• 'Will Design For Money' T-Shirt

      Too many bright colours, logos and slogans out there? We agree. Stick it to them all with WORDS BRAND T-Shirts and their delightfully plain-speaking messages. Are your friends a bit brand-obsessed? Social media-mad? Pop culture-crazy? For a nifty way to flash a little counterculture cool, try these type-based, advertising and design influenced W...



    • 10 Pint Cider Stocking

      The Cider Stocking is the easy way to home-brew 10 pints of festive DIY cider in JUST 48 hours! We’re going to need a bigger mantelpiece… Remember the 12 days of Christmas? Here’s how they go down with the Hard Cider Stocking. Day 1 and 2: brew the world’s simplest DIY cider in a classic Christmas stocking. Then enjoy a pint of the appley wonder...

    • 8 Bit Chopping Boards

      8-Bit Chopping Boards are made from laser-etched bamboo, bringing the glory of retro gaming to your designer kitchen. Hadooouken! Left, left, up, down, A, B, chop! Treat your taste buds to the special moves they deserve with 8 Bit Chopping Boards. Inspired by the Nintendo’s iconic cartridge, controller and Game Boy (chortle all you like kids, we...

      From £13.49
    • 8-Bit Portable LCD Games Console

      The 8-Bit Portable LCD Games Console is a button-bashing blast from the past, packed with over 100 classic computer games. So you were rubbish on the monkey bars. So you couldn’t kick a ball for toffee. In the glory days of 8-bit gaming it didn’t matter – if you had a portable gaming device you were playground royalty. Now you can relive those ...

    • Beardski

      Hit the slopes like Gandalf’s badass grandson with the magnificent Beardski – a high-tech ski mask and glorious beard in one. Show those Teflon-chinned locals a thing or two this ski season with the glorious Beardski. Part neoprene-vented ski mask, part hillbilly-fabulous beard, this brilliantly unnecessary accessory will make you feel like the...



    • Bell Jar Lamp

      The Bell Jar Lamp is a museum-style glass jar with a light-up base for displaying any precious item. Get all PT Barnum on your cherished possessions with a Bell Jar Lamp. Fresh from our friends at SUCK UK, this vintage-looking, hand-blown glass display jar stands a little over 25cm high – so it’s perfect for housing your figurines, collectibles,...

    • Cactus Coasters Construction Set

      The Cactus Coasters Construction Set is made up of five cork-covered drink mats disguised as a pot plant. The humble cactus is a hardy bastard that grows in some of the driest regions of the planet. Ironic then, that it also makes a handy place to pop your beverage. Guaranteed to raise a smile, the Cactus Coasters Construction Set is made up of ...

    • Car USB Flashdrives

      Car USB Flash Drives will be sure to get you out of a tight spot at work, with a handy USB stick hidden in the roof. Taxi! When it comes to emergency situations, needing a USB flash drive is right up there with not-very-sharp scissors and ‘can’t find a teaspoon’. Still, it’d be nice to have a USB flash drive you could rely on. Like the police a...

      From £11.99
    • Chambong Toasting Flute - 2 Pack

      Chambong is the delightfully naughty champagne bong for downing your glass of fizz, fast. Ting-ting-ting-ting… May we propose a toke to Chambong. Glorious usurper of good manners, this unusual toasting flute drinking gadget turns your standard flute of champagne, prosecco, cava or own-brand pink fizz into a dangerously addictive rush of bubbles ...

    • Cross Stitch World Map

      Cross Stitch Map is the travel map embroidery kit for the arty, the crafty, the footloose and the fancy free. Make like Indiana Jones and travel the globe, leaving a coloured line in your wake.Like Indy’s red line of adventure, Cross Stitch Map is a magnificent way to chart your epic travels, misadventures, wrong turns and dream holidays. Whethe...

