• Come Clean Sneaker Soap

      Come Clean Sneaker Soap is hand-made from 100% pure essential oils, with a miniature legendary trainer in every bar. Kick it extra fresh with Come Clean Sneaker Soap – the all-natural bar of soap with a tiny sneaker inside.  Hard day on the court? Hit the showers with this 100% pure essential oil soap and eventually you’ll be left with a small, ...

    • Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap

      The Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap is three times the size of your average bar and made to the same spec as the soap used by American GIs in Korea. If you’re straight out of a hot DMZ wearing two days of grime and last week’s socks, nothing gets you smelling grunt-fresh like a Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap. A whole three times bigger than...

    • Kai Mimuno Nail File

      Round is the new flat. Give your nails the five star treatment with the decidedly unconventional but wonderfully stylish Kai Mimuno Oval Nail File Elegant flowing contours don’t immediately spring to mind when you think of a nail file but if no-one ever challenged conventional wisdom, we’d still believe it possible to sail off the edge of the ea...

    • Kershaw Kai - World's Finest Toenail Clippers

      Kai Toenail Clippers are only interested in one thing – the elegant, effortless dispatch of your talons. As beautiful as they are single-minded, Kai Toenail Clippers (or Kershaw Kai Toenail Clippers III, to give them their full pedigree title) make the most everyday task a tiny moment of joy. The near cousin of the Klhip Nail Clippers, the Kersh...

    • Klhip Nail Clippers

      A cut above the rest. Introducing the world’s first (and only) ergonomically correct nail clippers – exclusive to the Fowndry. Some items in our bathroom are hidden away. It’s not that we don’t like them, or we don’t need them. They just don’t need to be out. Like cotton buds. Or plasters. They’re utilitarian and deserve to be with the other uti...

    • Klhip Nail File

      The Klhip Nail File is by far the coolest nail file we’ve ever seen – which is not something we ever imagined saying. Plucky sidekick to the equally-outstanding Klhip Nail Clippers, the Klhip Nail File is the last nail file you’ll ever need. Forget those worn-out cardboard jobbies, this everlasting nail file is crafted from all-natural Pyrenees ...

    • LEGO® Brick Cufflinks

      LEGO Brick Cufflinks are hand-crafted from recycled, repurposed LEGO bricks with a silver-plated cufflink post. Dress like the studliest of studmuffins with LEGO Brick Cufflinks. Made from the genuine article on silver-plated cufflink posts, these handcrafted LEGO cufflinks are a great way to smuggle a little childlike joy into even the most but...

    • Sex Panther Cologne

      Extend an invitation to the pants party like never before. With Sex Panther you can smell like Anchorman’s Brian Fantana, a dead racoon, or the inside of a fake leg. Desire can smell like a great many things. A used diaper filled with Indian food. A turd covered in burnt hair. Bigfoot’s third leg. But 60% of the time, it smells like Sex Panther....



    • The Gentleman's Deck - Monte Carlo Edition

      The perfect gift for any aspiring Esquire, each card in this high quality deck has a hint on how to be the perfect gentleman. There was a time a gentleman could spend an entire morning in pursuit of the perfect Half Windsor. And whole hours could be dedicated to an armchair, honing one’s pipe technique. But these days, we’re all in such a hurry...

    • Tooletries Bathroom Travel Case

      The Tooletries Bathroom Travel Case is a rugged toiletry bag for men, styled like a classic toolbox. To do a job properly, you need the right tools. And if that job is fixing up your own dilapidated exterior, you need the Tooletries Bathroom Travel Case. Modelled on a classic workman’s toolbox this hard shell toiletry case has all the space a mo...


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