How To Drink Like A Boss: 35 Magnificently Boozy Gadgets

Newsflash. You've been drinking all wrong and these gadgets prove it. We present 35 stupefying reasons never to be sober again: AKA 'The World’s Best Booze Hacks!'

1. The single bottle that should be more than enough

And for madam…? A wifi connected smart bottle that will keep wine fresh for 30 days and allow you to re-order from the built-in touchscreen? Of course - a bottle of Kuvee right away…


2. Oi! Did you spill my pint…? Er no, it’s actually impossible.

Mighty Mug Barware Pint Glass

The Mighty Mug Barware range features patented spillproof ‘Smartgrip’ technology. Pop the glasses on a smooth, flat surface and they’ll discreetly attach to it, resisting knocks from 360 degrees. Pick them up though, and they’ll lift without the slightestresistance.


3. Belly’s gonna get ya…drunk.

The Beerbelly

Although this ingenious device looks just like a spare tyre when worn under clothing, it's actually a hi-tech stealth beer dispenser. The Beerbelly holds up to 2.3 Litres (over four pints) of amber nectar and it will stay cold for hours with the optional freezer pack. 


4. An umbrella for your face!

The Whisker Dam

Made from 100% Copper, with an aged patina and coated with a non-toxic barrier, the Whisker Dam moustache guard has been handcrafted to fuzz-protecting perfection.


5. This clever gadget is like a coffeemaker…but for beer

MiniBrew Home Brewing Machine

MiniBrew is a fully automatic craft beer brewing appliance that produces professional quality craft beer using convenient, ready-to-brew ingredient packs produced by renowned craft breweries from around the world.


6. I’ll have 9 pints of whatever you’re having please, Mr President

Enjoy a drink fit for POTUS himself with the White House Honey Ale Kit; featuring the coveted presidential beer recipe commissioned by President Obama for those special occasions when he fancies 5 pints and a fight… we’re looking at you Vladimir!


7. It’s a doozy of a koozie – the last cooler can you’ll ever need

Arctican Coozie Cooler on a golf course

Kick that koozie to the curb: Arctican keeps drinks frosty without making your hands cold. Simply freeze the cooling core, twist it on and enjoy ice-cold suds for up to 3 hours.


8. Rapidly cool any alcoholic beverage in seconds without diluting it.

Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker

The Hyperchiller’s stainless steel central cooling chamber surrounds your drink with a thick layer of ice, taking it from lukewarm to frosty in the time it takes to say a prayer and drink to world peace.


9. Pour like a boss!

ManCan Portable Keg System

ManCan is a stainless steel personal keg system that keeps your favourite beer fresh, carbonated, and delicious -- the way it should be. Fill, serve, repeat… fill, serve, repeat…fill, ser


10. Inhale booze vapour through a straw like some louche Galactic Emperor from the future.


Forget drinking your favourite spirits, inhale them instead with Vaportini, the revolutionary alcohol vapouriser. Simply warm your tipple of choice in the spectacularly elegant glass globe and take a deep breath… 


11. Meet the glass that will change whisky

Norlan Whisky Glass

The hybrid Norlan Whisky Glass has been developed through a process of combining fluid dynamics modelling and bio-mimicry(?... us neither) to capture whisky’s complex perfumes and create the perfect drinking experience.


12. Everything you need to make fine wine, all housed in a stylish wooden crate.

HopBox Wine Making Kit

Compact, portable and beautiful, this home winemaking kit from Box Brew Kits is designed to brew 1 gallon (up to 5 full-size bottles) of stellar wine, in as little as 4 weeks.


13. An ingenious robo bar-tending appliance for the home kitchen.

Somabar WiFi Connected Cocktail Maker

Somabar is the world’s first app controlled WiFi cocktail machine meaning you can thoroughly mix cocktails and infuse bitters to make the perfect cocktail in seconds.


14. It won’t be sulfite on the night

Ullo Wine Purifier and Aerator

Üllo® is a revolutionary new wine purification product and aerator that removes sulfites (and sediments), restoring wine to its natural, preservative-free state, while allowing other compounds in wine to flow through unaffected.


15. Somm kind of wonderful – your own personal wine waiter

Somm Personal Wine Waiter

Somm is a cutting-edge countertop system that automatically chills and aerates wine for a perfect pour. The booze comes in 2.25L ‘Sylos’ which can be easily swapped out without affecting shelf life and the accompanying app allows you to keep tabs on supply levels.


 16. You have balls of steel ice, my friend…

Wintersmith's Ice Chest

The Ice Chest is the easiest way to make four large crystal-clear slow-melting ice spheres (2.36" diameter) in your home freezer with tap water. The innovative design employs directional-freezing to remove and isolate air bubbles and impurities.


17. Take scotch on the rocks to new heights

Matterhorn Glass

The spectacular crystal Matterhorn Glass tumbler is crafted from premium quality crystal and features a solid, scale replica of the iconic Matterhorn rising from the centre of the glass.


18. Could you just blow into this phone please, sir.

Alcohoot Smart Breathalyser

The Alcohoot is the world’s most advanced smartphone breathalyser. Using police grade tech, it will accurately track your intake as well as find you a local restaurant to help soak up the booze. Hell, it’ll even call you a taxi to take you home, so you can ditch the beer scooter.


