• Anti-Gravity - The Spiderman of Phone Cases

      The amazing Zero G Anti-Gravity Smartphone Case is smooth to the touch but can stick to almost any surface like a gecko. Smooth to the touch and without any moving parts, the Zero G Anti-Gravity Smartphone Case can stick to pretty much any flat surface like magic. No, wait. Not like magic. Like freaking Spider-Man. Glass, mirrors, whiteboards, m...

    • Cable Factory

      Cable Factory is the desktop cable tidy and smartphone charging dock that brings post-industrial revolution efficiency to your workstation.  Turn your desktop into a powerhouse of productivity with Cable Factory. Like all great bastions of industry, this cable organiser brings order to your sprawling mess of power leads – and gives you a handy ...

    • Fingerthing Smartphone Stands

      Fingerthing Smartphone Stands are chunky silicone office accessories for rebels, rockstars and radicals at heart. The middle finger and mobile technology shouldn’t mix. You’re operating a touchscreen, not giving a rectal exam. But there’s an exception to the rule. An office accessory like no other, the Fingerthing Smartphone Stand sticks one rub...

    • Flic Wireless Smart Button

      Flic Wireless Smart Button can remotely control all sorts of functions on your smart devices. Go on, press it. See what happens... Everything is connected. Literally. Thanks to the Internet of Things every gizmo in the house is now chatting to each other. From lightbulbs to door locks, all controlled from our mobile phones, it's smart... but is ...

    • LINKA Smart Bike Lock

      Resembling something you might use to shackle The Hulk, LINKA is the world's first auto-unlocking, hard-mounted smart bike lock. And since it’s controlled by your phone, you’ll never need to carry a key again! Unlike standard bike security, LINKA is permanently attached to your bike, in turn locking the wheel to the frame with a 9mm hardened ste...

    • Mixbin Instant Power Charger

      The Mixbin Instant Power Charger is a single-use, universal emergency phone charger for getting you out of trouble fast. With the Mixbin Instant Power Charger you’ll never be lost or out of touch again; it's the St. Bernard of smartphone accessories. Unlike most USB backup batteries, this compact universal emergency phone charger is a one shot ...

    • Noke Smart Bluetooth Padlock

      Noke Smart Bluetooth Padlock is the lock of the future – controlled wirelessly and automatically from your smartphone or tablet. Everything in life is better with Bluetooth, and the Noke Smart Bluetooth Padlock is no exception. Handsome yet understated, given its rugged credentials (more on that later), this 21st Century padlock is keyless – opt...

    • Quik Stix Sticky Gel Pads - 2 Pack

      Quik’Stix Sticky Gel Pads are the quick ‘n’ sticky way to mount your handy gadgets where you can see ‘em. Perfect as a quick dashboard phone mount, or for sticking the remote where the kids can’t reach it (try the ceiling), Quik’Stix Sticky Gel Pads will stick a grip on just about anything. Made from naturally adhesive poly AB glue plastic, eac...

    • Siva Atom Bike-Mounted Generator

      The Siva Cycle Atom is a bike-mounted generator that charges any USB device as you ride – and stores a little extra in a portable battery pack for later. Boost your eco-friendly credentials and top up your phone battery with the Siva Cycle Atom. Like the bicycle dynamos of old, this bike-mounted generator converts pedal power to electricity – on...

    • Star Wars Lightsaber MimoPowerTubes

      Star Wars MimoPowerTubes are handy USB device chargers, styled on Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker's iconic weapons. The Force is strong with this one... Mynocks chewed through your power cables? Twelve parsecs away from your nearest USB port? Worry not. Thanks to Star Wars MimoPowerTubes you needn’t be stranded with a dead mobile. Each MimoPowerT...



    • Star Wars Lightsaber Portable Charger

      Please note this item is currently out of production and we're currently unsure of a delivery date. Your card will be automatically charged if you pre-order it. Alternatively, please sign up to our newsletter to hear when the item arrives in stock, along with other top product news.  An elegant gadget for a more civilised age, the Star Wars Lig...



    • Star Wars Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker

      This is the Star Wars Stormtrooper Bluetooth speaker you have been looking for… All work and no play makes TK421 a dull boy. And after a hard day's graft suppressing the Rebellion, what better way to decompress and get your galactic groove on than with this wireless speaker, modelled on the helmet of the least blaster-proof shock troops in the g...

    • Swivl Robot 2.0

      We are very sorry but discount codes can not be applied to this product. Face Time, Skype or shoot video on your mobile or tablet while you wander about. With its automatically swivelling and tilting base, the new Swivl Robot 2.0 acts as your own automatic cameraman. The world is getting smaller. No, don’t panic, we’re fine. It’s just a turn of...

      From £39.99
    • Walli - The Smart Wallet

      Please note: The wallet DOES NOT come with a keyring. It was a unique reward as part of the original Kickstarter campaign. Walli the Smart Wallet is the high tech way to carry your cards and cash – constantly connected to  your phone so you’ll never lose your wallet or cards again.  Leaving the house? Say goodbye to the old phone/wallet pat-dow...

    • WonderWoof Activity Tracker For Dogs

      WonderWoof is the super-cute activity monitor for pets that’ll keep your pooch in shape and give you somewhere to look while they do their business. Dogs! Put that down and listen up. Both ears… That’s it. We want to tell you about WonderWoof, the fitness tracker for dogs that’ll have your human housemates tripping over their Jawbones. Let’s st...


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