• Batman Mirror

      Like a silvery Bat-Signal, the Batman Mirror casts the iconic logo (circa 2003) on your wall. *Gravelly voice* You’ve got spinach in your teeth... There’s nothing worse than getting halfway up a building and realising your cape’s on back to front. Which is why every good Batcave needs a Batman Mirror. Made from lightweight acrylic and with a win...

    • Blade Runner Whiskey Glass

      No replicant, this handmade crystal glass tumbler is the one featured in the sci-fi classic Blade Runner, featuring Harrison Ford. Cue the Vangelis, pan right and pull back. We’ve found it! The most iconic whiskey glass in sci-fi history. (Well, there can’t be many) The Blade Runner Whiskey Glass is such a spot-on match for Deckard’s favourite t...

      From £49.99


    • Game of Thrones Goblet

      These gorgeous Game of Thrones Goblets were made by master glassmaker Ed Burke for the hit TV series – and now for you! No replica, no rough reproduction – Game of Thrones Goblets are exactly as they appear in the barnstorming HBO series. How do we know? Because they’re made by the same chap! Master glassmaker Ed Burke and his team of artisans w...

    • Geek Gods

      Geek Gods put a delightful spin on the usual sci-fi and comic book effigies and make the perfect centrepiece to your shrine, whether it’s to Jediism or vigilantism. Bring balance to the Force and chubby justice to your living room with Geek Gods. Inspired by the famous Hotei (or Laughing Buddha), these 3D-printed figurines put a cheeky, pop-cul...

    • Motion Activated Alien Storage Egg

      Famously, in space no-one can hear you scream! It’s different on terra-firma of course, where the Motion Activated Alien Storage Egg will scare the bejesus out of you and anyone else daft enough to go near it. The first Alien film is a bona fide horror classic: gnawing sense of dread, check; nightmarish imagery, check; obligatory jump scares, ch...

    • PacMan Ghost Lamp

      Give your room a nostalgic glow with the Pac-Man Ghost Lamp. Anyone for a cherry? Wokka wokka wokka wokka wokkka... I ain’t afraid of no ghosts and that includes this brilliant tribute to the golden age of video arcades, Independent Burger Bars (Vers. 1.0) and the Raleigh Grifter. The colour-changing PacMan Ghost Lamp will be especially evocativ...

    • Pond Wars Ducks

      A long bathtime ago… celebrate the galaxy’s greatest sci-fi saga with the brilliantly bonkers Pond Wars Ducks. Never underestimate the duck side of the Force - especially with Pond Wars Ducks bobbing round your nethers. A brilliantly bonkers mashup of sci-fi geekery and bathtime fun, these light-up ducks come to life when you pop them in the ba...

    • R2-D2 4-Port USB Hub

      The R2-D2 4-Port USB Hub charges your gadgets and stores data to USB sticks, all to the sound of Artoo’s chirpy beeps and whistles. You may not be racing to the swamps of Dagobah, but surfing the interwebs can be quite the adventure. Thankfully with the R2-D2 4-Port USB Hub you’ve the perfect companion. Barely bigger than a coffee mug, this love...

    • Stance X Star Wars Socks

      Stance X Star Wars Socks use 200 needle count stitching and premium combed cotton to bring you the universe’s geekiest footwear. There has been an awakening... We’ve all felt it. Some of us have seen it. But how many have worn it with a pair of comfortable loafers? Don a pair of Star Wars Stance Socks and wiggle your ten little Jabbas with delig...

    • Star Trek Pizza Cutter

      Slice, the final frontier… Take the USS Enterprise on a bready adventure with the sensational Star Trek Pizza Cutter. Hold onto your nacelles. The Star Trek Pizza Cutter is, hands down, the most ingenious piece of food-based sci-fi merchandise we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen a few… One look at this remarkable pizza cutter and you’ll know it’s to...