19. One bar to rule them all…

Alpina Bongos Mobile Bar

…And on the 7th day, god created the mobile Alpina Bongos Beer Bar. Integrated 30L keg? Check. 8kg of ice cube storage? Check. Gas-powered grill? Check. Specially designed refrigeration system? Check. The Price…? You’ll be crying into your beer.


20. Shots from the start and you’re to blame, you give booze a bad name.

Jevo Home Gelatin Maker

Meet Jevo, the first fully automated gelatin maker for the home… and you know what that means? Yep, it’s also the world’s first fully automated JELLO SHOT MAKER!


21. Lock up your daughters… and your sons.

Alcoho-Lock Breathalyser Bike padlock

Planning to cycle home after a big night out? Not with Alcoho-Lock you’re not… this breathalyser bike lock will not only refuse to open but it will also send an incriminating message to a designated recipient, who is then burdened with the decision of whether to remotely unlock the bike or not.  


22. This clever gadget will ensure it’s not just the room that will spin.

Spin Chill Drinks Chiller

Best novelty drinking gift? SpinChill Portable Drink Chiller is the motorised gadget that’ll chill your beer or wine twenty times faster than an ice bucket alone. Just pop the device over the rim of a can or bottle, stick it in an ice bucket and switch it on. Turbocharged convection does the rest…


23. Fancy a pint at the top of the world? Here’s the solution…literally.

Pat's Back Country Beverages Portable Beer

Hiking’s a thirsty business but chances are you’re not going to find a ‘Dog & Duck’ in the back of beyond. Fortunately Pat’s Back Country Beverages has you covered. Just add fizzy water to their concentrate (using their special Carbonator Bottle Starter Kit) and – hey presto! - a portable pint of frothing craft ale.


24. You have chosen… wisely

Growler Werks uKeg

Well it might not look like the ‘Holy Grail’ but it’s pretty damn close! The pressurised Growler Werks uKeg will keep your beer fresh and fizzy for weeks.


25. The only glass for when your drink has no specific gravity

Ballantine's Space Glass

Ballantine’s Space Glass is the first glass designed to work explicitly in space… that’s not going to be an issue for most of us, so good job it looks damn fine too!


26. Do It Yourself ‘Mother’s Ruin’

Homemade Gin Kit

Ever fancy having a stab at making some craft gin? Now’s your chance with the Homemade Gin Kit, which provides everything you need to create your own unique blend of gin in just 36 hours. Just add vodka (…no, really).


27. Pour like a boss part 2.

Fizzics System

Tired of swigging out of cans/bottles Homer Simpson style? Why not treat yourself to draft beer at home (or away) with the Fizzics Portable Draft Beer System. It’s battery powered and compatible with all size cans, bottles, and growlers up to 64oz.


28. Get a round in with The Original Whisky Bullets.

The Original Whisky Bullets

Chill your drinks without diluting the flavour with these 1:1 stainless steel replicas of the real thing. Who’s for some shots? 


29. Nice, ice baby 24-7-365

Nugget Ice Maker

Apparently, outside of restaurants and bars soft, chewable ‘nugget ice’ is hard to come by. The crowd-funded Opal Nugget Ice maker aims to change all that, as it’s an affordable desktop machine that will knock out a 1lb/ of ice an hour.


30. Shake it like a 21st century Polaroid picture.

Shaker 33 Cocktail Maker

For some reason we’re still using cocktail shakers from the early 1900s but the radical Shaker 33 – hailed as the best cocktail shaker since prohibition - is on a mission to put the past firmly in its place. 


 31. Chill beer instantly and keep it that way without diluting it.

Host Beer Freeze Glass

Only Asterix and American GIs think we Brits like warm beer, which is why we salute the remarkable Beer Freeze pint glass (well, almost a pint), which will instantly chill any beverage – and keep it ice cold without diluting the rich, hoppy top notes.


32. Handbags at dawn… or any other time you fancy a glug.

Handbag Wine Purse

Pssst… interested in a bit of surreptitious sippage? Want to give your boring looking box of wine a makeover as well as making it profoundly portable? WinePurse has you covered.


33. Class in a glass

Sempli Monti Taste Beer Glasses

The beautiful Sempli Monti-Taste Set glasses have been designed specifically to cater to the burgeoning craft beer market and holds each of your favourite bottles of beer perfectly. Designed for IPA, Pilsner, Pint (16-ounce) and 12-ounce brews.


34. One flask you’re guaranteed to love thermost!

Canteen Flask

 Fine wine and fine design go hand in hand with Canteen, a go anywhere, triple-insulated 21st century vacuum sealed flask, that will keep your drinks cold for 25 hours or hot for 12.


35. Guaranteed to make you smell like a mini brewery

WilliamsWarn Mini Brewery

If you’re serious about home brewing, how about the Personal Brewery from aussie outfit WilliamsWarn, which is the world’s first all in one brewing appliance which will make 6 gallons of loudmouth juice in just 7 days… angry spouse not included.

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