized Firefly is the sort of cool little gadget that any evil genius would be proud to own. Funded to the tune of one million dollars $502,188 on Kickstarter, this multi faceted slightly sinister looking object is actually a revolutionary new lamp; it uses a safe, low-powered las...



    • FORMCard

      Melt. Mould. Make. Mend. FORMcard is the card-sized mouldable plastic that’s your new DIY best friend. Just soften it up in a cup of hot water and mould it into any shape you like. In seconds it’ll set solid, making it perfect for quick fixes and creative solutions to everyday problems. And thanks its clever properties, you can re-melt it and re...

      From £4.19
    • VW Camper Van Toaster

      Enjoy a slice of vintage style with the handsome stainless steel VW Camper Van Toaster. There are many great ways to start the day – eating a hearty breakfast is one. Waking up to glorious sunshine in the back of a classic camper van, another. For those who like their creature comforts but don’t fancy braving the Great Outdoors – well we can’t a...

    • KeySmart

      KeySmart is a tough and stylish aircraft-grade aluminium key organiser that’ll hold up to one hundred keys. And it’ll do wonders for the line of your trousers. Is that a large bunch of keys in your pocket or... oh alright, we know it’s a bunch of keys. It’s either that or a tiny pineapple. How do you put up with such an unsightly, jangly mass o...

      From £3.99
    • The Half Pint Glass

      In a remarkable feat of production wizardry The Half Pint Glass looks like a regular pint glass sliced from top to bottom.  Fancy a cheeky half? The Half Pint Glass is a great way to grab a small one without anyone challenging your manhood. Just top it up, hold the rounded side out and sup your brew in comfort. Oh sure, it won’t hold up to much ...

      From £8.99
    • Craft A Brew Beer Making Kits

      ‘Craft A Brew’ Beer Making Kits bring the world of DIY craft beer to your own kitchen, garage or garden shed. No one drinks that mass-produced froth anymore. It’s all about craft beers and microbreweries these days. Better flavours, better people, bigger beards, we love all that stuff. And now with ‘Craft A Brew’ Beer Making Kits we’re even givi...

      From £26.99
    • Sushi Socks

      Sushi Socks look just like the real thing, only bigger and chewier. Treat your feet to a little Japanese style.  Look what just came around the carousel. Fresh from Japan, Sushi Socks are the hot (or is that cold) new thing in cosy footwear. Hand-rolled to look just like their tasty namesakes, each pair of these fun socks is woven in the colour...

    • DIY Neon Light Kit

      Like Vegas in a box! The DIY Neon Light Kit has three metres of ‘electric spaghetti’, so you can make your very own custom fluorescent signs or works of art. Neon, once synonymous with Rat Pack era ‘Sin City’, gleaming aluminium-clad diners and saucy Soho peep shows, had by and large gone the way of VHS, calculators (58008 - snigger) and the Sin...

    • Stance X Star Wars Socks

      Stance X Star Wars Socks use 200 needle count stitching and premium combed cotton to bring you the universe’s geekiest footwear. There has been an awakening... We’ve all felt it. Some of us have seen it. But how many have worn it with a pair of comfortable loafers? Don a pair of Star Wars Stance Socks and wiggle your ten little Jabbas with delig...

    • The HOST Chill Cooling Pour Spout

      Sci-fi street light or Apple-designed magic wand? The HOST Chill Cooling Pour Spout is neither, but it’s sure to impress. Chill, pour and preserve your wine right at the table with the HOST Chill Cooling Pour Spout, a quite brilliant kitchen gadget. No need for ice buckets or (heaven forbid) ice cubes in your glass, this ingenious wand fits into...

    • Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap

      The Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap is three times the size of your average bar and made to the same spec as the soap used by American GIs in Korea. If you’re straight out of a hot DMZ wearing two days of grime and last week’s socks, nothing gets you smelling grunt-fresh like a Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap. A whole three times bigger than...

