• Luxury Car Leather Wallets

      Luxury Car Leather Wallets are handmade in limited numbers using premium quality leather from the seats of classic cars. You like to ride in style. Why shouldn’t your bank cards? Luxury Car Leather Wallets are made from high quality seat leather, reclaimed from some of the sexiest cars in the world. Handmade by the team at Mariclaro in Canada, e...

    • Secret Agent Luggage Tag

      "No Mr Bond, I expect you to fly!" The Secret Agent Luggage Tag is the ideal travel bag accessory if your holiday gear regularly attracts some unwanted attention. Modern travel can be stressful; there are plenty of situations that can leave you thoroughly shaken and stirred. Whether it’s a pint-sized Nick Nack in Hawaiian print beating you throu...

    • Snake Bite Beer Tool

      The Snake Bite Beer Tool makes a cool gift for any outdoor adventurer. Popping tops off bottles and venting beer cans it’s an essential man tool. Beer is damn near perfect. But we’re always on the lookout for new beer-to-mouth delivery systems. Bottles are good. Cans are good. The Snake Bite Beer Tool makes them better. As a beer bottle opener t...



    • Tyni Wallet

      Tyni Wallet is made from premium Nappa leather and is deceptively spacious, with room for up to eight cards and even notes. Not the kind of nickname you’d want bandied around the bar, but Tyni Wallet is actually a total crowd-pleaser. Despite being only 3.5mm deep, this slim leather wallet has room to hold cash (notes) and up to eight cards. Mor...

    • Walli - The Smart Wallet

      Please note: The wallet DOES NOT come with a keyring. It was a unique reward as part of the original Kickstarter campaign. Walli the Smart Wallet is the high tech way to carry your cards and cash – constantly connected to  your phone so you’ll never lose your wallet or cards again.  Leaving the house? Say goodbye to the old phone/wallet pat-dow...


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