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    • Swivl Robot 2.0

      We are very sorry but discount codes can not be applied to this product. Face Time, Skype or shoot video on your mobile or tablet while you wander about. With its automatically swivelling and tilting base, the new Swivl Robot 2.0 acts as your own automatic cameraman. The world is getting smaller. No, don’t panic, we’re fine. It’s just a turn of...

      From £19.99
    • Official Star Wars® Death Star Levitating Speaker

      Inspired by the Empire’s most destructive weapon, the brilliant Star Wars Levitating Death Star Speaker blows other desktop sound systems clear out of the Outer Rim. I know what you’re thinking. No, this tiny Death Star replica is most definitely not a moon – what is it though is a whole Galaxy of frickin’ awesome! And what’s more, it actually u...

    • Siva Atom Bike-Mounted Generator

      The Siva Cycle Atom is a bike-mounted generator that charges any USB device as you ride – and stores a little extra in a portable battery pack for later. Boost your eco-friendly credentials and top up your phone battery with the Siva Cycle Atom. Like the bicycle dynamos of old, this bike-mounted generator converts pedal power to electricity – on...

    • Swivl C Series Robot

      We are very sorry but discount codes can not be applied to this product. The Swivl C Series Robot is in ingenious mount for your smartphone or tablet – automatically swivelling and tilting to track up to four additional receivers in the room. The world is getting smaller. Don’t panic. What we mean is, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with...

      From £19.99
    • SensorWake Olfactory Alarm Clock

      Sensorwake is the world’s first alarm clock that wakes you up with the power of smells – perfuming your room with alluring everyday scents like toast and coffee. What’s the perfect aroma to wake you from a good night’s sleep? Freshly-baked croissants? A steaming cup of espresso? The smell of the seaside wafting through the window? And how often ...

      From £4.99
    • LINKA Smart Bike Lock

      Resembling something you might use to shackle The Hulk, LINKA is the world's first auto-unlocking, hard-mounted smart bike lock. And since it’s controlled by your phone, you’ll never need to carry a key again! Unlike standard bike security, the gold award-winning LINKA is permanently attached to your bike, in turn locking the wheel to the frame ...

    • SmartHalo

      NB: This item is on pre-order. The estimated arrival date for stock is week commencing the 20th of November. SmartHalo is the simple, elegant circle of light on your cycle’s handlebars, giving you GPS navigation and a whole host of awesome features as you ride, turning your bike into a smart bike. What are your top three reasons for not cycling...

    • Motion Activated Alien Storage Egg

      Famously, in space no-one can hear you scream! It’s different on terra-firma of course, where the Motion Activated Alien Storage Egg will scare the bejesus out of you and anyone else daft enough to go near it. The first Alien film is a bona fide horror classic: gnawing sense of dread, check; nightmarish imagery, check; obligatory jump scares, ch...

    • Apero Wine Bottle Opener

      APÉRO is the world’s first nitrous oxide powered bottle opener and also the fastest, extracting corks effortlessly at lightning speed. Question: how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew? Answer: the sensational APÉRO N2O Wine Bottle Opener. Sure… we’ve seen mechanical bottle openers before but nothing as elegant and simple as this cutting-e...

    • YoCam Waterproof Action Camera

      We are very sorry but discount codes can not be applied to this product.  YoCam is a GoPro killer! It’s the world’s smallest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected HDR action camera, with a whole host of cool features. It’s also waterproof up to 30 ft (10 m), straight out of the box. You stream, I stream, we all stream… it’s Lifestream! But having to di...

      From £30.00
    • Linear Edge Formula One Wall Art

      Decorate your home with a little motor racing heritage – Linear Edge Wall Art turn the world’s most famous tracks into high quality wall art. A must for any motorsport fan, Linear Edge Wall Art are precision-made replicas of the world’s most famous racing circuits. Beautifully finished in high quality birch and laminate, every corner is a stor...

    • The Fowndry Gift Card

      The Fowndry Gift Cards - when you can’t quite decide between this or that. ‘It’s the thought that counts’. That’s everyone’s go-to phrase when they’ve opened a rubbish present. And it’s true - thinking kindly of others is what counts. But that doesn’t excuse buying really pants gifts. That’s just careless.  Well, we can’t teach people how to lov...

      From £10.00
    • Jack Halloween Pumpkin Lantern (and adapter for Non-Euro sockets)

      What's this? What's this? An impressively large and stylish LED powered Halloween light that can be used indoors or outdoors… What's this? The Jack Pumpkin Lantern, hmmm The traditional Jack O’ Lantern derives from an Irish folktale about a man named Stingy Jack and standard practice is to hand-carve one from a pumpkin or turnip. But that analog...

    • Kai Captain Folding Razor

      If you’re looking for a razor with true cutting-edge credentials, look no further than the Japanese made Kai Captain Folding Razor As the safety razor arms race gets ever more ridiculous (they actually employ rocket scientists!) maybe it’s time to take a step back and consider that less might in fact be more. … And that’s precisely what you get ...

      From £12.99

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