HexFlex - The Snowboarding Adventure Tool

With the Winter sports calendar about to get underway, now would seem to be the perfect time to shovel up some shekels and back the groovy HexFlex snowflake-shaped multitool on Kickstarter. Pledge now and it should be with you in time for the first run of the season.

It features an incredible 15 tools, weighs only 2.3 ounces (it's made from cast aluminium) and is just over 2" in diameter. Aside from the obligatory bottle opener and flathead & phillips screwdrivers, it also manages to cram in a boxcutter, along with an array of handy allen keys and wrenches. The chassis can also be used as a paracord splice and guy Line. With the design process ongoing, don't be surprised to find a few more indispensable implements shoe-horned in by the time the fundraising round closes in November.


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