Dish Whiskey

It's an old cowboy film cliche... a bunch of buckaroos sitting round the camp fire eating pork 'n' beans. What you never see is the same dudes manning up and reaching for the Marigolds. That might have been different had they had a bottle of Dish Whiskey in their saddlebags, to shift that sun baked bean juice.

From the same cowpokes that dreamed up the Archer Air Superiority Room Sprays, Dish Whiskey is 16 ounces of barrel-aged, charcoal-filtered, whiskey-inspired sink soap, aimed squarely at the Marlboro Man. And... it actually smells surprisingly like the real thing, although we wouldn't recommend you taking a tug on it.

Just like real whiskey was used to clean gunshot wounds, Dish Whiskey will ensure your finest bone china doesn't end up in Boot Hill. So as John Wayne never said, "get off your horse and clean those pans!".

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