The Queen of Lollipops

63 years at the tiller of SS Albion. A dainty but determined Hardy Amies' gloved hand steadying the ship, today Her Maj the Queen becomes Britain's longest serving non executive director monarch. To mark the occasion, loyal subjects and dedicated confectionists Candy Mechanics have launched their sovereign on a stick or 'Queen Of All Lollipops' as they rather more poetically call their Kickstarter campaign.

CM specialise in combining traditional candy making techniques with the latest technology; they can, for example, scan your visage and - with a little bit of sweetmeat magic - turn it into photo-realistic lollipops, available in a multitude of flavours.

If you would like to pledge your allegiance to her chocolatey majesty (Chocolate Biscuit or Strawberries & Cream flavours available), head over to CM's campaign page and offer the Queen's head for the Queen's head.


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