The 37 Coolest Camping & Festival Gadgets 2016

Wigwam Bam! Welcome traveller, to our second annual roundup of the best current - and nearly current - outdoor gadgets and tech for the camping, glamping and festival season. Actually a lot of last year's kit is still pretty awesome and worth plundering (you can check it out here). Anyway, enough chat, avanti...!

1. Inflatable air loungers...undoubtedly the hottest outdoor product this year. Inflating in seconds, these instant sofas are made from high quality rip stop nylon and small enough to slide in your backpack.

Le Sac Inflatable Air Lounger

2. The battery-powered Flicks Mobile Cordless Boombox Projector will let you enjoy 720p HD streamed content from your smartphone, tablet or media device OUTDOORS. It can also throw a 100-inch image on to a surface from just over 8 feet away. 

Dashbon Flicks Mobile Boombox Projector

3. The beautifully designed Fistral Tent from Heimplanet is an extremely lightweight, quick and easy to erect 2 man shelter, thanks to its inflatable exterior beams. You simply roll it out and pump it up.

4. ManCan - a stainless steel personal keg system that you can take anywhere and it will keep your favourite beer fresh, carbonated, and delicious - the way it should be. 

ManCan Personal Keg System

5. The AMPware Power Generating iPhone Case has a slimline and super-efficient in-built dynamo for charging your mobile by hand anywhere, anytime, any place. You'll never run out of power again...guaranteed.

AMPWare Power Generating iPhone Case

6. The Grayl Ultralight is the world’s best purifier (+filter) bottle and can turn any stream, lake or hotel water into safe potable H2O in just 15 seconds. Fill. Press. Drink.

Grayl Ultralight


7. Soundboks is the loudest battery-powered Bluetooth speaker currently available, designed specifically for outdoor parties and festivals... and it's no joke. It's got a volume setting that goes up to 11 and can crank out 119db

Soundboks Battery Powered Speaker

8. Want a shot of 100% freshly ground coffee in the morning to get you trail ready? The portable Voltaire Grinder has you covered...What's more its 'freshness-sensing' IoT-connected sensor array will tell you if your beans are past their best.

9. The Bullet is the world's smallest LED flashlight and the best everyday carry torch out there – it's virtually indestructible and no bigger than a pen lid.

SlugHaus Bullet Flashlight

10. And while we're on a lighting tip, how about Luminoodle Color? (Big breath...) a 5ft long multi-colour LED dimmable and waterproof remote controlled light strip


11. Cinch is the ultimate pop-up tent. Not only does it take mere seconds to erect, it also comes with a solar power pack to charge your smart devices, LED lighting, LED tent pegs and light reflective guy ropes.

Cinch Solar-Powered Tent

12. AirBolt is a Bluetooth enabled travel smart lock that 'talks' to your smartphone to unlock and thanks to its crowdsourced GPS network, you’ll be able to tag your equipment's location and set proximity alerts.


13. If you're planning a long trip and a launderette isn't an option, Drumi (an eco-friendly foot-powered washing machine) could be the big solution to washing your smalls.

Drumi Foot Powered Washing Machine

14. Beartooth is a clever handheld device that works with your smartphone to keep you connected via voice and text when there is no cell service. Like a walkie talkie but without the string and polystyrene cups...

Beartooth Walkie Talkie

15. Ravean's wearable heated sleeping bag liner makes your sleep sack extra toasty on chilly nights and doubles as a heated overcoat for cold mornings and evenings. It can also charge your smartphone and other mobile gadgets.

Ravean Heated Sleeping Bag Inner

16. There’s only one thing manlier than a barbecue and that’s a big red toolbox. So this instant classic, cut ’n’ shut BBQ Toolbox is perfect for DIY dining anywhere.

BBQ Toolbox

17. Sun shades haven't changed much in 3500 years - I'm looking at you parasol! The LEAF for life™ is an innovative solar umbrella/shade that'll keep you cool, as well as charging your mobile devices.

Leaf for Life Nomad Solar Beach Umbrella

18. The Nipi is a solar powered smart cooler that lets you charge your devices, offers internal/external lighting, a lockable dry storage area, massive all-terrain wheels, and you know… keep your drinks cold.

Nipi Cooler

19. Offering full 180° illumination, the revolutionary One80 light has 20 LEDs offering 360 lumens and features interchangeable components so it can be worn either as a headband or belt.

