Hey Joe! 33 Of The Best Coffee Gadgets and Hacks 2015

“Mmmm! Goddamn, Jimmie! This is some serious gourmet sh*t!” Give your Java an upgrade with our guide to the 33 best gadgets and gizmos currently available (or about to launch). Indoors or outdoors, there’s no excuse not to pimp the brown. Hasta barista baby!

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1. Styled like a piece of camera equipment, but lighter than any lens, Minipresso is a portable coffee machine for hand-pumping the perfect espresso. No batteries, cables or snooty barista required. A great way to put a spring in your step, wherever you are.


2. The virtually indestructible Oxx Coffeeboxx is the T-800 of portable coffee machines. The brewing mechanism is housed in a dust-proof, waterproof and impact-resistant shell that can withstand loads of up to 500 lbs. And with a 2.5L water tank it absolutely WILL NOT STOP! Ever.

3. Muki is a revolutionary coffee cup that uses a heat-activated e-ink display to produce a picture on the side of the vessel – which will remain even if the battery runs out of juice. You can either upload the image from your smart phone or let your friends surprise you (hmmm, maybe not such a good idea…)

4. Crafted from ceramic and containing 9 feet / 2.74m (!?!) of coiled stainless steel pipe, the pleasingly low tech Coil Iced Coffee Maker will take your freshly brewed full-strength beverage and drop the temperature from 100° Celsius / 210° Fahrenheit to 8° C / 48° F in under 4 minutes. N(o)ice!

5. The smartphone friendly Ikawa Home Roaster is the world’s first digital micro roaster, meaning you can now roast your own beans, right at home (a whole pound / 453g at a time). And of course… it’s app. controlled. Apparently Dyson had some input in the design process, so you get Bluetooth AND cyclones!

6. The WiFi connected Ripple Maker uses both 3D and inkjet technology to add sophisticated and intricate designs to coffee foam. Natural coffee extract doubles for the pigment and each design takes around 10 seconds to complete.

7. The ‘Hey Joe’ Coffee Mug is the world’s first battery-operated brewer and mug. Meaning you can take it with you anywhere and brew coffee anytime. Simply add a coffee pod, pour in some some water and hit ‘power’. It has two temperature settings and can even make a cold-drip brew, if that’s your cup of Java.

8. Not only does the stunning looking Pour-Over smart coffee machine from SKYNET Poppy grind and then brew delicious artisanal coffee, it’s also one of the first appliances to utilise Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service. Meaning the machine will automatically re-stock, once it senses the inventory getting low (both beans and filters) 

9. You’ve got the dream bean machine, now you’ll need something special to put in it…Although coffee is naturally rich in antioxidants, Alpha Mind are turbo-charging their single origin Arabica beans with other health benefits including B vitamins, iron, and electrolytes like potassium and sodium. Because you’re a WINNER!

10. The Goat Story Coffee Mug may be inspired by tall tales of goats discovering coffee, but with this hipsteriffic reusable horn-shaped mug you’ll be the toast of the roasteries. A granite-chiselled fashion pioneer. Like Boromir in Birkenstocks.

11. The award-winning Cafflano Klassic is the world's first all-in-one portable coffee maker. It’s easy to pack full of beans in the morning, easy to transport, easy to grind and easy to brew. Cafflano is the only way to guarantee your first sip of the day will be note-perfect – and everyone else’s will be just that bit more bitter… 

12. Here's something for the caffeine-worshipping Italophile - the Blue Bottle Moka Coffee Pot. Updating the classic stovetop espresso design, its elegant ceramic and steel design apparently “effortlessly produces cups that are sweet and nuanced”. Who cares, when it looks this great!

13. If you clock up a lot of road miles and want to save a bomb on the burnt and over-priced pond sludge, vomited up at service stations, then how about the Handcoffee Auto? Simple to use (and using any brand of soft pod), it sits in your sweet, sweet rides’ cup holder and plugs into the cigarette lighter. In little more than 4 minutes, you’ll have 80 - 110ml of your favourite caffeinated nectar - a long coffee, a cappuccino or a macchiato.

14. As the company behind the Duo Coffee Steeper says, “big bold taste, no gunk”. This caffeine contraption has been specifically designed to brew a full-bodied cup of coffee without leaving any grounds in the bottom of the cup thanks to its dual chamber / dual filter mechanism. Great for iced coffee and tea too. 

15. Psst… wanna buy some magic beans to keep your coffee hot? How about some Coffee Joulies. Engineered to cool coffee to the right temperature faster and then keep it there longer. What’s that? No…no, I don’t take cows.

16. The ingenious AeroPress is a manually operated device capable of producing smooth and delicious cups of pro-standard filter and espresso coffee in around 30 seconds... but (and here's the kicker) at a seriously affordable price.

17. Stumptown makes great cold brew coffee and they now also do a nitro infused version (literally coffee infused with bubbles of nitrogen); as such it is extra smooth, with a silky mouth feel and looks a little like a Guinness when poured.

