Chipolo - the Bluetooth Item Finder

According to the manufacturers of Chipolo, we spend 10 minutes on average A DAY searching for stuff we own but can't find. Whether that's actually true or not doesn't matter, they've still come up with a nifty, vibrantly coloured, coin-sized Bluetooth gadget that will help you track and trace your valuable belongings: keys; wallet; pets... even children.

Not only that but it also has an onboard temperature sensor that coupled with the free app. will display current temp., feature a 24 hour temperature log with graph and trigger alerts when the temperature deviates above or below set a value.

There are a few other similar devices coming to market - the wildly successful Tile being the most obvious - but Chipolo's makers claim their product has a better range (up to 200 feet), is the first to fully support both Android and iOS mobile operating systems and is the slimmest and lightest in its class. You can also connect up to 9 Chipolos to a single device AND it has a replaceable battery that lasts up to 6 months. Which all sounds none too shabby.

It will be available in 9 colours and retail for around $34 when it launches in 2014.



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