• Superhero Caped Socks

      Stamp out injustice and put a genetically enhanced spring in your step with these wonderfully whimsical superhero socks. Up, up… and a knee! Don a pair of Superhero Caped Socks and you’ll be fighting crime one leg at a time. Oh sure, we’d all like the full superhero costume, but imagine all that spandex under your day-to-day gear. In real life, ...

    • Sushi Socks

      Sushi Socks look just like the real thing, only bigger and chewier. Treat your feet to a little Japanese style.  Look what just came around the carousel. Fresh from Japan, Sushi Socks are the hot (or is that cold) new thing in cosy footwear. Hand-rolled to look just like their tasty namesakes, each pair of these fun socks is woven in the colour...

    • Shark Bite Socks

      Less aggressive than the smaller white-tipped trainer sock, Shark Bite Socks are perfect for paddling round the house. For all the horror stories you hear about sock attacks, very few cases are ever actually reported. Which is why we can all have a laugh and a giggle at Shark Bite Socks. A tongue in cheek take on nature’s other apex predator, th...

    • Follow Me Bring Beer Flip Flops

      Leave the cooler in the car and blag yourself a beer with a little bare-footed cheek and FlipSidez' 'Follow Me Bring Beer' Flip Flops.It’s beach season! Well… it is somewhere. And what better way to celebrate hitting the sand, than with a nice cold brewski. But in our patent lycra budgie smugglers and Mara Hoffman one-pieces we just haven’t the ...

    • Mitten Flask

      The Mitten Flask is a cheeky pair of fleece-lined mittens with a hidden drink flask in the palm. ‘Don’t suck your thumb!’ our mums used to bellow. But what Mum doesn’t know... Built into this charming pair of fleece-lined mittens is a hidden drink flask, ready to fill with your choice of booze. The only giveaway is the valve on the thumb. Take a...

    • Save Ferris T-Shirt

      Stop and take a look at this classic bit of 80’s nostalgia. The Save Ferris T-shirt is a timely reminder that life moves pretty fast. Ever feel like calling in sick, and just taking the day off? Don the Save Ferris T-Shirt and show your support for the greatest goof-offer since Goofy first offed someone. We’re talking, of course, about Ferris B...

    • Matador Droplet Keychain Wet Bag

      Matador Droplet Wet Bag is the handy keychain wet swimsuit carry bag that’s always there when you need it. There are a million uses for a waterproof stuff sack: as a bag for wet clothes, like swimming kit; keeping paperwork or electronic items clean and dry when you’re out in the wet; preventing squashables like sandwiches or bananas from explod...

    • Bill Solo T shirt

      Dazzle your friends with this gold nugget of movie trivia and celebrate the saga that almost was with the Bill Solo Tee. Did you know that Bill Murray auditioned for the part of Han Solo in Star Wars? Neither did we. Which is why we wear the Bill Solo Tee absolutely everywhere we can – to remind us that in some alternate universe, there exists a...



    • Plush Zombie Slippers

      If you feel like the walking dead first thing in a morning, don this comfy pair of plush Zombie Slippers. Ever woken up feeling a bit ‘GRRR… ARRG…’? You’re not alone. But the next time you start the day with one eye closed, pop on a pair of Zombie Slippers. A great way to show the world just where you’re at, as far as conversation and sense goes...

    • Tyni Wallet

      Tyni Wallet is made from premium Nappa leather and is deceptively spacious, with room for up to eight cards and even notes. Not the kind of nickname you’d want bandied around the bar, but Tyni Wallet is actually a total crowd-pleaser. Despite being only 3.5mm deep, this slim leather wallet has room to hold cash (notes) and up to eight cards. Mor...

    • King's Wild Suicide King T-Shirt

      Created by LA art director Jackson Robinson (and lapped up on Kickstarter), the King's Wild 'Suicide King' T-shirt has quite the backstory. How do you choose your T-shirt? By the colour? By the cut? By the graphic? If you like your tees with a bit more pedigree (and a little Kickstarter kudos), treat yourself to a King's Wild 'Suicide King' T-...

    • 'I'm Much More Interesting...' T-Shirt

      Too many bright colours, logos and slogans out there? We agree. Stick it to them all with WORDS BRAND T-Shirts and their delightfully plain-speaking messages. Are your friends a bit brand-obsessed? Social media-mad? Pop culture-crazy? For a nifty way to flash a little counterculture cool, try these type-based, advertising and design influenced W...

    • The Big Lebowski Urban Achievers T-Shirt

      Don The Big Lebowski Urban Achievers T-Shirt and show the world you’ve got promise. Here’s a question: In the Big Lebowski what was the name of the Dude, Walter and Donnie’s bowling team? The Caucasians. The Human Paraquats. Logjammers. The Pomeranians. Shomer Shabbos. The Johnsons. Mark it Zero. Strangers in the Alps. Alright we give up. Whatev...

    • The Hangover I Bought a Giraffe T-Shirt

      Celebrate the third installment of the Hangover movie with a ridiculously awesome tee! This Hangover 3 My Name Is Alan I Bought A Giraffe White T-Shirt is a great-looking item featuring an image of Zach Galifianakis' portrayal of the wacky character Alan. The Lowdown My Name is Alan, I Bought a Giraffe High-quality T-shirt featuring The Hangov...

    • Sex Panther T-Shirt

      Don the Sex Panther T-shirt and feel like the man who discovered the wheel, and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn.  You’ve stung your nostrils (in a good way), with the scent of Sex Panther Cologne. Now own the formidable Sex Panther T-Shirt. Inspired by the cult movie Anchorman (and officially licensed), this sensational T-shirt w...

    • iMo Quick Release Camera Straps

      iMo Quick Release Camera Straps are a cool, colourful way to stand out from the black-strapped masses. Amateur snapping has never been more popular. But for some reason most accessories are still being churned out in the Henry Ford model (you can have any colour, as long as it’s black). So why not break with tradition and treat yourself to an iM...

    • The Dude Abides T-Shirt

      Be the man for your time in The Dude Abides T-shirt.  The Dude abides. We don’t know about you, but we take comfort in that. And now you can take comfort in this – The Dude Abides T-Shirt. Inspired by the cult movie The Big Lebowski, this officially licensed T-shirt would go great with a pair of baggy pants, some sandals, a beverage. Maybe a ni...

    • Gigantic Burger Beach Blanket

      Mmm-mmmm. This is a tasty burger! The Gigantic Burger Beach Blanket is the 'Royale with Cheese' of sun towels. Heading for the beach? Well, a regular towel will certainly get the job done. But you’re on holiday right, so why not super-size it? Lettuce introduce you to this 5ft whopper, which serves up a tasty extra portion of delicious sesame-to...


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