9mm Vodka - Get Locked & Loaded

Just launched on Indiegogo, a campaign for a new drinks brand called 9mm Vodka; it's the brainchild of Jim Denoon, an entrepreneur with 10 years experience of the global drinks market and specifically glass bottle design, development and production.

Appropriately enough, the idea was conceived over a couple of pints in the pub with a friend. Realising that although the drinks market was pretty well stocked with premium and handcrafted small batch spirit brands in very tastefully designed and labelled bottles, there was a dearth of really interesting packaging. 9mm Vodka is the response.

So what's the skinny?... Well for a pledge of $50 (and assuming you act, like, NOW!) you will get an 'Earlybird' special consisting of a vaguely familiar looking 9mm submachine gun shaped bottle, a foam-padded aluminium flight case to carry it in and 4 glass magazines that double as shot glasses. Unfortunately you don't actually get the booze as Federal laws dictate that alcohol is illegal to offer as an incentive to backers of crowdfunded projects. You'll also need to add $30 for international shipping if based outside of the US.

There are a number of other incentives/merchandising options on offer but surely the most *ahem* interesting, is the promise that if the campaign hits its $45k target, Jim will post a film of his bikini clad girlfriend firing a vulcan mini-gun at a bunch of vodka bottles... in slo-mo. You pays your money...

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