• Barrel Aged Spirits Kit

      The Barrel Aged Spirits Kit is the easy way to rapidly age any liquor, giving it the richness and nuance of a much older tipple. There aren’t many products out there designed to make you older. We usually want the opposite. But in the case of spirits, older is definitely better. Especially if they’ve had a good long soak in an oak barrel. That’s...

    • Big Cheese Making Kit

      The Big Cheese Making Kit gives you everything you need to make your own cheese in just two hours. Just add cow juice. Deli counters would have you believe that cheesemaking is an ancient and mystical art that can only be done in a rural setting. Usually close to cows. And that the process is as baffling and impenetrable as rune casting or watch...

    • BubbleLick Edible Bubbles

      BubbleLick edible bubbles are the amazing floaty orbs you can lick right out of the air. Just mix in your favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, and blow… Bubbles are awesome. Like a rainbow, or a dog with three legs, they’re guaranteed to make you stop and stare in slack-jawed wonder. ‘Bubbles!’ someone will gasp. And we’ll all look, and s...

    • Cactus Coasters Construction Set

      The Cactus Coasters Construction Set is made up of five cork-covered drink mats disguised as a pot plant. The humble cactus is a hardy bastard that grows in some of the driest regions of the planet. Ironic then, that it also makes a handy place to pop your beverage. Guaranteed to raise a smile, the Cactus Coasters Construction Set is made up of ...

    • Chocolate Teapot

      Pop quiz: What connects Salvador Dali, Willy Wonka and The Mad Hatter...? They'd all have gone choccy-woccy-doo-lally for the utterly bonkers Chocolate Teapot. Familiar with the phrase 'about as useful as a....'? Well thanks to some master madcap candy wranglers you now have a chance to find out. Handmade from 600g of Belgium’s finest, this magn...

    • FORMCard

      Melt. Mould. Make. Mend. FORMcard is the card-sized mouldable plastic that’s your new DIY best friend. Just soften it up in a cup of hot water and mould it into any shape you like. In seconds it’ll set solid, making it perfect for quick fixes and creative solutions to everyday problems. And thanks its clever properties, you can re-melt it and re...

      From £5.99
    • Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker

      Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker is the instant drink chiller for making the perfect home-brewed iced coffee. Or iced tea. Or iced wine… For most of us, making iced coffee at home is such a faff we don’t even bother. It’s not even on our radar. We just let those clever physicists at the coffee shop make it for us – and shell out three or four poun...

    • Ninja Scissors

      Ninja Katana Scissors are a little bit small and a little bit silly, but they’re taking pride of place in our desktop dojo. Lost the scissors again? If they’re Ninja Scissors, they’re probably watching you from the shadows. Ready to slice your mail to ribbons and rain feudal Japanese justice on hard-to-open packets of ham, these samurai sword sc...

    • Q Vinyl Record Wall Mounts

      Q Record Mounts are the tidy way to display your favourite 12-inch vinyls on the wall – without so much as a crumpled corner. Did you hear? Vinyl’s back. Alright, it never went away. But record sales are on the up, which means it’s finally time to dust off your collection and show off that glorious, technicolour 12” artwork once more. Q Record...

    • Recordable Prank Christmas Card With Glitter

      The Recordable Christmas Card With Glitter is the ultimate prank greetings card. Send it to your friends and family and they’ll curse the God that gave them ears.Sick of those massively tacky, incredibly irritating, musical greetings cards? No you’re not. Not yet. Because Joker Greetings Cards have only just arrived, and they’ve barely warmed up...

    • Shake 'n' Make Ice Cream Maker

      Make delicious fresh ice cream literally anywhere and in just 3 minutes, with the ingenious Shake 'n' Make Ice Cream Maker - no batteries required Ice cream has come on leaps and bounds since Gino Ginelli's Tutti Frutti first laid down the gauntlet. Now Ben and Jerry's are on the scene it seems we're going nuts for Karamel Sutra and chocolate ch...

    • Shaker 33 Cocktail Mixer

      Shaker 33 is hailed as the best cocktail shaker since prohibition, with its good looks and thoroughly modern construction. We’ll drink to that. We gave up hoop skirts. We moved on from leeches. We put the spinning jenny out to pasture. But for some reason we’re still using cocktail shakers from the early 1900s like they’re some hot new thing. We...

    • The Homemade Gin Kit

      The Homemade Gin Kit gives you everything you need to craft your own unique blend of gin in just 36 hours. Just add vodka. Ever wondered why gin was such a big hit back in the 18th Century? It’s because it’s really easy to make! And it tastes a heck of a lot better than that Russian stuff. Thankfully, the art of making small batches of craft gin...

      From £14.99
    • UGEARS Safe Construction Kit

      UGEARS Mechanical Safe Construction Kit is the gorgeous premium grade plywood puzzle for amateur builders and wannabe safecrackers alike. We’d never considered building our own safe. Who does? But then UGEARS Mechanical Safe Construction Kit came along with its impossibly handsome plywood detailing and exposed mechanisms… well, we’re unashamed c...

    • ‘Craft A Brew’ Beer Making Kits

      NB: These kits are on pre-order. Stock due late Feb 2017  ‘Craft A Brew’ Beer Making Kits bring the world of DIY craft beer to your own kitchen, garage or garden shed. No one drinks that mass-produced froth anymore. It’s all about craft beers and microbreweries these days. Better flavours, better people, bigger beards, we love all that stuff. A...


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