• 321 Water Bottle

      Beautiful, other-worldly design and terrific H2O filtering functionality come together in the form of the 321 Water Bottle – the drinks flask with a unique French press plunging system. We all know how important it is to keep hydrated but although water is essentially odourless and tasteless, it can sometimes be a bit unpalatable; particularly o...

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    • Aquabot Water Bottle

      This item is on 'Pre-Order'.  Stock due January 2019. Because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you checkout. The Aquabot Water Bottle is a camping water bottle with a sharp-shooting trick up its sleeve. Who’s thirsty? Ready for your next ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ moment? Here it comes. The Aquabot Wate...

    • Balls of Steel 2.0 Drink Chillers

      This item is on 'Pre-Order'.  Stock due January 2019. Because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you checkout. Place these high grade stainless steel orbs in a glass of whiskey and chill it far more quickly than ice. But there’s more to Balls of Steel than meets the eye… When is a product more than just a pr...

    • Batman Multitool

      The Batman Multitool takes the fight to your flat-pack furniture, with two kinds of screwdrivers, a keyring attachment, and a bottle-opener for a victory beer - making it the perfect superhero gift for him It’s not who you are underneath. It’s what you screw that defines you. We’re pretty sure that’s how Batman’s saying goes. And to prove it, he...

    • Blade Runner Whiskey Glass

      No replicant, this handmade crystal glass tumbler is the one featured in the sci-fi classic Blade Runner, featuring Harrison Ford. Cue the Vangelis, pan right and pull back. We’ve found it! The most iconic whiskey glass in sci-fi history. (Well, there can’t be many) The Blade Runner Whiskey Glass is such a spot-on match for Deckard’s favourite t...



    • Brewbarrel Homebrew Kit

      “Roll out Brewbarrel, we'll have a Brewbarrel of fun…!” 10 minutes is all it takes to make 5 litres of delicious barrel fresh craft homebrew that’s ready to quaff in just 7 days! Raise a glass to the gods of grog because this revolutionary tipple tank is at the vanguard of the ‘Hipster Hop Liberation Front’. No fulsome beard, plaid shirt or arti...

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    • Bulletproof Rocks Glass

      Here’s a paradox… the Bulletproof Rocks Tumbler is actually a shot glass, as it has a genuine .308 rifle round lodged in its side.You’ve heard of a slug of whisky, how about a slug with your whisky? This handmade hooch holder comes embedded with a real bullet that is twisted into the container while it is still red hot. The lead-free projectiles...

    • Cactus Coasters Construction Set

      The Cactus Coasters Construction Set is made up of five cork-covered drink mats disguised as a pot plant. The humble cactus is a hardy bastard that grows in some of the driest regions of the planet. Ironic then, that it also makes a handy place to pop your beverage. Guaranteed to raise a smile, the Cactus Coasters Construction Set is made up of ...

    • Cactus Mug

      Cacti are renowned for two things - storing water and being very spiky. Sombreros off then to the Cactus Mug, which delivers on both counts This prickly chalice will be manna to passive aggressive beverage lovers everywhere. Holding up to 400ml of liquid and sporting a message that is as direct as it is insulting, it’s the ceramic succulent of c...

    • Cafflano Kompact Hot & Cold Coffee Brewer

      Cafflano Kompact is the first portable coffee maker that’ll collapse small enough to fit in your pocket – ready to squeeze out a fresh cup of hot or cold Joe wherever you go. Explaining how the Cafflano Kompact works is no easy task. It’ll take a minute. Pop the kettle on and fix yourself a beverage. All sorted? Good. Let’s start with that gentl...

    • Cocktail Mixes

      Cocktail Mixes are the simple way to create your own cocktails at home. With high quality ingredients and designer packaging, all you need are the spirits. Cocktails are great when you’re out, but at home they can be a bit of a faff. All those different spices and fruits. Not to mention getting the mix wrong. Our last attempt at a banana daiquir...

    • Concrete Beer Coasters

      Concrete Beer Coasters are hand-made by certified beer lovers – each one of the set of four is imprinted with a different family tree of beer. Lo! We have descended from on high with lessons cast upon tiny tablets of stone. Concrete Beer Coasters, to be exact. And each is embedded with a handy insight into the world of craft beer. From Belgian A...

    • Corkatoo

      Take wine to new heights with Corkatoo – the handy bird-shaped corkscrew that’s nicer to use than most other po-faced openers. Wine is fun. Rich, flavoursome, wild, rambunctious, colourful fun. That’s why, for every snooty type with their nose in a glass, we hope there’s a wine-loving son-of-a-gun with a Corkatoo in their pocket.  As vibrant and...



    • Corkatoo Stainless Steel Corkscrew

      The Corkatoo Stainless Steel Corkscrew makes a wonderfully unique gift for any wine fan. Which came first: the name or the idea? We don’t know, but the brilliant minds behind the Corkatoo Stainless Steel Corkscrew have delivered a tool with both a sense of humour and a sense of style. A double hinged corkscrew, like the classic ‘barman’s friend’...

    • CouchCoaster

      Keeping your favourite beverage securely in the upright position as you sofa-surf the airwaves is no mean feat; fortunately the ingenious CouchCoaster is on hand to make sure it’s only your whistle that’ll get wet. It's a first world conundrum... You’re comfortably settled on the sofa but what to do with that lava hot cup of tea or coffee or gla...