    • Star Wars Christmas Baubles

      Star Wars Christmas Baubles are leading the festive rebellion against tinsel and chintz. What is the Star Wars saga, if not a big metaphor for Christmas? A bunch of folk who’d normally hate each other all finding happiness in solidarity, waving big fairy lights about, and led by a small, wise Brussels sprout. See? Perfect fit. Or perhaps we’ve ...

    • Star Wars Christmas Jumpers

      Star Wars Christmas Jumpers make even the dark side look a little lighter. Join us on the Festive Side of the Force. Throw a hydrospanner in the works this Christmas and give the usual festive attire the heave-ho-ho-ho with Star Wars Christmas Jumpers. Hand-knitted by Bothans, every 100% acrylic fibre of these geeky Christmas sweaters tells a ...

    • Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

      IMPORTANT NOTICE: The toaster has a UK 3 pin plug. You will need an adapter if you want to use it outside the UK or Australia. The Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster brands your morning bread with the Star Wars logo – the coolest toaster this side of the Hoth system. Like your toast a little on the Dark Side? Well jam your sliced white into the Star...

    • Star Wars Death Star BBQ

      Unfortunately this item is not currently available. Please see here for more great Star Wars products.  The Death Star Barbecue has the power to annihilate an entire chicken. Or, in the right hands, cook an al fresco feast in classic, sci-fi style. That’s no moon... It’s the sun! And if it’s hovering over the house it means barbecue season is u...



    • Star Wars Death Star Toaster

      Please note: because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you order. Alternatively, sign up here for an in stock email notification.  The Star Wars Death Star Toaster may not be able to annihilate an entire planet, but it’ll brand your bready snacks with the iconic TIE Fighter. Take that, rebel scum. Sick of p...



    • Star Wars Empire Salt and Pepper Shakers

      Star Wars Empire Salt and Pepper Shakers bring a taste of the original trilogy to your dinner table. Nothing complements a meal like the right wine, some gentle music and the subtle threat of galactic tyranny. Which is why we dress our table with Star Wars Empire Salt and Pepper Shakers. Beautifully crafted and officially licensed, these glazed...



    • Star Wars Lidded Collector’s Steins

      Star Wars Lidded Collector’s Steins put a modern spin on a much-loved classic. Raise a toast to everyone’s favourite space saga with Star Wars Lidded Collector’s Steins. With their satisfying ceramic clink and thumb-operated, pewter-hinged lids, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re using a drinking vessel from a long, long time ago. Forget fan...

    • Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Spatula

      Together with the Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Spatula you can rule the galaxy with burgers and buns. You don’t know the power of the Dark Side of the… erm, hob? Tool up with the Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Spatula and make a joyful botch job of your favourite Star Wars one-liners. Perfect for the barbecue (and just as handy in the kitchen), this elega...

    • Star Wars Lightsaber Cutlery Set

      The Star Wars Lightsaber Cutlery Set adds a little sci-fi spectacle to any meal. Just add your own cutting repartee. Bring balance to your breakfast table with a Star Wars Lightsaber Cutlery Set. An elegant fork, knife and spoon for a more civilised age, this stainless steel and ABS plastic threesome is modelled on the iconic hilts of Luke, Yoda...

    • Star Wars Lightsaber Pizza Cutter

      The Star Wars Lightsaber Pizza Cutter looks and sounds like Darth Vader’s iconic weapon. Impressive… Elevate slicing pizza to a galactic art form with the Star Wars Lightsaber Pizza Cutter. Not only does this awesome bit of kitchen kit look the part, based on Darth Vader’s famous weapon, it sounds the part too – vwa-woooming through your pizza a...

    • Star Wars Lightsaber™ BBQ Tongs

      Flip your burgers with the ruthless precision of a Sith Lord. Star Wars Lightsaber™ BBQ Tongs are the pincers of choice for any galactic chef. It’s as if a million voices suddenly cried out in joy, and then suddenly had their mouths full. Yes, Britain, that’s no moon – it’s the sun! And its presence in the sky can mean only one thing. Barbecue s...

