• 'Hey Handsome' Shaving Kit Bag

      ‘Hey Handsome’ Shaving Kit Bag is the ideal toiletry bag for the modern man. Tough and stylish on the outside, fun on the inside. Most guys’ going-out routine comes down to the three S’s - shirt, shower and shave. We might have added an ‘r’ in there for decency. But with only three steps til we’re out the door, it’s important to make the most of...

    • Cacti Salt and Pepper Mills

      Hotter than the Mojave in a heatwave, these tinted beech wood Cacti Salt and Pepper Mills will turn your desert of a dining table into an oasis of cool! The Lowdown: Green cactus shaped salt and pepper grinders made from wood Size: 12.6cm x 6.6cm x 28.2cm (4.96" x 2.60" x 11.10") Shipping weight: 0.92 kg  

    • Cactus Mug

      Cacti are renowned for two things - storing water and being very spiky. Sombreros off then to the Cactus Mug, which delivers on both counts This prickly chalice will be manna to passive aggressive beverage lovers everywhere. Holding up to 400ml of liquid and sporting a message that is as direct as it is insulting, it’s the ceramic succulent of c...

    • Corkatoo

      Take wine to new heights with Corkatoo – the handy bird-shaped corkscrew that’s nicer to use than most other po-faced openers. Wine is fun. Rich, flavoursome, wild, rambunctious, colourful fun. That’s why, for every snooty type with their nose in a glass, we hope there’s a wine-loving son-of-a-gun with a Corkatoo in their pocket.  As vibrant and...



    • Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap

      The Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap is three times the size of your average bar and made to the same spec as the soap used by American GIs in Korea. If you’re straight out of a hot DMZ wearing two days of grime and last week’s socks, nothing gets you smelling grunt-fresh like a Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap. A whole three times bigger than...

    • iGlow Skin for iPhone 5

      Make your iPhone glow in the dark with these ingenious and easy-to-apply photo-luminescent skins.  Here’s the lowdown – iGlow iPhone Skins make your iPhone 5 glow in the dark. Glow. In the goddamn dark. Just like all the best toys in the 80’s and tracer bullets. Is it practical? Sure, if the power goes out and you’re on the other side of the r...

    • LEGO® Brick Cufflinks

      LEGO Brick Cufflinks are hand-crafted from recycled, repurposed LEGO bricks with a silver-plated cufflink post. Dress like the studliest of studmuffins with LEGO Brick Cufflinks. Made from the genuine article on silver-plated cufflink posts, these handcrafted LEGO cufflinks are a great way to smuggle a little childlike joy into even the most but...

    • Melting Zombie Head Candle

      Fear the waxing dead with the revoltingly oozy Melting Head Zombie Candle The perfect prop for any Halloween party or supernatural soiree, this macabre candle will give you up to 16 hours of superating pleasure. Just light the wick and watch as the rotting braincase slowly dissolves, unleashing a scarlet river of liquefied brain matter from its ...



    • Mojito Master

      If you’re looking for a taste of Cuba or a great gift for a cocktail lover, then the revolutionary Mojito Master is the tool for you. Did you know the mojito was originally a 16th century medicinal draft called 'El Draque' and named after our very own Sir Francis, who was known to knock about a bit in the Carribbean?. Well now you do and with th...

    • Monster Attack! Walking Erasers

      Monster Attack! Walking Erasers may not be massive enough to attack Tokyo, but they’ll make short work of your pencil doodles. Turn back the clock to a golden age of Saturday matinee movies. Rubbery monsters! Cardboard cities! Mild peril! Monster Attack! Walking Erasers bring it all flooding back. Well… walking, really slowly back. And at only 8...

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    • Motion Activated Alien Storage Egg

      Famously, in space no-one can hear you scream. It’s different on terra-firma of course, where the Motion Activated Alien Storage Egg will scare the bejesus out of you and anyone else daft enough to go near it. The first Alien film is a bona fide horror classic: gnawing sense of dread, check; nightmarish imagery, check; obligatory jump scares, ch...



    • Pumpkin Candle

      Put the light into fright night with this spooktacular Pumpkin Candle No-one’s quite sure how Jack-O’-Lanterns became synonymous with Halloween but what celebration of All Hallows' Eve would be complete without a grinning gourd or two? Traditionally made by hollowing out a large squash, this 350g high-quality hand-crafted wax version is good to ...

    • Quik Stix Sticky Gel Pads - 2 Pack

      Quik’Stix Sticky Gel Pads are the quick ‘n’ sticky way to mount your handy gadgets where you can see ‘em. Perfect as a quick dashboard phone mount, or for sticking the remote where the kids can’t reach it (try the ceiling), Quik’Stix Sticky Gel Pads will stick a grip on just about anything. Made from naturally adhesive poly AB glue plastic, eac...

    • WonderWoof Activity Tracker For Dogs

      WonderWoof is the super-cute activity monitor for pets that’ll keep your pooch in shape and give you somewhere to look while they do their business. Dogs! Put that down and listen up. Both ears… That’s it. We want to tell you about WonderWoof, the fitness tracker for dogs that’ll have your human housemates tripping over their Jawbones. Let’s st...


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