'Follow Me Bring Beer' Flip Flops

Lugging an icebox full of beer along the beach is a right pain in the Positano; instead make light (foot)work of blagging a briney brewski with these nifty ‘Follow Me Bring Beer’ sand imprint flip flops.

Footprints on the beach: an otherwise useless reminder of your silica saunterings, unless that is, you’re wearing a pair of these custom-made sandals. As you march across the sand, the trail left behind by these high quality 4-layer EVA and natural rubber foam flip flops might just score you some refreshing suds from the beach beer donkey. Or even hook you up with your own (Wo)Man Friday, who will happily trail you carrying a pitcher of ice cold loud mouth juice. Probably.

Available in black (sizes med. & large) for men and red (sizes med./small & medium) for women.

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