18. Traditionally, results with hand grinders have been somewhat inconsistent. The Handground Precision Coffee Grinder aims to change all that; it uses a ceramic burr mill, a camera-style ring mechanism that changes the coarseness of the grind 125 microns at a time and a triple-mounted stainless steel axle to produce more consistent results. All for an entirely reasonable $65 / £42

19. Based on an early 20th century design, the thoroughly 21st century La Fenice is the first coffee machine to use electromagnetic induction to heat the water (i.e. it’s only on when strictly necessary), which means it uses 80% less energy. It can also make two cups simultaneously - the smart arse.

20. Deathwish is guaranteed (people!) to be the strongest coffee in the world. It’s also Fair Trade, USDA certified organic and kosher. Their Valhalla Blend has been specially created for 'the world's most powerful guitarist' (and presumably honorary viking) Zakk Wylde. How d’ya like them double caffeinated apples!

21. If - like us - you enjoy the ritualistic side of making excellent coffee, then look no further than the Rok Espresso Maker; a perfectly tuned coffee making instrument. It’ll take a while to become adept – as the manufacturer states “The ROK is like the finest pen in the world, but it relies on you being able to write!” – but the time spent mastering this bean juicer should be well worth the effort.

22. Instant coffee isn’t a patch on fresh coffee. We all know this. But how about almost-instant coffee? With the Impress Coffee Brewer you can enjoy a travel mug of the fresh stuff in just three minutes, that will stay hot for hours. No soggy paper to throw away, no hot equipment to disassemble, no finicky coils to scrub. And the stainless steel filter can be rinsed clean in seconds and used for a lifetime.

23. Make iced coffee quickly and without diluting the brew with Zoku’s Iced Coffee Maker. Just store the stainless steel inner mug in the freezer, add it to the insulating sleeve, pour in your (hot) coffee and snap the lid on tight. The Zoku is also a spill-resistant travel mug with a sipping straw that makes it ideal for drinking on the go.

24. Coffee Cuppa is a super simple reusable gadget designed to brew the perfect single cup of joe. Just add some coffee to the tiny capsule, cover with the stainless steel filter, throw it into your cup and top up with water. After you’ve finished, knock out the grounds and rinse!.


25. Talking of single cup brewers…the app controlled Bruvelo is a single-cup coffee maker built to do one thing, and to do it extremely well – from bean to cup. Using an adjustable ceramic burr grinder, a choice metal or paper filters and a brew temp. of 199°F / 93°C (+/-2°F), it will turn 20g of beans into 10 oz / 300ml of hot brown joy. 

26. Enjoy belonging to esoteric organisations? Want hand selected single origin coffee that is roasted and then shipped on the same day? The Moustache Coffee Club offers just that, along with a series of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly plans depending on whether you are a recreational user or complete caffeine junkie. 

27. Why just make cold brew, when you can make cold brew like you’re a scientist? From Japanese maker Hario (meaning ‘King of Glass’) comes this ornamental Cold Water Dripper. Producing aromatically complex, sweet and delicious coffee concentrate, brew time is a glacial 5-7 hours at a drip rate of 1-1.5 seconds. Better get the kettle on…

28. Used coffee grounds are normally considered waste but forward-thinking German company Kaffee Form recycle them (along with natural glues and wood particles) into very cool water and dishwasher proof injection moulded coffee cups and saucers. Apparently they even retain the smell of the source material.

29. Apparently the average coffee drinker throws away hundreds of disposable cups each year. Enter Stojo, the pocket-sized collapsible (and leakproof) reusable cup with an integrated sleeve that insulates your hand from hot or cold drinks. It holds 12 ounces / 340 ml of liquid and collapses down to just 1.75 inches / 4.4 cm.

30. It’s not a memo, it’s a mission statement: “Craft over convenience. Ritual over routine. Simplicity over novelty”. Turning their back on convenience, Manual aim to put the craft back into food making and their Coffemaker No.1 is the first step in that process - a beautiful yet low-tech appliance as their site boasts.

31. Never burn your mouth with hot coffee again. The Temperfect Mug aims to make scalded pie holes a thing of the past. The mug’s unique insulated design draws the excess heat out of the drink, which is then used to maintain the temperature at an enjoyable 55°C / 171°F for three hours.

32. Upgraded Coffee + Brain Octane Oil + butter from grass fed cows = Bulletproof Coffee. Invented after the company’s founder tried some tea made with yak-butter in Nepal and apparently Silicon Valley’s fuel du jour, Bulletproof Coffee aims to make you faster, smarter and more productive. 

33. Want cold brew coffee on tap? Then Wandering Bear Cold Brew Coffee is for you. Made from freshly-roasted 100% Arabica coffee that steeps in cold, filtered NYC water for 18 hours and packed in a 12 cup eco-friendly box with a Flex Tap dispenser, it should keep in the fridge for up to a month.


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