• BBQ Machete Spatula

      Troubled Vietnam vet meets mouthy kitchen maestro in the shape of the 'Gordon Rambo' endorsed BBQ Machete Spatula. Bossing the barbie tends to be a largely male preserve; something about the primal combination of searing heat and raw meat perhaps. And being the kind of man who is prepared to go toe to toe with two pounds of Porterhouse T-Bone, n...

    • ButterUp Knife

      Hold onto your privilege and sound the First World prob-horn. We’ve just discovered the second best thing since sliced bread! ButterUp Butter Knife will spread any butter straight from the fridge. Even that rock hard stuff your nan uses. No moving parts, no batteries, no exotic kyber crystals. Just a brilliant new approach we’ve been using on ch...

    • FORMCard

      Melt. Mould. Make. Mend. FORMcard is the card-sized mouldable plastic that’s your new DIY best friend. Just soften it up in a cup of hot water and mould it into any shape you like. In seconds it’ll set solid, making it perfect for quick fixes and creative solutions to everyday problems. And thanks its clever properties, you can re-melt it and re...

      From £5.99
    • GoFar - The Personal Trainer For Your Car

      GoFar is like a personal trainer for your car, logging your trips and giving you realtime feedback to get the very best performance from your engine. Oh and it'll also help save up to 22% on fuel costs! No one likes a backseat driver. It’s just a stream of bad news, peppered with an occasional yelp or stamp on an invisible brake. GoFar is the tr...

    • Hippo Bottle Opener

      The bottle’s got its cap off… Hippo-hippo-hippo-hooray! When it comes to ornamental lid removers with a bit of bite, this cast-iron Hippo Bottle Opener would grace any upscale watering hole. The large - and largely aggressive - canine tusked ‘river horse’ is usually found frequenting the creeks, lakes and mangrove swamps of sub-Saharan Africa. H...

    • Kai Mimuno Nail File

      Round is the new flat. Give your nails the five star treatment with the decidedly unconventional but wonderfully stylish Kai Mimuno Oval Nail File Elegant flowing contours don’t immediately spring to mind when you think of a nail file but if no-one ever challenged conventional wisdom, we’d still believe it possible to sail off the edge of the ea...

    • Mininch Tool Pen Mini Aplus Edition

      Mininch Tool Pen Mini is the stylish, 22-piece, ‘pop-a-point’ precision mini tool for any tinkerer on the move. Without the right tools, the tiniest jobs can often be the biggest. Not the usual heavy-handed DIY projects – we’re talking about the kind of tasks that need a little finesse. Like replacing a watch battery, assembling electronics, or ...

    • Mininch Tool Pen: Premium Edition

      Hold onto your lug nuts. The Mininch Tool Pen is a brilliantly (and beautifully) engineered multitool, housing your choice of six bits from a sixteen-piece screwdriver and hex set. The world is getting faster. And smaller – Or are we just getting slower and fatter? Either way, life is on the move. Things need fixing, stuff needs assembling, the ...

    • Pickmaster Plectrum Punch

      Hello Cleveland! Guitar pics have been made from all sorts of things in the past – bone, shell, wood, metal, amber, ivory and even stone. Now you can add your old credit card to this list, with the Pickmaster Precision Plectrum Punch. Functioning like an ordinary hole punch and around the same size, this solidly-built device will punch an excell...

    • PocketMonkey Multitool

      Armed with the PocketMonkey no task is too fiddly, no job too small. Be the envy of your friends with the handiest wallet-sized thingumabob around. Ever find yourself thinking, ‘If only I had a little… pointy… thing… I could do that job’. Or a straight-edged thing. Or a sharp edge, or a flat end, or a long hook, or… the list goes on. Well, we ha...

    • Rhino Hammer

      Add a little animal magic to your home improvements with the gorgeous Rhino Hammer; the rhinoceros referencing thumb-botherer, that would have pride of place in any zookeeper’s toolbox. What an adorable looking hammer. Not the sort of description you would normally apply to something designed for nail smackdowns. But then why shouldn’t a humble ...

    • SitPack V2.0 - Compact Foldable Seat

      SitPack and relax... This lightweight polycarbonate tube is actually the world’s most compact foldable seat. Ideal for festivals, concerts, sporting events or queueing for long periods. It may be true that the world around us is getting faster - but, for the stuff that really matters, we still gotta queue. The new restaurant that won’t take boo...

      From £19.99
    • Stadium Bottle Opener

      Bend the cap like Beckham with the ‘completed on time and within budget’ Stadium Bottle Opener. Resembling one of those sprues you get on an Airfix model kit, this stylish chrome finished bottle topper is based on the outline of a football pitch.It might not be FA regulation size and it won’t need mowing but its twin openers will guarantee end t...

    • WRENCHit Pop-A-Point Spanner Set

      WRENCHit 10-Piece Multitool is the slim, lightweight, pop-a-point spanner set that’ll make you the torque of the office. Tools are like doormen – oddly-shaped, slightly greasy and never around when you need them. Which is why we’ve lost our lug nuts for WRENCHit 10-Piece Multitool. Just 4mm thick and lighter than a Yorkie, this 420 stainless st...


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