Mokase - The Coffee Making Smartphone Cover

Mokase Coffee Making Smartphone Cover

Mokase is one of those products that could either be the result of a blinding flash of inspiration or a case of utter hubris…

Because this incredible phone case allows coffee lovers to pour themselves an espresso from their smartphone... Or so the inventor claims.

It’s features a heatproof cover and functions like a tiny version of those Nespresso devices; using thin coffee capsules which contain just enough beans and water to make a delicious shot of java.

All owners need to do is insert the wafer and press a button on the Mokase app.
The coffee is then warmed up – to between 50 and 60 degrees - using a built-in heating system and can be poured through a hole in the case.

Do you need it? Of course you don’t. Do you want it? Absolutely. Assuming it’s real of course and not just vaporware. You can pre-order here, if you fancy a roll of the dice…

Or if you'd prefer to see some actual coffee gadgety-goodness you can buy RIGHT NOW, walk this way.


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