    • CasusGrill - The Biodegradable Instant BBQ

      CasusGrill is the revolutionary 100% natural, sustainable and totally disposable instant grill, that’s ready to use in 5 minutes and provides heat for up to an hour, so you can cook delicious food with a crispy barbecued finish anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Like the apocryphal chocolate teapot, you’d assume that a disposable BBQ made from cardboa...

      From £7.99


    • ButterUp Knife

      ButterUp Butter Knife will spread any butter straight from the fridge. Even that rock hard stuff your nan uses. No moving parts, no batteries, no exotic kyber crystals. Just a brilliant new approach we’ve been using on cheese for years. Instead of hacking the corner off your butter and stuffing it through your toast, this cutting-edge butter kni...

      From £9.09
    • Rockstirs Guitar Shaped Teaspoons

      Rockstirs give your tea break the classic rock infusion it’s been missing. Hello Wembley! Or at least, hello tea break. With their axe-shaped bodies, Rockstir teaspoons may give you a little more Brown Sugar than you had in mind. A great stocking filler for any Sweet Child of… erm… Yours, or the perfect Secret Santa gift, these stainless steel w...

      From £4.99
    • Flic Wireless Smart Button

      Flic Wireless Smart Button can remotely control all sorts of functions on your smart devices, making it the perfect gift for tech lovers. Go on, press it. See what happens... Everything is connected. Literally. Thanks to the Internet of Things every gizmo in the house is now chatting to each other. From lightbulbs to door locks, all controlled f...

    • Nano Quad RC Drone

      Good things come in small packages and this fun-packed marvel of miniaturisation is the world’s tiniest radio controlled drone. To quote Blink 182’s ‘All the small things’: “I'll take one lift, your ride best trip…” and that’s definitely the case with Revell's Nano Quad Micro Quadcopter. It won’t deliver your Amazon goodies or be deployed by the...



    • Blade Runner Whiskey Glass

      No replicant, this handmade crystal glass tumbler is the one featured in the sci-fi classic Blade Runner, featuring Harrison Ford. Cue the Vangelis, pan right and pull back. We’ve found it! The most iconic whiskey glass in sci-fi history. (Well, there can’t be many) The Blade Runner Whiskey Glass is such a spot-on match for Deckard’s favourite t...



    • Stojo Collapsible Cup

      Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup is the ingenious compact travel mug that makes a super-handy gift for any coffee lover and packs flat enough to slip in your skinny jeans. Like using an old CDR spindle as a bagel lunchbox, the safe, recyclable Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup is one of those ideas so wonderfully obvious, once you see it you’ll marvel a...

    • LazyPan All-In-One Frying Pan - For All Hobs

      LazyPan All-In One Frying Pan is the ultimate kitchen utensil, designed to save you money and washing-up time. One pan to rule them all… LazyPan All-In-One Frying Pan is a humungous 38cm wide frying pan, designed to cook every damn thing at once. If this isn’t the perfect gift for foodies, then we don’t know what is! Saving on gas or electricity...

    • Aquabot Water Bottle

      This item is on 'Pre-Order'.  Stock due January 2019. Because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you checkout. The Aquabot Water Bottle is a camping water bottle with a sharp-shooting trick up its sleeve. Who’s thirsty? Ready for your next ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ moment? Here it comes. The Aquabot Wate...

    • Unicorn Snot

      Unicorn Snot Glitter Body Gel gives your party outfit a sparkly noseblessing from nature’s most enigmatic beast. They say it’s good luck if a passing bird poops on you. Well if that’s true, Unicorn Snot is the gleaming jackpot of all lucky charms. Freshly gafflumped from the nose holes of this majestic rhinocerhorse, the remarkable face and body...

      From £8.99
    • Hot Disk USB Mug Warmer

      Keep your cuppa hot, strong and well-earned with the retro-tastic Hot Disk USB Mug Warmer We love our computer! Whether it's for keeping track of the latest news and gossip, shopping for new gear or posting pictures of dictator cats with moustaches. With so much to do it's a wonder we find time to eat and sleep - let alone finish our cuppa. So f...

