• 10 Pint Cider Stocking

      The Cider Stocking is the easy way to home-brew 10 pints of festive DIY cider in JUST 48 hours! We’re going to need a bigger mantelpiece… Remember the 12 days of Christmas? Here’s how they go down with the Hard Cider Stocking. Day 1 and 2: brew the world’s simplest DIY cider in a classic Christmas stocking. Then enjoy a pint of the appley wonder...

    • BBQ Toolbox

      BBQ Toolbox is the portable barbecue that looks like a classic metal toolbox for DIY dining anywhere. There’s only one thing manlier than a barbecue, and that’s a big red toolbox. And now some clever so-and-so has gone and merged the two – making the coolest portable BBQ we’ve ever seen. Not just a cheeky designer flourish, BBQ Toolbox unfolds t...

    • Brewbarrel Homebrew Kit

      “Roll out Brewbarrel, we'll have a Brewbarrel of fun…!” 10 minutes is all it takes to make 5 litres of delicious barrel fresh craft homebrew that’s ready to quaff in just 7 days! Raise a glass to the gods of grog because this revolutionary tipple tank is at the vanguard of the ‘Hipster Hop Liberation Front’. No fulsome beard, plaid shirt or arti...

      From £34.99
    • Chocolate Tools

      It’s time to down tools! No, seriously… forget the DIY and instead get stuck into these incredibly realistic and utterly delicious chocolate utensils. ‘Heirloom quality chocolate tools’ isn’t a phrase you hear very often at all but that’s exactly what these cocoa-based work weapons appear to be. Crafted from up to 250g of the finest Belgian choc...

      From £14.99
    • Craft A Brew Wine Making Kits

      Fancy yourself as a master vintner but don’t know your ‘terroir’ from your ‘tempranillo’? Now you can Pinot like a pro with the Craft A Brew Wine Making Kit. You’re not supposed to mix the grape and the grain but someone obviously forgot to tell the guys at artisan beer gear makers, Craft A Brew. Not content with creating best-in-class home brew...

    • Cross Stitch World Map

      Cross Stitch Map is the travel map embroidery kit for the arty, the crafty, the footloose and the fancy free. Make like Indiana Jones and travel the globe, leaving a coloured line in your wake.Like Indy’s red line of adventure, Cross Stitch Map is a magnificent way to chart your epic travels, misadventures, wrong turns and dream holidays. Whethe...

    • DIY Neon Light Kit

      This item is on 'Pre-Order' - Stock due 27th April. Please note: because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you order.  Like Vegas in a box! The DIY Neon Light Kit has three metres of ‘electric spaghetti’, so you can make your very own custom fluorescent signs or works of art. Neon, once synonymous with Rat ...

    • FORMCard

      Melt. Mould. Make. Mend. FORMcard is the card-sized mouldable plastic that’s your new DIY best friend. Just soften it up in a cup of hot water and mould it into any shape you like. In seconds it’ll set solid, making it perfect for quick fixes and creative solutions to everyday problems. And thanks its clever properties, you can re-melt it and re...

      From £5.99
    • Landmark Pet Houses

      Landmark Pet Houses are the ultimate novelty pet home den. A great addition to your living room, they’re the perfect plaything for cats with lofty ambitions. Send your cat on the holiday of lifetime with Landmark Pet Houses. Safe in the comfort of our living room, your furry houseguest can explore the springy wonders of the White House, the tast...

      From £34.99
    • Matador Surface Portable Work Mat

      Matador Surface is the brilliant portable, waterproof work mat for all your resident rodders, modders and odd-jobbers. Being the household handyperson usually means getting your hands dirty. Sometimes really dirty, if you're in a muddy field. But you don’t have to take it lying down. Before you disappear under your car, or dive beneath the floor...

    • Mindless Violence Colouring Book

      Stressed at work, Yeah? Mindless Violence - from prime ‘sh*t nak’ merchants Modern Toss - is fully tooled up to ride roughshod over the adult colouring book sector. Achieve a mindful state as you colour in these adrenalin-soaked scenes of mindless violence, created for you by a dedicated team of plain clothes therapists. Experience an overwhelmi...

    • Mini Banners

      The message my friend is blowing in the wind, or rather fluttering in the breeze thanks to these bunting-busting Mini Banners. You could say it with flowers but why not cut the hollyhocks and spell it out loud and clear instead. These card and baker's twine banners can be assembled and hung in under 5 minutes, perfect for a surprise party or spo...

    • Mininch Tool Pen Mini Aplus Edition

      Mininch Tool Pen Mini is the stylish, 22-piece, ‘pop-a-point’ precision mini tool for any tinkerer on the move. Without the right tools, the tiniest jobs can often be the biggest. Not the usual heavy-handed DIY projects – we’re talking about the kind of tasks that need a little finesse. Like replacing a watch battery, assembling electronics, or ...

    • Retro Arcade Game Kit

      Haynes Retro Arcade Game Kit has everything you need to build your own Pong machine. Not that kind. Handheld games used to be all the rage. Actually, go back further. Arcade games used to be all the rage, then handhelds, then smartphones came along and hoovered up the market. Cue dead-Pac-Man wob-wob-wobs. Still, there’s hope for button twiddler...

    • Rhino Hammer

      Add a little animal magic to your home improvements with the gorgeous Rhino Hammer; the rhinoceros referencing thumb-botherer, that would have pride of place in any zookeeper’s toolbox. What an adorable looking hammer. Not the sort of description you would normally apply to something designed for nail smackdowns. But then why shouldn’t a humble ...

    • The Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

      The Homemade Hot Sauce Kit puts all the tools, spices and instructions at your disposal to make a chilli sauce with real cojones. Tired of off-the-shelf hot sauces being all fire and no flavour? Thanks to a collaboration between spice experts The Chili Lab and cool connoisseurs W&P Design, The Homemade Hot Sauce Kit puts you in control. This...



    • UGEARS Safe Construction Kit

      UGEARS Mechanical Safe Construction Kit is the gorgeous premium grade plywood puzzle for amateur builders and wannabe safecrackers alike. We’d never considered building our own safe. Who does? But then UGEARS Mechanical Safe Construction Kit came along with its impossibly handsome plywood detailing and exposed mechanisms… well, we’re unashamed c...

    • WRENCHit Pop-A-Point Spanner Set

      WRENCHit 10-Piece Multitool is the slim, lightweight, pop-a-point spanner set that’ll make you the torque of the office. Tools are like doormen – oddly-shaped, slightly greasy and never around when you need them. Which is why we’ve lost our lug nuts for WRENCHit 10-Piece Multitool. Just 4mm thick and lighter than a Yorkie, this 420 stainless st...


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