• 'It's Only Money' 18k Gold Plated Money Clip

      ‘It’s Only Money’ Gold Plated Money Clip is the perfect way to carry a fat stack of cheese like it’s chump change. As the O’Jay’s once sang, ‘Money, money, money. Mo-oney.’ And we agree. Money’s a big deal. But then, so are you. Which is why we recommend ‘It’s Only Money’ Gold Plated Money Clip. Carry a fat wad of green (or blue) in this unasham...

    • Luxury Car Leather Wallets

      Luxury Car Leather Wallets are handmade in limited numbers using premium quality leather from the seats of classic cars. You like to ride in style. Why shouldn’t your bank cards? Luxury Car Leather Wallets are made from high quality seat leather, reclaimed from some of the sexiest cars in the world. Handmade by the team at Mariclaro in Canada, e...

    • SLIM Wallet

      The SLIM Wallet is precision-engineered from a single block of aircraft grade aluminium. Your plastic never had it so good. Wallets fall to pieces. And so would you, stuffed in a sweaty pocket and jiggled about all day. The SLIM Wallet is different. This post-industrial revolution, pre-robot uprising, ruggedly functional yet striking minimalist ...

    • Sound Effect Drum Machine Wallet

      Playing one of five drum beats every time you open it, the Drum Machine Wallet will make sure you hit all the right notes. Some people open their wallets so rarely, the occasion ought to be heralded with trumpets. But we don’t like those people. So for everyone else we’ve found the Drum Machine Wallet. Made from super-strong Tyvek material, this...



    • Tyni Wallet

      Tyni Wallet is made from premium Nappa leather and is deceptively spacious, with room for up to eight cards and even notes. Not the kind of nickname you’d want bandied around the bar, but Tyni Wallet is actually a total crowd-pleaser. Despite being only 3.5mm deep, this slim leather wallet has room to hold cash (notes) and up to eight cards. Mor...

    • Walli - The Smart Wallet

      Please note: The wallet DOES NOT come with a keyring. It was a unique reward as part of the original Kickstarter campaign. Walli the Smart Wallet is the high tech way to carry your cards and cash – constantly connected to  your phone so you’ll never lose your wallet or cards again.  Leaving the house? Say goodbye to the old phone/wallet pat-dow...


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