    • Slush Puppie Machine

      This item comes with a 3 pin UK plug. If you live outside the UK or Australia, you will need a converter, freely available from Amazon etc. They say nostalgia ain’t what it used to be… We’d have to disagree after clapping eyes on this brilliant countertop Slush Puppie Machine. Endless blue skies and shimmering sunshine, trips to the seaside to...

      From £5.99
    • Drop Rainbow Bath Light

      The Drop Rainbow Bathroom Mood Light casts a calming glow as it cycles through the spectrum – the perfect accompaniment to a well-earned soak. In our busy lives it’s worth taking a putting a few minutes aside to let your brain unwind, give your muscles a rest, and enjoy the rare sound of silence. And where better than in the bath? Slowly cycling...



    • Pond Wars Ducks

      A long bathtime ago… celebrate the galaxy’s greatest sci-fi saga with the brilliantly bonkers Pond Wars Ducks. Never underestimate the duck side of the Force - especially with Pond Wars Ducks bobbing round your nethers. A brilliantly bonkers mashup of sci-fi geekery and bathtime fun, these light-up ducks come to life when you pop them in the bat...

    • Star Wars Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker

      This is the Star Wars Stormtrooper Bluetooth speaker you have been looking for… All work and no play makes TK421 a dull boy. And after a hard day's graft suppressing the Rebellion, what better way to decompress and get your galactic groove on than with this wireless speaker, modelled on the helmet of the least blaster-proof shock troops in the g...

    • Star Wars Christmas Jumpers

      Star Wars Christmas Jumpers make even the dark side look a little lighter. Join us on the Festive Side of the Force. Throw a hydrospanner in the works this Christmas and give the usual festive attire the heave-ho-ho-ho with Star Wars Christmas Jumpers. Hand-knitted by Bothans, every 100% acrylic fibre of these geeky Christmas sweaters tells a ...

    • Star Wars Death Star Birdhouse

      That’s no moon… it’s got a chaffinch in it. Terrorise your neighbours with the deadliest birdhouse in the universe. Need proof that some birds are evil? One word: Swans. But here at The Fowndry, we don’t discriminate. Whatever their leanings on galactic domination, we like to make sure that every bird is tucked in somewhere safe at night. For b...

    • Rock On Headphone Display Stand

      This item is on 'Pre-Order'.  Stock due March 2019. Because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you checkout. Need a special perch for your music merch? Rock On is an over-sized gold hand effigy, designed to support and display your headphones or earbuds. Turn on, tune in, drop out… and when you’re finished, ...

    • Hyperchiller V2 Iced Coffee Maker

      This item is on 'Pre-Order'.  Stock due early Feb. 2019. Because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you checkout. Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker is the instant drink chiller for making the perfect home-brewed iced coffee. Or iced tea. Or iced wine… For most of us, making iced coffee at home is such a faff we...



    • Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier

      Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle is the portable water filtration system that’ll give you safe-to-drink water in just 15 seconds. No chemicals. No complex kit. No waiting. Running out of potable water can quickly turn a walk in the wild into a Ray Mears nightmare. The solution? 1) Lug a jerrican of the clean stuff the whole way round (stop...

      From £24.99
    • Star Wars™ Death Star Pet Cave

      This item is on 'Pre-Order'.  Stock due mid-March. Because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you checkout. If you thought the cuddly Ewoks were the cutest thing in the Star Wars universe, wait until you get a load of Tiddles or Rover peeping from inside the Star Wars™ Death Star Pet Cave Consigning other fl...

    • SlugHaus Bullet 02 - World's Smallest LED Flashlight

      This item is on 'Pre-Order'. Because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you checkout. Bullet 02 is the world’s smallest LED flashlight and the best everyday carry torch out there – virtually indestructible, water-resistant and no bigger than a pen lid. The Slughaus Bullet 02 is so small and shiny you’ll want...



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