    • Death Star USB Mood Light

      The Star Wars Death Star Mood Lamp is a great bit of geeky home décor for when the lights go out. ‘That’s no moon…’ If you still get the heebie-jeebies in the dark, choose a nightlight with the power to destroy an entire planet*. The Star Wars Death Star Mood Light sits atop a clear plastic base, giving the impression it’s hovering. Silently, me...

    • FUEL Micro Charger

      Never let a dead battery ruin your day again. With FUEL, the world’s smallest phone charger, you’ll always have a little extra in the tank. Not long ago, most sensible folk carried a spare can of petrol in the back of their car, in case of emergencies. Nowadays, of course, fuel economy is better, tanks are larger, petrol stations are more common...

      From £11.99
    • GoFar - The Personal Trainer For Your Car

      GoFar is like a personal trainer for your car, logging your trips and giving you realtime feedback to get the very best performance from your engine. Oh and it'll also help save up to 22% on fuel costs! No one likes a backseat driver. It’s just a stream of bad news, peppered with an occasional yelp or stamp on an invisible brake. GoFar is the tr...

    • iGlow Skin for iPhone 5

      Make your iPhone glow in the dark with these ingenious and easy-to-apply photo-luminescent skins.  Here’s the lowdown – iGlow iPhone Skins make your iPhone 5 glow in the dark. Glow. In the goddamn dark. Just like all the best toys in the 80’s and tracer bullets. Is it practical? Sure, if the power goes out and you’re on the other side of the r...

    • iOttie Waterproof Skin for iPhone 5

      Protect your iPhone from water, dust, mud, snow and more with this simple temporary see-through skin. It's like a smartphone condom. Everyone loves a dip in the pool. Especially iPhones. They’re forever leaping out of our hands into the nearest water source. The problem is, that’s usually the last we see of them. High tech lemmings, the lot of t...

    • King's Wild Suicide King T-Shirt

      Created by LA art director Jackson Robinson (and lapped up on Kickstarter), the King's Wild 'Suicide King' T-shirt has quite the backstory. How do you choose your T-shirt? By the colour? By the cut? By the graphic? If you like your tees with a bit more pedigree (and a little Kickstarter kudos), treat yourself to a King's Wild 'Suicide King' T-...

    • Life* Case for iPhone 5

      Flexible and hard, the Words Brand Life* Case for iPhone 5 is so well equipped for life’s bumps and bruises it even has a handy footnote on the subject. These days it seems everything comes with a footnote: *serving suggestion, *terms and conditions apply, *external use only, *do not detonate indoors. Do we read them? Do we heck, we’re far too...

    • Mitten Flask

      The Mitten Flask is a cheeky pair of fleece-lined mittens with a hidden drink flask in the palm. ‘Don’t suck your thumb!’ our mums used to bellow. But what Mum doesn’t know... Built into this charming pair of fleece-lined mittens is a hidden drink flask, ready to fill with your choice of booze. The only giveaway is the valve on the thumb. Take a...

    • MyDocument Laptop Case

      Based on the classic computer icon, this neoprene folder is large enough to store tablets and most laptops.      It used to be that if you had an important paper document, you’d store it in a cardboard folder. Then when computers came along, software designers pinched their look to create file icons – mainly so that we muggles would go, ‘Ooh loo...

    • Ninja Scissors

      Ninja Katana Scissors are a little bit small and a little bit silly, but they’re taking pride of place in our desktop dojo. Lost the scissors again? If they’re Ninja Scissors, they’re probably watching you from the shadows. Ready to slice your mail to ribbons and rain feudal Japanese justice on hard-to-open packets of ham, these samurai sword sc...

    • OMG Light Up iPhone Cases

      These bright and colourful iPhone 4/4S cases have their own built-in LEDs for text/call/email alerts. Love the iPhone, but can’t stand that one-design-for-everyone guff? Same here. We’re individuals! We like variety, colour, shape, patterns and textures. And so do all of our patterned and textured friends. Which is why we’re getting behind OMG C...

