You know how us Brits are fixated with the weather?... Well soon you won't have to rely on some generalised report from the Met or your weather-forecasting bunion to tell you what the temperature might be; you'll be able to tell exactly what it is, right where you are with this nifty little gadget. Thermodo (from Danish team Robocat) is a tiny electrical thermometer that plugs into your device's headphone socket and measures the local temperature for iPhone, iPad, Android & more... inside or outside.

It's beautifully designed but tiny, so how does it work? Here's the science bit: "Thermodo consists of a passive temperature sensor built into a standard 4 pole audio jack enclosed by a sturdy housing. This allows your mobile device to read Thermodo's temperature straight from the audio input. Thermodo sends an audio signal through the temperature sensor. This sensor will then attenuate the signal amplitude depending on the actual temperature. This attenuation can now be detected on the microphone input and through software we calculate the corresponding temperature. Easy peasy!" Er. If you say so... but if it works as well as it looks, we'll be first in the queue when it goes on sale later this year.

And the best bit? It's powered by your device, so no external power is required. It also comes with a keyring attachment so it will always be with you.



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