• Animal Mini Bluetooth Speakers

      Animal Mini Bluetooth Speakers are the portable, affordable and goddamned adorable speakers for taking your music and mobile calls on the move. Answer the call of nature with Animal Mini Bluetooth speakers. Not only does each diabetes-inducingly cute portable speaker give you a commendable two Watts of woof on the move, it works as a hands-free ...

    • Disc Jock-E

      Keep spinning the tunes! Dial up the volume on outdoor fun with Disc Jock-e, the amazing music streaming flying disc. Throw a few alfresco shapes and rock out to your favourite tunes with this Bluetooth-connected disco saucer with a built-in waterproof speaker. It pairs in a jiffy with any compatible mobile device and you can even increase/decre...

    • Official Star Wars® Death Star Levitating Speaker

      Inspired by the Empire’s most destructive weapon, the brilliant Star Wars Levitating Death Star Speaker blows other desktop sound systems clear out of the Outer Rim. I know what you’re thinking. No, this tiny Death Star replica is most definitely not a moon – what is it though is a whole Galaxy of frickin’ awesome! And what’s more, it actually u...

    • Star Wars Darth Vader Portable Bluetooth Speaker

      The Star Wars Darth Vader Portable Bluetooth Speaker is an officially-licensed, near life-size premium-quality movie replica – that just happens to have a wireless subwoofer built in. Any Ewok can knock out a tune on a Stormtrooper helmet. But now, thanks to a little industrial light and music, you can do a whole lot more. The Star Wars Darth V...

    • Star Wars Millennium Falcon Portable Bluetooth Speaker

      Avoid aural entanglements and trip the lightspeed fantastic with the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker – the fastest hunk of funk in the galaxy. It may not look like much but this miniature modified Corellian freighter has got it where it counts: Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream audio up to 30 feet; a hyperdrive that light...



    • Star Wars Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker

      This is the Star Wars Stormtrooper Bluetooth speaker you have been looking for… All work and no play makes TK421 a dull boy. And after a hard day's graft suppressing the Rebellion, what better way to decompress and get your galactic groove on than with this wireless speaker, modelled on the helmet of the least blaster-proof shock troops in the g...

    • The Original Stormtrooper Mini Speaker

      Small enough to fit in the galactic credit pocket of your plastoid composite armoured leggings but loud enough to suppress a rebellion, the Original Stormtrooper Mini Speaker is the portable speaker you are looking for… Based on the original helmet moulds from the 1977 sci-fi classic, this compact, ultra-portable wireless speaker can crank out 2...


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