    • Photch Bluetooth Bracelet Watch

      The Photch Bluetooth watch is a great step into wearable tech – a vibrating phone bracelet that puts loads of your smartphone’s functions right on your wrist. Wherever you go, everyone’s raving about wearable tech. And quite rightly too. Ever since the Dick Tracy watch we’ve been yearning to wear our geeky hearts on our sleeve. Well now you can ...

    • Pond Wars Ducks

      A long bathtime ago… celebrate the galaxy’s greatest sci-fi saga with the brilliantly bonkers Pond Wars Ducks. Never underestimate the duck side of the Force - especially with Pond Wars Ducks bobbing round your nethers. A brilliantly bonkers mashup of sci-fi geekery and bathtime fun, these light-up ducks come to life when you pop them in the ba...

    • R2-D2 4-Port USB Hub

      The R2-D2 4-Port USB Hub charges your gadgets and stores data to USB sticks, all to the sound of Artoo’s chirpy beeps and whistles. You may not be racing to the swamps of Dagobah, but surfing the interwebs can be quite the adventure. Thankfully with the R2-D2 4-Port USB Hub you’ve the perfect companion. Barely bigger than a coffee mug, this love...

    • Replaceface Bill Murray Case for iPhone 5

      Who knew Bill Murray could rock a pair of epaulettes? Clearly the fans behind the Replaceface Bill Murray iPhone 5 Case. Mr Murray, we salute you. Is he addressing his captains on the eve before battle or deadpanning the footmen as he walks around with no trousers. All we know is that in some alt-universe Bill Murray is the boss. And we like i...

    • Retro Skate Cutting Board

      Skate Chopping Board is the retro skateboard deck that brings a piece of the park to your kitchen – minus the broken bones and road rash. Slice vegetables, carve meat and pop culinary tricks off your worktop with Skate Chopping Board. Styled on the sidewalk surfers of the 1970s, this classic skate cutting board brings a riot of colour to the kit...

    • Sound Grenade

      Sound Grenade is the world’s smallest (and best-looking) waterproof SOS alarm, with a siren that’s as loud as a thunderclap. Don’t believe the cynics - strangers will almost always come to your help in a crisis, you just have to shake them out of their little worlds first. And once you do, no attacker is going to want to hang about. So what’s th...

      From £11.19
    • Space Invader Socks

      Move both left and right with Space Invader Socks – a take on the arcade classic so left field it’s off the screen. We always find the best way to approach a difficult situation is sideways, firing lasers. Which is why we’re never without our Space Invader Socks.         Disguised as a humble pair of argyle shin-warmers, these undercover underg...



    • SpinChill Portable Drink Chiller

      SpinChill Portable Drink Chiller is the motorised gadget that’ll chill your beer, pop, or wine twenty times faster than an ice bucket alone. You can’t trust the British weather. It’s shifty. We could have road-melting sunshine one moment and a raging tempest the next. Which is why in summer every moment counts. Especially when beer is involved. ...



    • Stance X Star Wars Socks

      Stance X Star Wars Socks use 200 needle count stitching and premium combed cotton to bring you the universe’s geekiest footwear. There has been an awakening... We’ve all felt it. Some of us have seen it. But how many have worn it with a pair of comfortable loafers? Don a pair of Star Wars Stance Socks and wiggle your ten little Jabbas with delig...

    • Star Wars Christmas Jumpers

      Star Wars Christmas Jumpers make even the dark side look a little lighter. Join us on the Festive Side of the Force. Throw a hydrospanner in the works this Christmas and give the usual festive attire the heave-ho-ho-ho with Star Wars Christmas Jumpers. Hand-knitted by Bothans, every 100% acrylic fibre of these geeky Christmas sweaters tells a ...

    • Star Wars Lightsaber Pizza Cutter

      The Star Wars Lightsaber Pizza Cutter looks and sounds like Darth Vader’s iconic weapon. Impressive… Elevate slicing pizza to a galactic art form with the Star Wars Lightsaber Pizza Cutter. Not only does this awesome bit of kitchen kit look the part, based on Darth Vader’s famous weapon, it sounds the part too – vwa-woooming through your pizza a...

