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    • The Original Stormtrooper Glass

      Fancy owning a unique piece of movie history? The Original Stormtrooper Glass is based on the authentic helmet moulds created by industrial designer Andrew Ainsworth in 1976. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, Twickenham based Shepperton Design Studios was approached to turn some fantastic - but potentially tricky to manufacture - costume...

      From £11.99
    • The Homemade Gin Kit

      The Homemade Gin Kit gives you everything you need to craft your own unique blend of gin in just 36 hours. Just add vodka. Ever wondered why gin was such a big hit back in the 18th Century? It’s because it’s really easy to make! And it tastes a heck of a lot better than that Russian stuff. Thankfully, the art of making small batches of gin hasn’...

      From £15.99
    • Memobottle

      The Memobottle is an ingenious, premium quality and BPA free reusable flat drinks container for your briefcase or laptop bag. Why are water bottles round? Because they’re cheaper to make that way. Round and produced by the billions, ready for us to use once and chuck in the bin – partly because they’re a bugger to carry home and use again. The M...

      From £19.99
    • The Whisker Dam

      The ingenious Whisker Dam is the perfect solution for protecting your ‘tache from getting wet whilst sipping your favourite beer. It’s like an umbrella for your face! Let’s be honest… it’s hardly a problem that has troubled the most brilliant minds down through the ages but just how do you provide ample separation between fluid and facial hair w...

    • Craft A Brew Beer Making Kits

      ‘Craft A Brew’ Beer Making Kits bring the world of DIY craft beer to your own kitchen, garage or garden shed. No one drinks that mass-produced froth anymore. It’s all about craft beers and microbreweries these days. Better flavours, better people, bigger beards, we love all that stuff. And now with ‘Craft A Brew’ Beer Making Kits we’re even givi...

      From £26.99
    • Aquabot Water Bottle

      The Aquabot Water Bottle is a camping water bottle with a sharp-shooting trick up its sleeve. Who’s thirsty? Ready for your next ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ moment? Here it comes. The Aquabot Water Bottle is a water bottle and water pistol in one. Oh yeah. This unassuming, BPA-free spray bottle has a super soaker-style pump on top. Give it a f...

    • Slush Puppie Machine

      This item comes with a 3 pin UK plug. If you live outside the UK or Australia, you will need a converter, freely available from Amazon etc. They say nostalgia ain’t what it used to be… We’d have to disagree after clapping eyes on this brilliant countertop Slush Puppie Machine. Endless blue skies and shimmering sunshine, trips to the seaside to...

      From £5.99
    • Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker

      Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker is the instant drink chiller for making the perfect home-brewed iced coffee. Or iced tea. Or iced wine… For most of us, making iced coffee at home is such a faff we don’t even bother. It’s not even on our radar. We just let those clever physicists at the coffee shop make it for us – and shell out three or four poun...

    • Star Wars™ Death Star Pet Cave

      If you thought the cuddly Ewoks were the cutest thing in the Star Wars universe, wait until you get a load of Tiddles or Rover peeping from inside the Star Wars™ Death Star Pet Cave Consigning other fluffy critter crash pads to the Outer Rim, this plush, basketball-sized, officially licensed facsimile of the planet-destroying original is the pur...

    • The Muncher Titanium Multi-Tool Utensil

      The Spork is dead, long live the Spork! Or rather the superbly designed Muncher Titanium Multi Utensil from pocket tool masters The Full Windsor Forged from aerospace grade titanium and weighing a frankly outrageous 0.8 ounces / 22 grams, this compact and featherweight man Friday is rammed to the gunnels with everything you need to boss the grea...

    • Star Wars™ TIE Fighter Posable Desk Lamp

      Add some articulated illumination to your workspace and defend your desktop from rebel interceptors with the TIE Fighter Anglepoise Desk Lamp SHREEEEEEEEEEEEWWWRRRREEEEAAAAAUUUUUUGGGHHHH – SHIKKA-SHIKKA-SHIKKA-SHIKKA-SHIKKA-SHIKKA… The films have thrown up their fair share of heart-stopping moments but the visceral thrills of the X-Wing vs. TIE ...

    • The Original Stormtrooper Cheeseboard

      Fans of iconic space operas and delicious cheese rejoice; your Imperial Starship’s just come in, courtesy of the Original Stormtrooper Cheeseboard If you find your lack of feta disturbing, there’s gouda news! The team behind the wildly successful Stormtrooper Decanter have come up trumps again; this time in the shape of a cleverly designed chees...


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