• Batman Mirror

      Like a silvery Bat-Signal, the Batman Mirror casts the iconic logo (circa 2003) on your wall. *Gravelly voice* You’ve got spinach in your teeth... There’s nothing worse than getting halfway up a building and realising your cape’s on back to front. Which is why every good Batcave needs a Batman Mirror. Made from lightweight acrylic and with a win...

    • Cactus Coasters Construction Set

      The Cactus Coasters Construction Set is made up of five cork-covered drink mats disguised as a pot plant. The humble cactus is a hardy bastard that grows in some of the driest regions of the planet. Ironic then, that it also makes a handy place to pop your beverage. Guaranteed to raise a smile, the Cactus Coasters Construction Set is made up of ...

    • Concrete Beer Coasters

      Concrete Beer Coasters are hand-made by certified beer lovers – each one of the set of four is imprinted with a different family tree of beer. Lo! We have descended from on high with lessons cast upon tiny tablets of stone. Concrete Beer Coasters, to be exact. And each is embedded with a handy insight into the world of craft beer. From Belgian A...

    • CouchCoaster

      Keeping your favourite beverage securely in the upright position as you sofa-surf the airwaves is no mean feat; fortunately the ingenious CouchCoaster is on hand to make sure it’s only your whistle that’ll get wet. We’ve all been there… it’s the ultimate first world conundrum. You’re comfortably settled on the sofa when you fancy a slurp of some...

    • Fingerthing Smartphone Stands

      Fingerthing Smartphone Stands are chunky silicone office accessories for rebels, rockstars and radicals at heart. The middle finger and mobile technology shouldn’t mix. You’re operating a touchscreen, not giving a rectal exam. But there’s an exception to the rule. An office accessory like no other, the Fingerthing Smartphone Stand sticks one rub...

    • Middle Finger Candle

      Stick it to The Man or indeed anyone else getting on your wick, with the gloriously inappropriate Middle Finger Candle. Curmudgeons and delinquents rejoice! The seemingly ubiquitous and frequently funky household illuminant has met its digital Waterloo. Flipping the bird at traditional scented candles, this hilariously obnoxious objet is perfect...

    • Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

      Mistaken Lyrics Coasters are sustainable cork mats engraved with some of the funniest misheard lyrics of the last fifty years. Ever found yourself singing along to the radio, only to discover a roomful of puzzled faces staring back at you? Turns out The Clash didn’t want to ‘rock the cat spa’; Robert Palmer wasn’t ‘a dick with a glove’; and Abba...

    • Multicolour USB Rechargeable Bottle Light

      The Multicolour USB Rechargeable Bottle Light is a clever way to turn your old glass bottles into charming table lights. Upcycle your empties with the Multicolour USB Rechargeable Bottle Light. This tiny, portable light fits like a stopper into any bottle to make a great table light or garden decoration. What kind of bottle? That’s up to you. Wi...

    • Nonconformist Gnome

      Bring a little punk spirit into your garden. Plonk the Nonconformist Gnome amongst the petunias and stick a rebellious finger up to his bumpkin cousins. Blame TV, pesticides, climate change, whatever… The Nonconformist Gnome has shunned his parents’ jolly world of land-tilling, pond-fishing, and barrow-wheeling. He’s making his presence known th...

    • Plant Pot Bookends

      These are on PRE-ORDER. Please contact us for the latest news. NB: because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you order.  Plant Pot Bookends are a great optical illusion and a green-fingered way to bring your favourite novels to life. ‘No chance! They’d fall over.’ We hear you say. But wait. Take a closer lo...

    • Q Vinyl Record Wall Mounts

      Q Record Mounts are the tidy way to display your favourite 12-inch vinyls on the wall – without so much as a crumpled corner. Did you hear? Vinyl’s back. Alright, it never went away. But record sales are on the up, which means it’s finally time to dust off your collection and show off that glorious, technicolour 12” artwork once more. Q Record...

    • SensorWake Olfactory Alarm Clock

      Sensorwake is the world’s first alarm clock that wakes you up with the power of smells – perfuming your room with alluring everyday scents like toast and coffee. What’s the perfect aroma to wake you from a good night’s sleep? Freshly-baked croissants? A steaming cup of espresso? The smell of the seaside wafting through the window? And how often ...

      From £4.99
    • Star Wars Death Star Birdhouse

      This item is on PRE-ORDER. We are waiting for stock availability from the supplier, and will update the page as soon as possible. That’s no moon… it’s got a chaffinch in it. Terrorise your neighbours with the deadliest birdhouse in the universe. Need proof that some birds are evil? One word: Swans. But here at The Fowndry, we don’t discriminat...

    • The Motion Picture Toilet Award

      “The nominations for the best bathroom ‘motion’ picture are…” This majestic waste-worshipping statuette is all set to clean up at the Golden Throne Awards. Let’s face it, a loo brush isn’t something you’d normally want to make a big Busby Berkeley song and dance about but that might change once you clap eyes on this prestigious privvy prize. Des...

    • USB Rechargeable Floating Light

      The USB Rechargeable Floating Light is the quick and easy way to create eye-catching table decorations using your own glassware. Just add water. Put your best glasses to even better use with the USB Rechargeable Floating Light. Each simple, but utterly captivating, LED light comes in its own buoyant cork boat. Just fill your glass with water, po...


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