Machine Era Wallet

Carved from either a block of 6061 high grade aluminium or a lump of solid brass, the Machine Era Wallet is designed to do just one thing; last a lifetime. Evocative of old school woodworking tools and nautical instruments, it harks back to an age where throwaway, disposable goods were the exception rather than the rule. A time when your lucky cigarette case might have stopped a bullet on some far flung foreign field.

The focus on quality and durability is obvious. Every surface is taken down to a tolerance of plus or minus five thousands of an inch and that attention to detail extends to the elastic band that holds in place the cash and up to 6 cards; it's stitched 3x over with industrial strength nylon thread and has edges that are hot knifed to stop fraying.

Whilst the aluminium version (weighing 1.3oz.) has a flat black anodised coating, the brass model (3.9oz.) is untreated, allowing it to develop a natural patina as it ages. At $28 and $45 respectively, the wallet is pretty reasonably priced for a potential family heirloom; although at 3.65" long by 2.48" wide, you're not going to be doing a 'Captain Koons' should you fall into enemy hands. Available December.


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