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    • Swivl Robot 2.0

      Face Time, Skype or shoot video on your mobile or tablet while you wander about. With its automatically swivelling and tilting base, the new Swivl Robot 2.0 acts as your own automatic cameraman. The world is getting smaller. No, don’t panic, we’re fine. It’s just a turn of phrase. What we mean is, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with ...

    • Windcatcher Airpad 2+

      Windcatcher Airpad 2+ is the revolutionary inflatable camping mattress you can blow up in seconds with just a few breaths of air – no clumsy pump, no unhygienic valves. Unless you have the lungs of a whale and the immune system of a school nurse, no one should inflate a blow up mat with their mouth. Goodness knows where that valve has been… But ...

    • Siva Atom Bike-Mounted Generator

      The Siva Cycle Atom is a bike-mounted generator that charges any USB device as you ride – and stores a little extra in a portable battery pack for later. Boost your eco-friendly credentials and top up your phone battery with the Siva Cycle Atom. Like the bicycle dynamos of old, this bike-mounted generator converts pedal power to electricity – on...

    • Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Synths

      Pocket Operators are stripped-back, affordable battery-powered pocket synths for the next generation of music on the move. Bashing out a tune used to be easy. Any toothless cockney with a pair of spoons could do it. Nowadays you need all sorts of high tech kit, and a lot of it doesn’t come cheap. Thankfully, Pocket Operators have arrived to hel...



    • Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan

      This item is currently on PRE-ORDER. We will update with stock availability soon. Because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you order.  NB: Pantelligent now has a new Autopilot feature - see here for details.  Pantelligent is the ingenious cutting edge heat-sensing smart frying pan that’ll teach you to coo...

    • Star Wars® Death Star Levitating Speaker

      Stock due w/commencing 7th November 2016  Inspired by the Empire’s most destructive weapon, the brilliant Death Star Levitating Bluetooth Speaker blows other desktop sound systems clear out of the Outer Rim. I know what you’re thinking. No, this tiny Death Star replica is most definitely not a moon – what is it though is a whole Galaxy of fricki...

    • Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

      Pawbo is the fun and interactive Wi-Fi pet camera and treat dispenser that lets you watch and play with them while you’re out. Pets. We buy them to make us feel less lonely, then we leave them on their own for most of the day. It’s no wonder they pee in our shoes. We can’t help having to go out and make a living, but now there’s a way to check ...

    • Star Wars Portable Bluetooth Speaker

      The Star Wars Portable Bluetooth Speaker is an officially-licensed, premium-quality movie replica – that just happens to have a wireless subwoofer built in. Any Ewok can knock out a tune on a Stormtrooper helmet. But now, thanks to a little industrial light and music, you can do a whole lot more. The Star Wars Portable Bluetooth Speaker puts a ...

    • GoFar - The Personal Trainer For Your Car

      GoFar is like a personal trainer for your car, logging your trips and giving you realtime feedback to get the very best performance from your engine. Oh and it'll also help save up to 22% on fuel costs! No one likes a backseat driver. It’s just a stream of bad news, peppered with an occasional yelp or stamp on an invisible brake. GoFar is the tr...

    • Swivl C Series Robot

      The Swivl C Series Robot is in ingenious mount for your smartphone or tablet – automatically swivelling and tilting to track up to four additional receivers in the room. The world is getting smaller. Don’t panic. What we mean is, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with people far away. And as tech develops, those ways get more and more inge...

    • The Fowndry Gift Card

      The Fowndry Gift Cards - when you can’t quite decide between this or that. ‘It’s the thought that counts’. That’s everyone’s go-to phrase when they’ve opened a rubbish present. And it’s true - thinking kindly of others is what counts. But that doesn’t excuse buying really pants gifts. That’s just careless.  Well, we can’t teach people how to lov...

    • Linear Edge Formula One Wall Art

      Decorate your home with a little motor racing heritage – Linear Edge Wall Art turn the world’s most famous tracks into high quality wall art. A must for any motorsport fan, Linear Edge Wall Art are precision-made replicas of the world’s most famous racing circuits. Beautifully finished in high quality birch and laminate, every corner is a stor...

    • SensorWake Olfactory Alarm Clock

      This item is on 'Pre-Order'. Stock due late October 2016. Please note: because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you order. Alternatively, sign up here for an in stock email notification.  Sensorwake is the world’s first alarm clock that wakes you up with the power of smells – perfuming your room with allur...

    • SmartHalo

      This item is on 'Pre-Order'. Stock due December 2016. Please note: because of the automated payment service we use, your card will be charged when you order. Alternatively, sign up here for an in stock email notification.  SmartHalo is the simple, elegant circle of light on your cycle’s handlebars, giving you GPS navigation and a whole host of ...


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