VSSL Flask

The VSSL Flask. A flashlight designed to hold your booze! If it didn't exist you'd have to invent it. But it does and someone has. Surely the must have gadget for any future camping trip, festival weekend, hike, ramble, beach party or ghost hunt.

Made from military grade aluminium, the VSSL contains not only a dual mode flashlight module and 300ml capacity hidden drinks chamber but also two collapsible shot glasses a bottle opener and a detachable oil-filled compass, so it’s both a pick-me-up and guide-me-home.

One of the really cool things about it though, is that the inside of the flask compartment has been coated in an ultra thin layer of glass, so as to ensure your favourite libation remains untainted. Using something called Atomic Level Deposition, glass atoms (Si02) are bonded to the container surface at the molecular level. Not that it matters particularly in this case but the coating is actually flexible, meaning there's no chance of it fracturing or detaching from its underlying surface.

Although inspired by the prohibition era, its compact form was created with portability (not concealment) in mind and at 23cm x 5cm (9" x 2") and weighing 510g (1lb 2oz.), it really shouldn't add too much to your kit bag. I mean you'd be carrying some sort of hooch torch already, right? So forget the moonshine, pack a flashlight with a flask in it.

Available in Green or Polished Metal 


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