A Show of Hands

Taking a refreshingly left-field approach to portraiture, photographer Tim Booth has just launched his beautifully presented book project on Kickstarter; entitled A Show of Hands, it relies not on the traditional, artfully shot physogs of the great and the good, celebrities & lesser mortals but on something equally as expressive... hands.

Booth says "The project sets out to explore the concept of a different kind of portraiture. Faces trigger immediate responses from the viewer, we are all hard-wired to lock into the eyes, nose and mouth of a face, and are sub-consciously attracted or repelled by the configuration. Focusing just on the hands puts all the subjects on even ground, and forces the viewer to look beyond the expected and see, perhaps for the first time, a more approachable and everyday humanity in the sitter."

Sensing perhaps that a tome just comprising 'digital' images of grave-diggers, bakers, ropemakers et al (whose hands you imagine might convey something of their owners' journey through life), whilst being worthy, was not going to set the public's heart a-racing, Tim managed to persuade an impressive roster of A-list(ish) talent to sit for him. Although since you can't see their faces, you'll have to take his word for it. They include: Jonny Wilkinson, Nick Mason, Dame Evelyn Glennie, The Stig (which one?), Sir Cliff Richard, John Mcrirrick and Terry Gilliam.

Perhaps the best portrait though - because it absolutely captures the man and the DIY aesthetic that defined him - is the palm print of Tony Hart. Get your vision on here.

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