    • Star Wars Melamine Plate Sets

      With Star Wars Melamine Plate Sets you can fill the tummies of your favourite characters, just before filling your own. An illustrated tribute to famous midriffs… How could that possibly work? Star Wars Melamine Plate Sets sound crazy but look genuinely terrific. Goodness knows what inspired them, but each set of plates comes with four easy-to-i...

    • Star Wars Portable Bluetooth Speaker

      The Star Wars Portable Bluetooth Speaker is an officially-licensed, premium-quality movie replica – that just happens to have a wireless subwoofer built in. Any Ewok can knock out a tune on a Stormtrooper helmet. But now, thanks to a little industrial light and music, you can do a whole lot more. The Star Wars Portable Bluetooth Speaker puts a ...

    • Star Wars Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker

      This is the Star Wars Stormtrooper Bluetooth speaker you have been looking for… All work and no play makes TK421 a dull boy. And after a hard day's graft suppressing the Rebellion, what better way to decompress and get your galactic groove on than with this wireless speaker, modelled on the helmet of the least blaster-proof shock troops in the g...

    • Star Wars® Death Star Levitating Speaker

      Inspired by the Empire’s most destructive weapon, the brilliant Death Star Levitating Bluetooth Speaker blows other desktop sound systems clear out of the Outer Rim. I know what you’re thinking. No, this tiny Death Star replica is most definitely not a moon – what is it though is a whole Galaxy of frickin’ awesome! And what’s more, it actually u...

    • Star Wars® Light And Sound Lightsaber Toothbrushes

      With flashing lights and impressive sound effects, the Star Wars Lightsaber Toothbrush will have kids of all sizes queuing for the sink. Whether you’re a sprout-coloured Jedi master or heavy-breathing Sith Lord, nothing takes the fight to the forces of tooth decay like the Star Wars Lightsaber Toothbrush. A more civilised weapon in the battle ag...

      From £4.99
    • Star Wars™ X-Wing™ Knife Block

      Bread knife standing by… Chef’s knife standing by… Lock S-foils in the chop position. The Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block has arrived. Here’s an idea we just made up - lightsaber bread knives. They’d slice and toast at the same time! Someone get Lucas on the phone. In the meantime, here’s a great new way to brighten up your kitchen counter. The Sta...

    • Stranger Things Keyring

      Celebrate Netflix’s addictive homage to Spielberg films and pre-digital vintage TV with the decidedly analogue Stranger Things Keyring. The 80s are cool again - who’d have thought! Thanks in no small part to recent Netflix mega-hit ‘Stranger Things’, the decade that taste forgot - Yuppies, Valleyspeak, Dallas and shell suits - is back in fashion...

    • Superhero Caped Socks

      Stamp out injustice and put a genetically enhanced spring in your step with these wonderfully whimsical superhero socks. Up, up… and a knee! Don a pair of Superhero Caped Socks and you’ll be fighting crime one leg at a time. Oh sure, we’d all like the full superhero costume, but imagine all that spandex under your day-to-day gear. In real life, ...

    • UFO Soap Pump

      Get buzzed with suds. The UFO Soap Pump is a great way to brighten up your bathroom, shower or kitchen. Before meeting aliens we’d want to be sure of two things: clean hands and fresh underpants. Our mums would never forgive us if we spoiled Earth’s first contact with an unseemly waft. That’s where this fantastically ludicrous UFO Soap Pump come...



    • Unicorn Snot

      Unicorn Snot glitter gel gives your party outfit a sparkly noseblessing from nature’s most enigmatic beast. They say it’s good luck if a passing bird poops on you. Well if that’s true, Unicorn Snot is the gleaming jackpot of all lucky charms. Freshly gafflumped from the nose holes of this majestic rhinocerhorse, the remarkable face and body glit...

      From £8.99

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