    • Craft A Brew Beer Making Kits

      ‘Craft A Brew’ Beer Making Kits bring the world of DIY craft beer to your own kitchen, garage or garden shed. No one drinks that mass-produced froth anymore. It’s all about craft beers and microbreweries these days. Better flavours, better people, bigger beards, we love all that stuff. And now with ‘Craft A Brew’ Beer Making Kits we’re even givi...

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    • Das Horn Drinking Vessel

      Raise a toast to the Allfather and hail your victorious dead with Das Horn – a drinking horn for the iPod generation. Gather, feast, and sing songs about the old country with Das Horn. Bringing this ancient drinking vessel slap bang up to date, New York based designers David Segall and Alex Chatham have opted to craft it from sleek white ABS pla...

    • Drink Rocks

      Drink Rocks are the handcrafted designer stones that’ll chill your whiskey without diluting the flavour. Like ice, but cooler. Debate rages over whether whiskey should be chilled and, if so, what with. Of course the correct answers are A) If you prefer it that way and B) Whatever you like. It’s not a shuttle launch. Stick your whiskey in the fri...

    • Eparé Pocket Wine Aerator

      Give your grapes an upgrade and turn any ordinary tumbler of vino into a chalice fit for a king with the Eparé Pocket Wine Aerator You don’t have to be a wine aficionado to know that aerating improves its flavour – essentially by mimicking the bottle ageing process. The traditional method is to pour it into a decanter and let it breathe for a wh...

    • Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier

      Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle is the portable water filtration system that’ll give you safe-to-drink water in just 15 seconds. No chemicals. No complex kit. No waiting. Running out of potable water can quickly turn a walk in the wild into a Ray Mears nightmare. The solution? 1) Lug a jerrican of the clean stuff the whole way round (stop...

      From £24.99
    • Insectum Beetle Corkscrew

      Looking like something that wouldn't appear out of place in a display cabinet at the natural History Museum, this beautiful iridescent jewel-like corkscrew will dazzle guests and be a conversation starter at any swanky soirée. The Lowdown: Corkscrew bottle opener designed to look like a scarab beetle Zinc alloy with an iridescent finish Shippin...



    • Original Stormtrooper Wine Bottle Stopper

      Like its onscreen counterpart, this stainless-steel Original Stormtrooper Bottle Stopper might not be much cop at deflecting a bolt from a blaster but it will prevent your uncorked wine from going stale Should you fail to finish off the Rebel Scum whole bottle in one go, just pop this chrome domed booze protector into the neck and hey presto, ne...

    • Pineapple Tumblers

      Pineapple Tumblers are the Mad Men-inspired drinks accessories that no home bar should be without. Nothing says ‘Welcome’ like a two-piece gold pineapple. Especially if it’s filled with a suitably fruity cocktail. Straight out of a Don Draper daydream, Pineapple Tumblers are a terrifically kitsch addition for any home bar.  Based on vintage pine...

    • Shaker 33 Cocktail Mixer

      Shaker 33 is hailed as the best cocktail shaker since prohibition, with its good looks and thoroughly modern construction. We’ll drink to that. We gave up hoop skirts. We moved on from leeches. We put the spinning jenny out to pasture. But for some reason we’re still using cocktail shakers from the early 1900s like they’re some hot new thing. We...

    • Snake Bite Beer Tool

      The Snake Bite Beer Tool makes a cool gift for any outdoor adventurer. Popping tops off bottles and venting beer cans it’s an essential man tool. Beer is damn near perfect. But we’re always on the lookout for new beer-to-mouth delivery systems. Bottles are good. Cans are good. The Snake Bite Beer Tool makes them better. As a beer bottle opener t...



    • Stojo Collapsible Cup

      Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup is the ingenious compact travel mug that makes a super-handy gift for any coffee lover and packs flat enough to slip in your skinny jeans. Like using an old CDR spindle as a bagel lunchbox, the safe, recyclable Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup is one of those ideas so wonderfully obvious, once you see it you’ll marvel a...

    • The Gin And Tonic Box: Premium Edition

      This item is on 'Pre-Order'.  Stock due November. NB: this may be subject to change. Because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you checkout. The Gin & Tonic Box Premium Edition is a superbly presented gin and tonic kit, complete with hand-picked herbs and spices from one of Spain’s oldest producers. Gin...

    • The Vodka Cocktail Box: Premium Gift Set

      The Vodka Cocktail Box: Premium Gift Set is a superbly presented kit, complete with hand-picked botanicals from one of Spain’s oldest producers. No-one is certain where vodka originally came from… could be Russia, could be Poland but what everyone agrees on, is that it makes a damn fine cocktail. But being fundamentally tasteless, you need other...



    • The Whisker Dam

      The ingenious Whisker Dam is the perfect solution for protecting your ‘tache from getting wet whilst sipping your favourite beer. It’s like an umbrella for your face! Let’s be honest… it’s hardly a problem that has troubled the most brilliant minds down through the ages but just how do you provide ample separation between fluid and facial hair w...

    • Top Hat Coffee & Tea Cup And Saucer

      Tipping its rim to a time when Fred & Ginger were box office dynamite, the Top Hat Cup and Saucer will add a dash of old-timey sophistication to any tea or coffee break Now that ‘craft this’ and ‘gourmet that’ are de rigeur, isn’t it time to step up to the saucer, ditch the chipped and stained communal kitchen crockery and enjoy your Kopi Lu...


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