One80 Head Lamp

20. Seven seconds to the stars! The Flying Tent is a world’s first; it’s a floating tent, bivy tent, hammock and rain poncho in one incredible weather-resistant, lightweight package.

Flying Tent

21. The Matador FreeRain24 Backpack is a featherweight, compact, waterproof and stowable backpack designed for the toughest trekking conditions. 

Matador FreeRain24 Backpack

22. Jackfish Survival Credit Card Holder is an indestructible, scratchproof super slim 4 card holder, that also contains 5 essential everyday tools as well as 6 emergency survival items. And it comes in at an incredibly pocket friendly 145g fully loaded.

Jackfish Survival Card Holder

 23. The portable Roccbox stone bake oven can cook a Neapolitan pizza in just 90 seconds using gas or wood as fuel - possible because it can reach temperatures of up to 930° F / 490° C in under 15 minutes. 

Roccbox Portable Stone Bake Oven

24. Surge overkill. The Anker Powerhouse charger holds a whopping 120,600 mAh; enough to power your phone for 40 days straight, charge a laptop 15 times over, juice a 15V lamp for 100 hours or even a mini fridge for more than seven hours.

Anker Powerhouse Charger

25. The Bundle Bed is a cosy, compact and portable bed that doesn’t compromise on comfort. Featuring a snug, five centimetre thick self-inflating mattress, it can be rolled out and ready for action in seconds.

Bundle Beds

26. Starting a fire in windy or wet conditions can be a trial; not so with Sparky an electronic emergency fire starter. Just touch the battery-powered, copper tipped tool to some steel wool... eh, voila! Fire made with science.

Sparky Firestarter

27. Fancy a bit of two-wheeled backwoods exploring after setting up camp? Look no further than the bombproof Montague Paratrooper Pro folding bike.

Montague paratrooper Pro Mountain Bike

28. The perfect companion to the Gir Grinder, the Minipresso portable espresso machine is a compact, hand-powered espresso maker for coffee lovers on the move. 

Minipress Portable Espresso Maker


29. Portable 700 lumen multi-coloured lightshow, waterproof Bluetooth speaker and 20,000mAh charger for your smart devices, the Brunton Lightwave Amp Lantern is a weekend camping disco workhorse.

Brunton Lightwave Amp Lantern

30. The smartphone controlled Yecup 365 travel mug will heat your coffee or tea from tepid to piping hot and cool your water (or vichyssoise) from room temperature to comfortably chilled. It also doubles as a portable charger…

YeCup 365

31. BubbleLick edible bubbles are amazing floaty orbs you can lick right out of the air. Just mix in your favourite alcoholic drink and blow, to produce great plumes of boozy bubbles for your festival friends to enjoy. Pure magic. 

BubbleLick Edible Bubbles

32. This amazing thermos style handheld cooker is a battery-powered 'take anywhere' microwave. The rucksack friendly Wayv Adventurer is the world's first portable solid state RF food heater.

Wayv Portable Microwave

33. Pure vaporware? Pretty much. The self-filling, solar-powered Fontus Airo sucks moisture out of thin air to ensure an endless supply of fresh drinking water

Fontus Airo Water Bottle

34. Travel light and smart, with the Rolo travel bag. Holding up to four days’ worth of clothing and toiletries, there’s no need to pack & unpack a suitcase when hiking, camping, or backpacking. Just roll and unroll Rolo.

Rolo Travel Bag

35. SitPack and relax... This lightweight polycarbonate tube is actually the world’s most compact foldable seat. Ideal for festivals, concerts, sporting events or queueing for long periods.

SitPack Compact Foldable Seat

36. Remote Controlled Moving Tails are the playful way to show off your inner animal - twitch, flick, wag, wave, straighten, curl and more. A festival must-have, they come in pretty handy for breaking the ice, too. ‘Oh my, what big eyes you have…’  

Remote Controlled Moving Tails

37. Even if you’re in the back of beyond, don’t miss out on cocktail hour. Add some class to your next outdoor adventure with Wander Ware a range of cups and tumblers made out of unbreakable enamelled steel.

WanderWare Enamel Drinkware

That about wraps it up. If you're looking for some more inspiration to ensure your adventure is more 'Where The Wild Things Are' than 'Blair Witch Project' check out our range of camping and festival gear




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