'The ACME Corporation' Poster

Poor ol' Wile E. Coyote, despite unlimited funds and mail-order access to fictional industrial powerhouse ACME Corporation's range of fantastical contraptions, gadgets and (supposedly) lethal ordnance, he failed to catch his 'meeping' quarry, the Road Runner.

A lifelong fan, artist Rob Loukotka decided to celebrate the company's guarantee-flouting inventory by producing a hand drawn, limited edition screenprint of all the products ever sold to the unfortunate prairie wolf. Tornado seeds! Giant magnets! Dynamite! Rocket powered roller skates! Anvils! Giant Rubber Bands! Invisible Paint! All present and correct... and dysfunctional.

Originally available in two colour variations, a red and a luxury metallic copper version, both are now unfortunately SOLD OUT!. But here's hoping he comes to his senses - hopefully not having dropped off a cliff clutching an anvil - and decides to crank up the press one last time, to produce his poster in ACME blueprint... er... blue.


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