TaskOne iPhone Case

Your smartphone is brilliant. The clue is in the name. But whilst it multitasks magnificently in the digital realm, in the physical world it's a little bit hopeless. Whilst it will help you locate and book say... an electrician, it won't actually roll up its sleeves and get its hands dirty. It's all brain, no brawn. Enter TaskOne, the iPhone case Robocop to your mobile's Officer Alex Murphy. It's a polymer-lined aircraft grade aluminium and polycarbonate exoskeleton, featuring 22 hardened stainless steel tools that will help tackle most jobs.

It's the swiss-army knife of phone cases, packing a knife/wood saw, three screwdrivers, wirecutters, pliers, a ruler and of course a bottle opener into its slender 6oz frame; while a removable tool provides six allen wrench heads and wire strippers. You can even insert the small screwdriver into one of the two machined slots on the back of the phone and turn the tool into a convenient kickstand, so you can kick back and watch TaskOne's grown up cuz take on ED-209 again, in the forthcoming Robocop reboot.


  • Posted by Albertito on February 09, 2014

    Hi jus wanted to know how much does the case/pocket knife cost

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