    • Star Wars Lightsaber™ BBQ Tongs

      Flip your burgers with the ruthless precision of a Sith Lord. Star Wars Lightsaber™ BBQ Tongs are the pincers of choice for any galactic chef. It’s as if a million voices suddenly cried out in joy, and then suddenly had their mouths full. Yes, Britain, that’s no moon – it’s the sun! And its presence in the sky can mean only one thing. Barbecue s...

    • Star Wars Millennium Falcon Portable Bluetooth Speaker

      Avoid aural entanglements and trip the lightspeed fantastic with the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker – the fastest hunk of funk in the galaxy. It may not look like much but this miniature modified Corellian freighter has got it where it counts: Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream audio up to 30 feet; a hyperdrive that light...



    • TaskOne G3 Pro iPhone 5/5S Case

      The perfect companion for rough ramblers or rogue DIYers, the TaskOne is an iPhone case and 22-piece multitool in one. It seems that for every task these days, some smart alec will pipe up, ‘There’s an app for that.’ Really? To whittle this peg? Away with you, buffoon. But surprisingly, they’re not far from the truth. The Task One is an iPhone c...



    • The Big Fork

      Big Fork is a huge forking fork for forking everything. Great big forks don’t come any greater, or bigger, than Big Fork. 11 forking inches of stainless steel serving fork start with five not-so tiny tines, and end in a choice of colourful fork’andles – Making this not just forking big, but forking modern too. Fork roast meats. Fork salads. Fork...



    • The Carry-On Cocktail Kit

      The Carry-On Cocktail Kits turn a standard in-flight beverage into your favourite cocktail. Here’s to the high life. Add a dash of Mad Men or Hollywood* style to your in-flight entertainment with the Carry-On Cocktail Kits. Not to be mistaken for some sozzled Sid James movie, the Carry-On Cocktail Kits have everything you need to mix two classic...



    • The Hangover I Bought a Giraffe T-Shirt

      Celebrate the third installment of the Hangover movie with a ridiculously awesome tee! This Hangover 3 My Name Is Alan I Bought A Giraffe White T-Shirt is a great-looking item featuring an image of Zach Galifianakis' portrayal of the wacky character Alan. The Lowdown My Name is Alan, I Bought a Giraffe High-quality T-shirt featuring The Hangov...

    • UFO Soap Pump

      Get buzzed with suds. The UFO Soap Pump is a great way to brighten up your bathroom, shower or kitchen. Before meeting aliens we’d want to be sure of two things: clean hands and fresh underpants. Our mums would never forgive us if we spoiled Earth’s first contact with an unseemly waft. That’s where this fantastically ludicrous UFO Soap Pump come...



    • Une Bobine for iPhone

      Keep your iPhone high and dry with this versatile (and very cool) stand, sync and charging cable. From Kickstarter project to global phenomenon – Une Bobine for iPhone has come a long way in a very short time. And we can see why. Part funky phone stand, part charge and sync cable it’s practical, versatile and ornamental all at once! Perfect i...



    • VW Camper Van Toaster

      Enjoy a slice of vintage style with the handsome stainless steel VW Camper Van Toaster. There are many great ways to start the day – eating a hearty breakfast is one. Waking up to glorious sunshine in the back of a classic camper van, another. For those who like their creature comforts but don’t fancy braving the Great Outdoors – well we can’t a...

    • WonderWoof Activity Tracker For Dogs

      WonderWoof is the super-cute activity monitor for pets that’ll keep your pooch in shape and give you somewhere to look while they do their business. Dogs! Put that down and listen up. Both ears… That’s it. We want to tell you about WonderWoof, the fitness tracker for dogs that’ll have your human housemates tripping over their Jawbones. Let’s st...


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