Bubblepod on Kickstarter


Friend of The Fowndry and brilliant designer, Tom Lawton, has just launched his latest innovative product - The Bubblepod - on Kickstarter. It's a clockwork turntable that grips your smartphone and then rotates it 360º. As it does so, the BubblePix App (Available on Apple, Android and BlackBerry 10) captures an absolutely perfect 360º image.

You simply rotate it once to wind it up, fire up the App and then hit the button. As your smartphone spins (held in a perfect horizontal and vertical position) the software captures images using your smartphone’s camera and then stitches them together to make a perfect high-resolution 360º image. Really simple and with a superb ‘professional’ result every time.

Get in early, make a pledge (£20 will secure a unit) and help support UK talent. 

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