• Bottlelight LED Light Wand

      The Bottlelight Light Wand is a clever and sophisticated way to turn your old glass bottles into charming decorative table lights. Resembling something a certain Sith Lord might produce if he turned his gloved hand to homewares, this aluminium and acrylic light up bottle wand is an inexpensive way to upcycle wine, champagne and water bottles int...

      From £21.99
    • Matador Pocket Blanket

      The Matador Pocket Blanket is a tough, lightweight picnic/beach blanket. Able to accommodate up to four people, it will fold up small enough to fit in your pocket. Ever parked yourself in a nice picnic spot and got an instant wet bum? Shoulda packed a Matador Pocket Blanket. Folding up smaller than a bag of crisps, this compact picnic, festival ...

    • MiPow Playbulb Garden Bluetooth LED Light

      MiPow Playbulb Garden Bluetooth LED Light is the smart way to brighten up your garden – you can even sync and control it from your mobile or tablet. Garden lighting can be expensive, tricky to install, a bugger to maintain and limited in its controls. MiPow Playbulb Garden Bluetooth LED Light changes all that. Each colour-changing garden light i...

      From £39.99
    • Multicolour USB Rechargeable Bottle Light

      The Multicolour USB Rechargeable Bottle Light is a clever way to turn your old glass bottles into charming table lights. Upcycle your empties with the Multicolour USB Rechargeable Bottle Light. This tiny, portable light fits like a stopper into any bottle to make a great table light or garden decoration. What kind of bottle? That’s up to you. Wi...

    • Nonconformist Gnome

      Bring a little punk spirit into your garden. Plonk the Nonconformist Gnome amongst the petunias and stick a rebellious finger up to his bumpkin cousins. Blame TV, pesticides, climate change, whatever… The Nonconformist Gnome has shunned his parents’ jolly world of land-tilling, pond-fishing, and barrow-wheeling. He’s making his presence known th...

    • Star Wars Death Star BBQ

      Unfortunately this item is not currently available. Please see here for more great Star Wars products.  The Death Star Barbecue has the power to annihilate an entire chicken. Or, in the right hands, cook an al fresco feast in classic, sci-fi style. That’s no moon... It’s the sun! And if it’s hovering over the house it means barbecue season is u...



    • Windcatcher Airpad 2+

      Windcatcher Airpad 2+ is the revolutionary inflatable camping mattress you can blow up in seconds with just a few breaths of air – no clumsy pump, no unhygienic valves. Unless you have the lungs of a whale and the immune system of a school nurse, no one should inflate a blow up mat with their mouth. Goodness knows where that valve has been… But ...


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