Easter Gifts

    • Barrel Aged Spirits Kit

      The Barrel Aged Spirits Kit is the easy way to rapidly age any liquor, giving it the richness and nuance of a much older tipple. There aren’t many products out there designed to make you older. We usually want the opposite. But in the case of spirits, older is definitely better. Especially if they’ve had a good long soak in an oak barrel. That’s...

    • Big Cheese Making Kit

      The Big Cheese Making Kit gives you everything you need to make your own cheese in just two hours. Just add cow juice. Deli counters would have you believe that cheesemaking is an ancient and mystical art that can only be done in a rural setting. Usually close to cows. And that the process is as baffling and impenetrable as rune casting or watch...

    • Chocolate Teapot

      Pop quiz: What connects Salvador Dali, Willy Wonka and The Mad Hatter...? They'd all have gone choccy-woccy-doo-lally for the utterly bonkers Chocolate Teapot. Familiar with the phrase 'about as useful as a....'? Well thanks to some master madcap candy wranglers you now have a chance to find out. Handmade from 600g of Belgium’s finest, this magn...

    • Gigantic Doughnut Beach Blanket

      The Gigantic Doughnut Beach Blanket is a 1.5m circle of pure, cartoony fun. We’re going to need a bigger cup of coffee. Mmm… Gigantic Doughnut Beach Blanket… Oh, hey there. Sorry. We were just eyeing up this humungous, circular, pink-frosted, sprinkle-covered beach towel. Got a bit carried away. It’s a good thing it’s absorbent. And big too, did...

    • Gigantic Pepperoni Pizza Blanket

      The Gigantic Pepperoni Pizza Blanket is the tasty way to lounge about in the garden, at the beach, or tucked up on the sofa. Pass the dipping sauce… When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza-pie, that’s-a bedtime (dee-dee-diddly dee). And what better way to snuggle down than wrapped in 60 inches of Gigantic Pepperoni Pizza Blanket. Wrap your...

    • HypnoLight - Animated LED Light String

      HypnoLight is the world’s most versatile string of all-weather colour-changing animated LED fairy lights – suitable for any occasion, with a range of visualisations that are never the same twice. Everyone loves fairy lights. Jesus demands it. But for some, they’re just a bit of Christmas madness – as tacky and regrettable as copping off with the...


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