Snooze iPhone Alarm Dock

The Snooze iPhone Alarm Dock from hip US design team Distil Union is made from maple, and features a giant slap-happy silicone snooze bar on top.
Who needs alarm clocks these days when we have iPhones. Plug ‘em in to charge overnight and their perky little bleeps are more than enough us wake us up first thing. Problem is, though, we aren’t nearly as chipper straight off the bat – our eyes are working independently and our fingers won’t obey the simplest instructions. This is when a big, easy-to-wallop alarm clock would come in really handy.

Just slot your mobile into its snug silicone grip (it even accommodates cases), attach your neatly-housed charging cable (if required), and fire up the beautifully designed free Snooze app. In an instant, your high tech iPhone will become a designer bedside clock, complete with dimmable screen, snooze-timer, and easy-to-use interface. For the Snooze’s best feature though, you’ll have to wait until morning.

Forget fumbling for your phone’s volume controls when the alarm goes off or even when a call comes in – give the Snooze a big, lazy whap on the giant silicone bar. The clever design transfers the pressure straight down onto your iPhone’s volume button, instantly buying you some quality snooze time – all without you sending your iPhone clattering to the floor, or accidentally having to get up.


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