"Nobody f*cks with the Yeezus!".

Au contraire... More Kanye than Kanye, the DropShades take his famous shutter sunnies to a whole new level of awesome. Launched back in May on Kickstarter but close to being commercially available, these LED powered goggles are set to be the must have club accessory:

"DropShades™ are the world’s best audio responsive party glasses that “dance” to the beat of the music. Using a tiny microphone connected to a signal processor, incoming sound is translated across six horizontal bars that cascade an array of lights up and down according to the beat of the music."


The concept has changed slightly during the course of the manufacturing process; the DropShades were originally slated to feature electro-luminescent wire but according to the team behind the project they have been able to 'upgrade' to LEDs instead, which they insist will give better results. Whatever... we're just looking forward to seeing whole rooms light up with displays of music-reactive light.


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