Terra Motors iPhone Scooter A4000i


If Apple made scooters... well it probably wouldn't use an existing product and perhaps might feature touchscreen accelerators and a gyro to prevent it falling over. Anyway, we digress. Japan's Terra Motors have replaced the dashboard of a normal scooter with an iPhone. Features include wireless transmission to and from your scooter, (which can, scarily, be monitored via the worldwide web) and a maximum speed of 65 km/h with a range of 65km on a full charge. For those of you without an external electrical socket, it features an easy to remove battery to take indoors and charge, which (according to the manufacturer) should last approx 50,000km - apparently 5 times longer life than a normal battery. We just hope the app utilises Siri and Google Maps... it could be just like KITT. 

There aren't any plans for Terra Motors to export it yet, but if you're based in Japan, expect to pay 450,000 yen (roughly, £3,000). Terra Motors.


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