Arcade1Up 3/4 Retro Game Cabinets

Arcade1up Retro Game Cabinets

Although powerful machines like the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro offer high tech, high spec gaming, it’s clear that retro gaming is here to stay. There are emulators and handheld consoles but still the best way to get those ol’ skool thrills is to play on an arcade cabinet.

The originals were large floor-standing coin-swallowing sentinels that cost a packet but Arcade1Up has just launched a range of affordable room friendly 3/4 sized retro cabinets, featuring a curated selection of classic games.

Arcade1Up Retro Gaming Cabinets

Available in four different styles (and corresponding 3 or 4 game collections, from Midway, Capcom and Atari), each comes with colourful game-specific graphics on the outside and a rig inside that lets you play all your old favourites in high-def full colour. Choose from classic combos like Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command, Rampage/Defender/Joust/Gauntlet/ and Street Fighter II + variants. Purists will be pleased to hear that the main panel also features the original title’s controls and button configurations.

The downside? To keep costs under control, they come flat-packed. The upside? They only cost $300 if you pre-order now!


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