Pocket Boogie Board Jot 4.5" Writer

Unbelievably, the 'Post-it' note was only invented as recently as 1974... although it took another 6 years to launch properly, having got off to a bit of a false start as 'Press 'n' Peel' in '77. Wildly successful ever since, nothing has ever really challenged its analog technology, even though we undoubtedly live in a digital age.

That might be about to change however, with the arrival of the Pocket Boogie Board Jot. It's a pocket-sized electronic pad featuring a pressure-sensitive screen upon which you can write, doodle and sketch using the included detachable stylus, your finger or anything else capable of applying the required pressure. And then erase the image in an instant. No more waste bins full of crumpled paper, and perhaps a few trees saved.

As handy, durable and lightweight as a notepad, the innovative design will slot in your pocket and the shatterproof screen means it’s one gadget that's safe to leave with the kids (it’s getting it back that’s the issue). You can even choose from four bold colours.

But! - you're thinking - despite its eco-friendly claims it’s still an electronic gadget, right?. Like so many tablets and notepads, it probably hoovers battery power. Well, no. With its Reflex No Power LCD technology you can keep it running on a single watch battery for years. So are we entering a post Post-it age? I'll make a note and get back to you...


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